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  1. if I buy it right now, will it carry over next month until 28 days ? or it will reset at end or start of month

    If I bought a Monthly Package right now

    Will it carry to over next month until I finished all 28 days ? (Dec 28, 2020)


    will it reset at the start or end of month? which means I will lose everything beyond Dec 31, 2020

    if there is a FAQ already - please tell me because I already searched manually thru the forum
    I search via the SEARCH function , I EVEN tried to check it generally via SEARCH ENGINE

    and i couldn't find a single thread nor information about it.
    there's no INFORMATION available for it.

    BIGPOINT staff getting lazy now because they know their games are dying and they'll go down with it as well?
  2. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    It says for the next 28 days, so i would say its 28 days regardless
  3. AVIT

    AVIT User

    Wait till january ,and tbh its a waste of money .3 k uri most days only .
  4. Thanks for the input :)

    @Bibulus - Thank you ! yes, it would seem so but I need to doubt them especially when there are no FAQ
    it's hard to decide with just that - too many games already , can't count that they bait people off with that kind of description

    @AVIT - since people who should support are not working , don't even see them on in-game chat as well . might just do this and wait for january 1st
  5. EvilHotDog

    EvilHotDog Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Thanks for helping the OP.

    Does the OP have any further questions on this subject?

  6. Do not buy it or they will accuse you of using an exploit: This is what happened to my main account and I still do not understand what this exploit was or how it worked but I made the mistake of purchasing this thing: DO NOT BUY IT OR THE SAME THING COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!!


    So basically I paid money one time for this monthly deluxe pack and during the time they where having all this in game issues something happened and instead of them correcting it they decide to accuse me of using and exploit and ban my account for 14 days for something I was not even aware off????? That makes a lot of sense Dark Orbit accusing people of doing things they where not aware of but you let these botters run free on this game 24/7....

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Like announced some days ago, the investigation of players using exploits is in full swing but there are a couple of things to take care of before the actions will be executed:

    - We’ve identified players who exploited the monthly deluxe pack and made more claims for rewards than they are supposed to. Illegally gained items will be removed as well as the honor points of those accounts. In addition, the accounts will get a 14 days ban. This sanction will happen near-time.

    - A list of exploiters who claimed rewards from missions illegally multiple times is currently in the making and is expected to be finished by next week.

    - Due to not having the list of exploiters from the mission rewards finished yet, we will postpone the reward distribution for the monthly rankings for December. As soon as we removed the exploiters from the ranking lists, the rewards will be given out to provide fair rankings.
    Your DarkOrbit team
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  7. Same happened to my main account. Have never cheated & paid thousands of pounds since 2009.

    In future I will only be buying Premium & will simply play for FREE & fun otherwise.

    BP have supplied NO EVIDENCE, just banned account UNLAWFULLY...
  8. @EvilHotDog : how does the EXPLOIT hunting fares? seriously what @Megatron said is alarming. I am a QA myself and I believe tracking account behaviours in regards to an SPECIFIC stuff is VERY EASY especially with Logs being available and maybe some kind of LOG SEARCHING app to speed up the processes, unless BIGPOINT is chewing up their employees and giving them a bad working environment.

    @Megatron & @Orangeglow : Thank you for the heads up! presuming everything is true then all I can think of is that their team who handles this exploit is incompetent or the company makes the people don't give their best (it is usually only with this two choices in every company)

    I will just buy one then when they already announced that they already resolved their issue.

    it is quiet intriguing if they don't have GAME MODS on which the purpose is to play in production and catch issues (at least from the game companies I've been to we have those kind of people)

    to whoever Forum Mod see this , you can close this now maybe after replying about the status for the exploit and fixes.
    all of their answer we're very helpful and useful.
    and i don't want the thread to continue , I might apply and sweep off BPs ranks for being incompetent tho.
  9. EvilHotDog

    EvilHotDog Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

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