Is a Server Merge Coming ??

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by €Lφ€-ƒôr¢€™, Feb 5, 2014.

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Do YOU think a Server Merge is coming ???

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Dont Know

  1. No-one said you wasn't capable of killing a UFE, so i don't see how this has anything to do with anything.

    Your video is hardly much proof. Yes, it shows you 1v1'ing & 2v1'ng two UFE ( as you say) but we don't actually know that they're UFE.

    So you didn't 2v1 two UFE's then. I'd advise you to learn what the term UFE actually means, before using it. And rank doesn't mean a player has it all ( equipment wise).

    again, we didn't say you're capable of killing a UFE. and anyone who would watch your video, will see that YOU'RE not UFE, due to your drones. So how did we lose this "debate" , again?

    It's called referencing, you'd try it some time, seeing as neither you nor Dream have done this, to back up your points...:rolleyes:

    Care to explain how he lost? If anything he's won and you two had "lost". All you two have done is continued "to post gibberish", as Pacman said, which i assume is because that you probably haven't read any of Pacman's replies clearly enough to actually infer anything from it, otherwise you two would of actually thought, before replying. Oh and obviously to increase your post counts, like pacman has also said. ;)

    P.S Sorry OP, for going of, off topic.
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  2. are you seriously going to play the 5 year old and start this up when I said time to stop? please grow up warrior, I know you're better then that.
  3. MAKE starter players OLD FE from the get go ...or VERY easy to get to it...THEN ..HALF the cost to get from FE to UFE....DONE

    These thoughts are from a 3 year free player who is 3/4 UFE status...give the noobs a break, its taken me 3 years and I'm not quite there yet...geeee-eeee--ese -_-

    AND the rest of you...shame...I had to weed through 4 pages of back n forth whining to post a constructive reply to the OP....-__- ...Go outside or sumthin

    PS . and for the record I meant to edit first post ..nnot reply to it ..-_- whoops : )

    PPS : I voted no , I don't think servers will merge ;) have fun peeps :)
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  4. Think that would cause outrage amongst the players.
    I have numerous acc's .. I still remember how hard it was
    to get that final Iris,LF3,Bo2 back in the day.

    If a new player starts whos never played before they wouldnt
    appreciate all that free stuff anyway, to me half the enjoyment
    was working hard enough to gain those items
  5. Although i would love a server merge, i don't think it is very realistic. Judging by the current situation of course.
  6. QuietCalm

    QuietCalm User

    Part of Dark Orbit's company worth is based on the number of Registered Users. By doing a server merge they will actually be loosing Value because the number of Registered Users would drop. After a server merge a game looses more of its active Registered Users due to the change (people do not like change it is human nature)
    Usually after a game does a merge the game typically dies.

    Dark Orbit is currently trying to revive interest in the game by using the "new Reloaded" concept ,they will probably begin an advertising blitz to attract new players and interest in the game. Simultaneously they will or should begin to "perfect" the game issues so new players and old hands will have a more enjoyable game experience .
  7. The game is full of nubs..Uber :confused:fe ones.
  8. but this isnt the DO of "back in the day"...back in the day it didnt cost 100k URI just to upgrade a single LF4 gun, let alone how much it takes to even aquire 1. Not a bad idea to introduce a URI pack that gives u a goli ship and 8 it starter FE pack ..lets say $19.99 or so...that still doesnt even come close to the time or money needed to make a ship competitive, but at least they could kill aliens and actually work towards a forseeable goal
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  9. how does a server merge affect the number of users even if what you say is true about the value of DO being directly related registered users. A merge wouldnt decrease the number of registered would just condense the different servers into larger groups of players...which i think would preferable. less servers to manage may even reduce the cost of having to maintain multiple servers.
  10. Raveman100

    Raveman100 User

    The "Server Merge" thing is a wish list for the UFEs who can't find enough weak players to kill. I play on three servers and why would I want multiple ships on the same server? I play a second server to get away from the selfish, cheating UFEs on my main server. Just too many of them. Can never make much progress without someone killing me hitting 70K+ in their UFE gold vengie that jukes around impossible to lock and their 2 million NPC kills.
  11. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    In relation to achieving UFE, these days FE is a fraction of the overall cost.

