Is the Community Holding Darkorbit Back?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sirpwnsalot34, Apr 26, 2014.

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  1. Can you please stop exaggerating everything?
  2. I'm on Zenns side, you guys want it too easy.
  3. This thread isn't about that though.
  4. The community holds back progress to make the game better :/.
  5. More along the lines of this.

    So the community is indirectly holding Darkorbit back.

    The whole war between people who want Darkorbit to be expensive and people who want Darkorbit to be cheaper is so obvious that I decided to not include that in my thread about the community and instead decided to focus on less addressed problems. Plus it's been argued to death like 100 times already.
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  6. Lol i think the games gone far enough. you noobs want it easy when many of us want it the same. Sometimes we see things that could make the game enjoyable again, you noobs don't see what we see because you have nothing to bet on. you know NOTHING.
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  7. So just because someone wants things to be cheaper/easy automatically makes them a noob? Great logic. And for the last time, this thread isn't about making things cheaper!
  8. No but you seem to think this game needs to be easier. I'm not making it sound like that's what this is about. You are saying we don't let the game progress. I've been here since the beginning. I've started over many times. You noobs keep crying it's too hard. Get over it.
  9. I say the community is holding darkorbit back but not that way. Have you even read my entire post?
  10. Yeah i did, but what you failed to realize is you meant it. Plus those "test" ideas is another thing that shows you meant it. Should read your own posts and threads before complaining.
  11. the thing i think people forget when you were newbies is that you wasn't being hit 200K+, fe accounts don't really stand a chance against that sort of damage.

    now put yourself in a newbie's shoes, there's to much damage in the game imo but that's just me.

    until that's sorted i don't think many will stay on the game before they hit fe.
  12. I've made new accounts so have many others. Newbies have been given advice and all. It isn't hard.
  13. It might not be hard for a veteran player to make a new account and build it up but someone new to the game would be lost, even after asking questions to find out what the hell to do they'd probably just quit instead of undertaking the task of attaining FE and Ufe, after FE you have to spend a few thousand dollars to get Ufe or pally and farm for a few years.

    I don't think a new player would enjoy farming and being farmed on a supposed PvP game, I don't think they'd enjoy getting instantly killed and camped on ports by Ufe's, all the advice in the world can't save someone from that lol.
  14. I've been playing for over 1.5 years now and I'm still not fe.

    You're misunderstanding. Those tests are to see if the community only like ideas that benefit themselves.
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  15. The game is hard at the moment, especially for a new player who has never played te game before. Yes you may have started new accounts numerous times however, you've got experience.
    If they don't make the game any easier, then no new players would stick around after they get fed up of being killed repetitively, and obviously this would decrease the number seen more thus the game shutting down.
    And all of this would be because a few players like yourselves ( demon & zenn) were against the idea of making the game easier for new players.

    Think about it.

    Advice? What advice? Player now days are too selfish - so selfish that they'd give out false information. Some would just pretend to help out an enemy noob, just so they get their kill.

    Don't bother pulling the 'noob' card on me ;) .

    @ OP : yes, I do agree with what you're saying - the community holding this game back. I mean we've got two examples right here ( no names ) . Perhaps if more of the community was willing to help the new/weaker ones since they are the 'future' of the game, then we'd see a slight rise in numbers. Oh and B.P too.
  16. someone here doesnt know what sarcasm is..?
    of course not!
    but seriously yall want stuff for credits?
    you are all ridiculous, then what would be the point of playing the game? i mean after lf3s and lf4s whats next? lf4s and upgrades. dude a game has to last a year so u can have everything and this one does not last you a year to get everything. 3-5 months working hard and you are done pretty much with everything and if you do it in summer pff its done faster cuz i know some people that have 5 hours of sleep and play all day long... its ridiculos but true...

    and i dont even know why im discussing if this is not even gonna be implemented cuz BP is not stupid. they want money not lose it.
  17. Obvious sarcasm but your still delusional, for an average player it could be a year or two, for extreme players then it's less then a year for everything, after Lf4's and Ufe, you hunt, if your a free player, you have to pally for all of that, then upgrade your drones and lasers and other items, 10 of each drone design, zeus and apis, bio points, etc. That's after Lf3's, that takes time and effort but some just quit because it would take to much time or money or they just get instant popped to much.
  18. let me make it simple.... I make 1 million uri per week without moving only using my pet... do you know how much i spent? 20 dollars... 20 dollars that i can get from my job if i was 12-16 I could get it from my parents which i did...
    I do 1 million without moving all i do is sit in my computer study for my college classes and look at it every 20-30 min which is a good thing to rest while studying....
    you just cant make it simpler, now imagine doing that but actually playing?
  19. Some players don't have the ability to spend or don't want to spend that daily or weekly, besides that the bored-em would be killer. Put yourself in the shoes of another player, one with less knowledge of the game, less time and or money, etc.
  20. if you have a computer.... how the hell is not able to put 20 bucks into the game? n if the player doesnt want to then dont freaking complain about the game!
    yeah if you have less knowledge what do you need to do? ASK QUESTIONS!
    once you know then its easier and you understand.

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