Is a Server Merge Coming ??

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by €Lφ€-ƒôr¢€™, Feb 5, 2014.

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Do YOU think a Server Merge is coming ???

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Dont Know

  1. GA3 Would smash GA2. As for what GA1 is like, would be fun to fight their top players.
  2. I'm sorry but please keep your lasers out of my site LOL. if a merge like that happened I'd be hella happy to go with you and join your clan, you guys look like you have a lot of fun.
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  3. lol. well uh. you gotta be mmo to be semi-safe.

    My clan has a habbit of shooting each other down for npc's or if were just bored because we are no longer getting ep from ship kills. xD
  4. Lol I'm eic on GA1 just pallying it up to get all my hercs, right now going for 4th kronos. THEN me and some others heading to mmo.
  5. just to let you know Its really rare when I got hunting now a days... all i do with my ammo its give 1 vs 1 against players who have good equipment.. and its impossible to hunt ships in lower maps in my server ,there are none, the only place u can hunt is highers and palladium, but palladium its laggy so yeah there u got u answer happy?...

    im not scared at all,
    all i do everyday is fight against the strongest to become stronger... I am always looking for the famous people on my server to give them a 1 vs 1 and if you dont believe me you should ask people oh also dream demon knows too, cuz he said FT was ultra elite and really good so I right away contacted him and asked him for a 1 vs 1 its a shame that i havent seen him around to fight him, but yall are talking too much and dont know how wrong yall are about me...
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  6. Lol zenn. FT has 1 havoc and like 19 lf4s? I said hes good and trashes a lot of UFE, who knows, he could beat you. But he did say hes willing to 1v1 when he has ammo.
  7. Yeah it would be so fun, I wish i could fight against HBK , Cry, and others from other servers. But hopefully we'll have something similar to this so we have more players.
  8. Lol unstops got a pretty good clan. I'd love to fly with them.
  9. lol i know that, i asked him and he said yes, but he didnt have ammo and i havent talked to him since that day and lool i remember you said he was ufe when i was in eic and i wasnt so i thought ima be ufe and then build up skill xD

    Idk know him im kinda confusing him with the german guy that comes out with terror lol.

    wassup with all this double post? sorry i didnt mean that an error came out and it said erro 509 or something similar
  10. Nah he doesn't do zetas, he has 1 havoc, no hercs. He just kills people with x3 and rsb when he hunts.
  11. oh well if that is the case... i think is not gonna be possible for him to beat me... dont give me wrong he has a chance but is not that much equipment and decreases all possibilities...
    I only have 5 hercs and 3 havoc, but those aint that important lol
    but it would be all good to have a 1 vs 1
  12. Lol he makes terror and hardstyle look back.

    If players managed to merge over to GA1 we would have a lot of fun heheheh.
  13. that gets me excited lol well hope ill get a 1 vs 1 with him
    and yeah, and i dont think bp would do that cuz generals from the other servers would lose their rank in this server well at least against rinpimp jr cuz that guy is already lv 25 lool
  14. lol rind I think holds the most points against all servers. his value is over 100mil
  15. Hey lover boys.

    ga3 is fun. FYI.
  16. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Your are not going to come "5th in the scoremaggedon" if all you do is " give 1 vs 1 against players who have good equipment." / "all i do everyday is fight against the strongest to become stronger.":rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    So you are an UFE without havock or hercs or anywhere near 45lf4s and lacking other UFE equipment / equipment enhancers

    and you get 5th in the scoremaggedon, by only
    ("all i do everyday is") "fight against the strongest" enemy.
    Looking forward to you next comedy post.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  17. well considering it takes approximately 300k for first on our server 5th is decent. Also the top score players on GA1 are usually the cheats. and the players who hit 5-3 and kill all the afk eic.
  18. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    How †→Zєηη←† manage to get 5th, was not what I was questioning in that post, I would not want get into that.
    I was pointing out, that A player would not get 5th in the event from only fighting stronger opponents. So there is contradiction in his posts.
  19. He said he likes to challenge strong opponents to 1v1's all day. he never said he doesn't do normal hunts or participate in scoremageddon...
  20. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    º¤»ĐЯΣΔΜ◊†◊ÐΣМΦИ«¤º, 1 minute ago
    Now you are just posting nonsense for the sake of making a post.

    His posted words. >
    "all i do everyday is fight against the strongest to become stronger."

    My post to you 20 minute ago
    Can you stop butting into my debates with others, on both your posts you show you did not read my post correctly.

    His posted words. >
    "all i do everyday is fight against the strongest to become stronger."
  21. SethMc112

    SethMc112 User

    If this happens in say a us server, us 1, 2 and 3 should be merged into us 1 and a new 2 and 3 be created for new players. why not?
  22. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    How would you feel If you had spent $Ks to get too and hold onto the top ranks in US 2 and US 3 and you was merged with US 1 leave you much lower down the ranks and your sever being left for a new player to take your top rank?