    When it was hard to get an FE ship an FE ship was the best you could get and it could be earned free in a few months maximum.

    An FE ship these days is similar to a peanut was compared to an UFE ship.

    The only players that would be outraged are those with selfish illogical views, that are not looking at the bigger picture.

    Compare when you started, with the mammoth task to get the best UFE ship
    for a player starting today.

    Back then to get the best of everything could be done in months free, with a few hundred hours of game play, with most players that stuck with the game achieving FE.

    Today to get UFE will take years and thousands of hours, with a small minority of free players ever achieving it.

    A new player starting with an FE ship would not be much different than a new player being given a peanut free with the fist few flax being very cheap.

    Back when you started there was a potential to get FE in a reasonable time frame.

    There is no enjoyment in farming for many thousands of hours just to get an UFE ship, even then once being UFE there is all the consumables on top to be able to compete on a level playing field.

    A server merge would affect user numbers, because the players from the newer server/s being merged would loose a lot of rank so they would feel hard done by.

    To get back to the numbers of player we use to see in the good days of DO, there would need to be a few servers all being merged. This would increase the number of UFE ships on a server so the vast majority would be cannon fodder for the increased number of UFE.

    Each server has a few player that spend crazy money to maintain the top rank positions. A server/s merge would be slap in the face for the high spenders from the newer servers, with many giving up or at least giving up spend as much.

    It is not a server merge that is needed.

    What is needed is the a strength of character from the decision makers to bite the bullet and start actual looking after the average player / spender.
    Significantly reducing the cost of items over time, improving customer care and improving the chance aspect of the game.

    What mad the game great was the community spirit and potential for the average player to play on a level playing field for a percentage of their playing time depending on how much they spent.

    In the glory days of DO a WW could buy an FE ship outright.

    These days for a new player even if you spend a massive amount (£/$K), it will take a very long time to reach UFE. Also you are forced to farm for a very long time, just to be able to compete on a level playing field.
  12. is this thread still open? wow lol lets make some more post to add up right? haha close please no need for more of this useless conversation...
  13. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Still making pointless posts I see.

    It is not your Thread, so you have no right to ask for it to be closed. Best you go back to running in you far from UFE, ufe ship. :rolleyes:
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  14. Couldn't have said it better, myself.
  15. lool wassup butt hurt? lool is not even your thread either and all you want is more posts, you worry too much about this stuff pacman get a life man lol.
    oh and
    loool guess who am I? yeah lol
    oh btw im not replying to you anymore cuz all what you can say is "Making pointess posts" and if you dont accept that you have a problem
  16. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I really think it is so funny reading the content of your post, I often read them with a facepalm.

    It would be a great idea for you not to replying to me anymore as you always end up making your self look silly.
  17. I disagree...if a server merge was instituted it wouldnt stop people from playing who have any amount of time or money invested in their account. It would bring greater enjoyment and activity to their gaming experience. I have a UFE account on US1, i could care less if i had a lower ranking if the the server was active again with more then just a handful of people playing at any given time on a dead server. When i first started playing US1 there were nearly 60k user accounts there are maybe 12k total! Boring...maps are dead one to kill...all the great clans just about all gone
  18. But, not every player would have the same views as you.
  19. How about getting rid of eic mmo and vru on a new server and trying home countries eg, USA vs Germany vs UK.

    If it was a new server there would be no problems with people thinking they'd spent to achieve then had it removed unfairly.

    Entirely opt in, so if you wanted they could transfer just equipment and ships from old server, because from what I've read so far the only problems the DO team have would be integrating existing rank and ep into an existing server.

    There definitely would be fewer servers but surely a few busy ones is more desirable to BP than all of the ghost servers they have at the minute.

    P.S. instant deletion for mentioning the war :p
  20. lol u tryna simulate another world war 2 or what? haha

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