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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by [PΛЯΛĐΘX]™, Feb 16, 2021.

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  1. One thing about space that intrigues me is black holes, they are ominous, dangerous and a force that should not be reckoned with. In this current era of Darkorbit many players have to deal with the issue of bots but what if we could alleviate that concern with black holes?

    This is how I would want it to work.

    Black holes would appear in maps sporadically and would move unpredictably through out the maps. The size of it ideally would be the size of a gate port on map so it can be avoided whilst in game.

    The purpose of black holes with unpredictability brings a new thrill but also I believe would ease the tensions of the current botting situation as with this idea the black holes would instantly destroy a player it pulls in, resulting in repairing their ship.

    Like the SAB mine that slows a target, getting too close to the black hole would result in a similar effect on the target the black hole approaches.

    Now the range is the hardest part because we don't want something that hinders all game activity. I would like a range that is fair, with common sense and seeing the black hole indicator on map I would hope players wouldn't go approaching it and rather see it has a hazard to avoid.

    Well that is just one idea I would like to share. If anyone would like to add anything then please do.
  2. there were mines in the maze that did 99% damage, but they did not interfere with the bots, only normal players
    a black hole will also interfere, but bots will be able to avoid it, for example, as when an enemy approaches them
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  3. The bot users would most likely head towards port, jump and then jump back again. This would drastically slow all uri making for the average bot user. Or introduce this concept in new maps, but a stronger uppers section offering more cube maps and more bks and even new aliens.
  4. How about just make DO in Unity a brand new game with new content and a better bot detection program.
    (Dark Orbit 3.0) LOL.
    They need to get away from having to buy premium and being able to buy Rank, they could just offer design's for sale like most other games even being able to make your own Hanger system that way everyone has the same chance for ranking and those who like to support the game can have cool looking ships and hangers and such.
  5. Star*Fire

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    I like the black hole suggestion. it will not work but it would a good thing to add to the game. To get rid of the botters BP has to stop letting them. When 40 to 50 % of the ships on the any given map on any given day in the game are bots, they are being aloud by the game operators. that is not a ooops we have a few. That's saying please do we don't care. You wish Botting to stop in the game Stop sending money on the game till they fix the issue. Don't be afraid to tell them that is the reason. That would be the only way they would fix it. Botters don't spend money they cheating so they don't have to.
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  6. I'm going to put together a paint presentation with a print screen in game to try and draw out exactly the sizing as well as the range. I don't want something too game breaking but a dynamic like this would be a cool feature and would be easily avoidable for the legitimate players in game.
  7. Tell me though if a bot can detect a portal/ships/npc's what makes your portal idea so special?
    You don't think they will be able to detect your idea?
  8. Detection slows the bots down as they run when any threat approaches. Would you rather them not and just keep excelling?

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