Is the Community Holding Darkorbit Back?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sirpwnsalot34, Apr 26, 2014.

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  1. Some players use a borrowed computer lol, you can understand and know anything about the game, it won't make it cheaper or easier when fighting a Ufe or trying to build lol, if someone doesn't spend they don't have a right to complain, that is ridiculous and stupid.
  2. TBH, It's not the community that's holding the game back. It's the people in charge
    holding the game back. Think about it. It's not the communities fault they let greed,
    shabby management and poor customer service ruin the game. Don't you guys get it.
    They would like nothing more than us all blaming each other for holding back the game.
    Is it really that hard to make a game where everyone has a chance & they still can make
    a decent profit? PLz we can't keep giving excuses.

    On the surface it may appear the community is holding back progress but in reality it's BP's mishandling of a once great game and its community is whats holding the game back. The stalling tactics continue and it's sad truly sad indeed:(
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  3. This thread is honestly just pure stupidity, none of you have managed to understand a thing here lol.
  4. If it's so stupid then why are you still here?
  5. i have the right to.
  6. While I feel like you make some cogent points, I also feel like you're muddying the waters with conspiracy. As a UFE player who spent a year or so in the 'noob' stage, I can vouch for both sides. Most UFE players on the forums discourage the idea of cheaper items because they had to work for them. They had to pay for them. However, as a person who has spent hundreds of hours and dollars on Dark Orbit, I will always advocate for anything that increases the player base. LF-4's cost 25,000 uri? Fine with me. Gate chances increased to 100%? Fine with me. Auction house full of items? Fine with me.

    I have a reason for that, too. Just because I worked hard for them and payed money does not mean they can never change. Say, for example, you bought Black Ops II for 60 dollars. A year or so later, they have a new game out and Black Ops II is getting old. So they give it away for a week. Would you demand they refund everyone's money who paid for their games? Would you? I wouldn't. I paid 60$ for access to the game at the time, and now that their are better and more interesting things to move onto that I am willing to spend money on, I don't see why we need to hold players feet down to the fire.
  7. Well your not doing anything usefull here.

    Can you please tell me how you make over 1 million uridium per week? I play half an hour a day and the most uridium I can make per week is like 10.5k.
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  8. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    To the OP: I have seen the threads in your links.

    The newbie benefit one: The feedback given is by no means harsh and hasn't trashed the thread. I for one mentioned no to your design for credits proposal because logically it would ruin the game for many many players. Feel free to check it agian.

    The ufe benefit one: I hadn't seen that thread but after looking at it i've noticed one or two players who don't post without thinking. apart from that, the feedback given hasn't trashed the thread.

    And finally to the other thread about returning to 5-2:
    First off, I acknowledge the fact that every player is entitled to their own opinion HOWEVER, blatant negligence on the original posters behalf is what seems to vex a lot of players. The first time such an idea was proposed ON THE NEW FORUMS is this thread:
    I know players may have yelled at the guy back then also, but that's because such a proposal was thought of and declined in the old forums countless times.

    It wasn't the OP of the first threads fault and he shouldn't have been yelled at back then (the moderator DID take appropriate action back then), but since then any players with similar ideas should have searched the forums to see if such an idea had been proposed in the past.

    The OP of this thread
    is the one at fault or failing to check through the forums due to sheer laziness. I have no sympathy for such a person. They should have thought before posting AND read the conditions for posting a new idea on that section.

    Lastly, yes there are many players who speak in a foul manner but if you'd try to understand them and why they are frustrated, you could reach a solution together.
    (and of course there are a few players who post garbage to threads such as 'crap idea' or 'no.' only without backing up what they say, but to be clear, Dream-Demon isn't one of those morons. It seems as though you players are collectively picking on him)
  9. Lol, I meant to edit it so that the skill design would still cost the same. But it locked before I got there. :(

    Oh come on! Who actually bothers to check if there idea has already been suggested before suggesting their own, be honest. Plus the 2 threads you said that had the same idea were worded completely different. So it wouldn't appear in search. Quit trying to justify insulting a person for pretty much no reason at all.
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  10. WHATTTTT????? 10K per week man do you just stare at the little ships or what??
    just collect bonux boxes and if ur lucky in 30 min u will have around 5k uri just in 30 min without doubler or anything or leave your pet and you will get surprized man i cant believe this making 10.5k per week is insanely noob... i have friends that make around 150k per day but they play half day i just play around 5 hours or leave my pet there like for 10 hours and thats it...



