Is a Server Merge Coming ??

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by €Lφ€-ƒôr¢€™, Feb 5, 2014.

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Do YOU think a Server Merge is coming ???

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Dont Know

  1. I must point out that this is a lie. Other games manage to merge servers fine, DO should have no problem. All it requires is a bit of effort, something they seemed to lack up until recently.
  2. Furthermore, if 200 players were to lose their data, DO would be able to return those data quite easily, seeing as they're capable of removing them, without any problems.
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    SS_HELIOS User

    The problem with that is level doesn't always tell how strong you are.
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  4. Yeah it is "possible" also, all games are different, thought I would bring that out for you guys. Admins have already stated that it could cause an issue with accounts if done. They have also said, (just so we shut this thread up) No server merge is coming, it will not happen.
  5. Just because they say it isn't coming now, it doesn't mean it won't come in the near future. :)
  6. No.. they said even near future lol. There are too many issues with it. They tried thinking of ways, they didn't come up with anything.
  7. What happens if you have multi account? That is the real worry.
  8. Ooo.. good point m8 :)
    My nephew has an account on GB1 and GB2
    same name and same login etc..
    wonder how that could work Mmmm.
  9. Yeah someone mentioned that in the old forum as well. someone suggest "oh just give them everything into one account" which was shut down lol cause that's unfair.
  10. If you look at the game as it is today versus how it was in it heyday:
    lf2s should simply be deleted same with the other shields. They serve no purpose at all after they modified the aliens and PVP damage rates.
    RSB was one of the killers of players. Its stupidly expensive and should be removed same with the emps that only work on regular non-modified accounts.

    Too many things have happened to break the trust between the players and the designers. I know I do not buy ANYthing in the game anymore because what it ways in May could be different in July. No refunds if you are unhappy with the product. Heck I see players who have EVERYTHING and they started less than 2 years ago with over 20 hours per day playtime 7 days a week. Why should I pay when they sure didnt?
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  11. If GB1 and GB2 merged - then I think the stronger account is kept and the weaker one ejected. Unless you would rather be in a different company that your strongest is not in. Hangers and the like - haha, so many upgrades to choose from.
  12. Or perhaps ... they could just give them another hanger with
    all the equipment and ships from the other server ...

    BOSS~ADAM User

    I don't think a server merge is necessary or coming anytime in the future, it probably is feasible but as some have already said, what about players with accounts on multiple servers, this would also be a step backwards since you would crowd players onto one server, ruin top players' ranks, and eventually a second server would have to be re-opened.
  14. Crowded players on 1 server .. sounds like the good old days :)
  15. server merging is hard but not impossible, but would be easier giving players the opportunity to choose their next server, for example they close ge5, ge6 & ge7 and people can choose which server they want to join between ge1, ge2, ge3 & ge4; like a "migration". in this case if you have multiple accounts you can choose the server where you don't have one.

    When an account get deleted, you can conctact support and if you give them your ID they can "re-create" your ship as it was, that makes me think they can do everything lol
  16. If that were possible i'de support it lmao
  17. The main problem with all that is said is the fault of DO in the first place. New players will be disinterested in developing a ship because it takes either too much time or too much money, and merging servers would ultimately negatively affect the ranks of those in servers that would remain. Every single aspect of this game since the new client has been to entice people to spend money on URI to stay competitive. LF4's, weapon and shield upgrades are perfect examples of changes made that don't add to the game at all. All they do is force people to spend more URI. Other additions like the skylab, pilot bio, or drone/ship designs do add to the game but again cost a lot. There is NO answer or simple compromise, that's why so many players leave the game first and formost, and why the ones that leave aren't replaced by the next generation of players. That's why I believe this game will ultimately fold! As for me, i'm already vested in DO with a UFE account on I would welcome a server merge...but it wont happen.
  18. burkey

    burkey User

    I think not, they are just expecting to get thousands of "new" players, not throw old ones together (although it would be better if they seen that GB2 is dying so make just a single GB, etc. for other countries)
  19. It is called 'jackpot' till D.O. nerfed that too.
  20. DO got rid of the original JP to stop players from "cheating" their way out. For example, 5 players go into TS they all grouped and keep the one alive. That one person is allowed to win the JP then the next time its on, another. Clans always did this. GA1 clans loved to abuse that. and they suck so they needed a way to win.

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