    you can easily kill a century falcon in 30 min and get your 5k's uri... simple you got it?

    now i know why you all are complaining bunch of lazy NOOBS.... go tell mommy to give you food in your mouth... oh wait probably she does already cuz you ALL are a bunch of lazy butts!!...
  11. Lolz. No, the community isn't ruining the game cause we're not the ones designing it. There were plenty of annoying players that shot down and were rude to their own company for fun in 2009 just like how it is now. It's like that with practically every game I play.
    Both of those I disagreed with and your "help for noobs" thread got closed by a mod sonny. So don't go saying it's our fault, maybe it's yours seeing as how even the mods disagree with your rubbish idea.

    The x2 for credits thread, I completely bashed that. I find it ridiculous that they would want to (in effect) raise the base damage. That'd make everything die twice as fast.

    LF3 and B02 for credits...that's redundant because they're already available for credits. I got all my LF3s and B02s except for two on the auction(back when it was trade) I remember losing 40mil credits quite a few times(didn't get your credits back) You have to pick yourself up by the britches and start trying.

    Lastly, why in heck are you not fe after over a year and a half? It took me 3 months to get fe and that is a long time to many people's standards. I think you actually don't play but rather chat and go on forum. Getting fe is the very first mile of the marathon. It's the next part that most players of DO are stuck on which is why we don't see the need for making it easier on noobs. In our eyes, they have it 10x easier than us.(grinding for hercs is a royal pain in the butt) Now they want more?:eek::mad:
  12. Can I ask what company or game you play is it called clowd 9 because theres no hope in hell you make 5k ur in 30 mins you talking rubbish and saying you make 1 mill uri a week doing pally you full of jokes dear boy and get of your high horse and learn to give adult options instead of insulting others and yes only one that's go a problem is you but its ok you making all us laugh.

    Calling people lazy while you do nothing just leave your pet do the work theres a word for that hypocrite.

    I must be very lazy then because I haven't earned 0 uri in 3 days lol.
  13. HYPOCRITE , HYPOCRITE, HYPOCRITE, HYPOCRITE, HYPOCRITE ,HYPOCRITE, HYPOCRITE !! You farm your uri using your pet, and yet you call us Lazy? Sounds to me you, yourself is in fact, lazy. :)

    Secondly, care to explain how you make 1 mil Uridium per week, only using your P.E.T and playing for 5 hours each day? Because my friend, that isn't possible.
    The only way one can make at-least 1 mil a week is by spending 12+ hours each day cubing. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!

    And you won't manage to do that either if you box, clearly because of 6 hrs boxing thing where the rewards decrease?
    And with a P.E.T it's almost impossible to reach that much in 1 week.
    So i ask again, how do you manage to make that much? Cuz it sounds like a load a bull... if you ask me.

    Like ♫ŘΘŁŁîŃĜ♪ŦĦÙŇĐΞŘ♫™said, get off your high horse. :)
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  14. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    I'm not justifying the insults, i'm simply showing no pity for the OP of the thread. Regardless of 'who bothers' to check, a player submitting a new idea SHOULD check. (forum rules!)

    The title:
    Trading area in 5-3 and mines in 5-3
    Are you insane?
    This title is a goddamn giveaway about the inconvenience of pirate map/pally trading..
    Worded differently huh? I just searched the words 'go back pirate map'. If you'd have even tried that before sprouting nonsense back to me, you'd see as clear as day how the first thread (the first suggesting this idea on this forum) appears on the list of results!

    If you have anything more to say, spill it.
    P.s. Get your facts correct or don't bother trying to justify your complaints. They're full of holes.
  15. I know you guys don't design it but you're allowing Bigpoint to make their "updates". If you don't believe me go play ANY other mmo and you will find progression to be much faster and a lot less boring.

    The mod only closed it because the idea was already suggested.

    Because if play anymore than I normally would, I would die of boredom.

    Your a HUGE hypocrite then. For example your thread: http: // was posted on April 19 2014 while someone else had already made a thread: on Febuary 20 2014 suggesting the EXACT SAME IDEA. Just admit it, no one actually bothers to check if their idea was already suggested. Plus humans can make mistakes.

    Please enlighten me.
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  16. HYPOCRITE and lazy?
    YOU ARE JUST A BUNCH OF let me say it with one word you all would understand uuuummmm..... NOOBS!:rolleyes:
    now if I am being "lazy" using my pet, what are you all if you all dont use it and still complain about not getting anything easy? so that makes you all what?:rolleyes::rolleyes:

    - Now 12 hours each day do you know how much uri is that per day? sometimes I make around 20k per HOUR wich means that in 12 hours you would be making around 240k per day but in 6 hours you make around 120 oh so that means that in 5 days you make around 600k uri plus saturday and sunday? oh wow close to the million right??;)

    seriously before you talk get informed I bet you havent even used your pet to get a box right?:eek::rolleyes:

    its incredible STUPID but totally STUPID to make 10k uri per week it INSANELY NOOB you get that? unless you just log in to see your lil ship for 1 min and thats it.

    have a good day

  17. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    I'm sorry but someone already pointed that out IN the thread, a mistake which I learnt from. When people say 'sick and tired of noobs like you suggesting so and so' it generally means the idea's been suggested before, thus the fact they failed to realise even that is their err. Can't believe after more and more vexed players posting on those threads, the OP fails to see it still.

    N.B. That idea (PET killer name) has yet to get more than 1 person disagreeing with it on countless threads already. The fact BP haven't gave a simple answer to the question: will they implant it?, has yet to be answered. So more threads asking for that is by no way as severe as threads asking for something a lot of people would no like to see. Plus BP have already made it as clear as day that pirate maps are one way, so that idea is heading to a dead end.

    Another thing, quit double posting. edit your most recent ost if you wish to add anything. (forum rules)

    I've already disproved your so called:
    Can't you even see that?
  18. Just to shurt your moth Mr. Adult Ill make a video about collecting 5k uri in 30 min alright? ill shut your mouth.

    Being lazy is doing NOTHING which clearly you all arent doing anything, at least a take the time to make my pet collect something.
  19. See, you made a mistake. That mean other people have as well and you really can't blame them for that if it's their first post on these forums.

    It's not about the idea, it's about how he got treated for posting it. Even if the idea was a dead end (and many of them are) it doesn't mean he has to get completely bashed on. Can you not see THAT?
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  20. Omega

    Omega User

    back in the days .we poped also .we got lf3 and bo2 for uri and credits on trade .bought the first 4 irises with uri and the rest with credits .also it was easy .I played a few hours a day .just shot everything I saw ..collected every bonus box in pvp and bought 5 lf3 and some bo2 in a freaking day just in 3-4 hours ... damn it was hard for us to .. repairing a credit ship was 500 uri. u have it for free.. never mind that on trade u can get almost everything now .. we all had to get ufe ..and it was harder for most of us .. especially when we realized that we now have to work for lf4 hercs havocs etc .. and nobody could help us .. we had to do it also . we had to become ufe also . by working .so stop whining so much . ucan get lf3 and bo2 by credits ..and bo2 for credits . r u nuts ? players have spend uridium just for u[grading them . if it was a credit item . u would upgrade the best shield in the game for credits .. what happens to the rest of the players spending tons of uridium on upgrading them .. even if they bought the uri with money . they still worked for the money.. and still should get something in return .. bo2s are used by everybody .and lf3 .I've said it before .. they should never be for credits .since a lot of players still use them and are pretty easy to get ..but their price should be dropped to 7 k uri ..
    I help new players .. even if I see a goliath with flax and I have a quest , if he's the only one around I will pop him , but then help him kill some bks and make some uri , but if there are others that are ufe I will always go for the ufe .. anyway I helped small players by helping them finish their quests .giving them credits .teaching them how to escape . or fight (depends on what they want to learn) the game is not that hard .people just complain to much and always want it easy . never mind the players that have done it the same way . they want it they r noobs and are special .. jee work for what u want / stop expecting everything to be easy or become easier
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