Is the Community Holding Darkorbit Back?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sirpwnsalot34, Apr 26, 2014.

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  1. Well it certainly doesn't make us lazy because we're actually doing the killing/boxing to gain the uri...whereas you're just turning your pet on, and letting it just roam around and pick up the boxes for you. And yes, I've used a pet for boxing before & it isn't productive enough to be able to make 20k uri an hour by just boxing on its own. That would require you, yourself to box with it. Further more 600k still ain't 1 mil, regardless how close it is and it's impossible for your pet to make that much on its own ... In 5 days total.

    He probably only makes 10k per week because he doesn't play alot, not is he strong enough to farm much more than that?
  2. Wow, I think you are officially the most unlikeable person I have met all month. 20k uri an hour boxing with your pet is laughable, please troll harder. Also, go cube. I cube for an hour or so a day, and I make 30k uri or so in that hour. But that's serious cube grinding.
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  3. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Maybe you ought to check the thread again. He was given sound advice in a clear manner without any harassment till he started 'whining' on. At which point people are obviously going to get frustrated and vexed at him.
    I don't care for how you want to defend him but HE was at fault for HIS comments on his own thread. After being given sound feedback, he comments with 'there's room for a gate' etc, completely taking aside the point which the previous players mentioned..
    damn right arrogance. Then he threatens to have someones post deleted for saying he was 'whining'.. thereafter saying that they were the one 'whining'..
    He's made feedback in previous ideas, whether or not it's his first post, he shouldn't have responded to his feedback in that arrogant manner.

    Discussing this with you isn't going anywhere. If you have a problem with how HE was treated, message a moderator. May be speculation but I think you're using this thread as a pretense for the feedback you've been given to your ideas.
  4. Omega

    Omega User

    lol 20k an hour is easy .bonus box doubler and pp for bonus boxes and some protocols u get around 540 max per box .. so its easy .. I do cubes and make around 40 k -50 (depending if I shot with x4 or x3 ) an hour
  5. I never said you couldn't box large amounts of uridium on your own, I said your P.E.T could not box 20k uri an hour. Sorry if I was not more clear.
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  6. Dude, this isn't just about that specific thread. There are many more threads out there that are even worse than this.

    Plus those this sound like whining to you?

    I don't about you but this looks like a somewhat calm response. All he's doing is expressing his opinion on the game. And how does continuing to post make him "arrogant". Only 3 people checked out his thread at that time so maybe he was just doing what everyone else would when they suggest ideas, wait for more people to disagree with it before closing up shop. He even kinda does that at the end when more people said the idea sucked.

    Even if he somehow was whining I think that everyone kinda overreacted with their responses.
  7. Seraphim

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    As a matter of fact, continually insisting on one point, looking at it in one direction and disregarding sound feedback is what's shown on his thread and collectively equates to whining. So quoting a single post doesn't tell anyone much.
    A moderator already told him clearly that pirate maps are one-way, not to mention it was made clear when pirate maps came out. He still pushed his idea with the same frame of mind; 'we never know, they could change it'... Wonder why he didn't take the hint and request to close the thread instead of having a moderator close it without his consent. (read between the lines)

    So many more threads huh? The only other ones I can mention are VESPID's threads which were generally rubbish and rotten from the core. If there are threads which are conclusive of abusive behaviour, you should message a moderator. They'll give out formal warnings to those at fault.
    Threads like this aren't going to get anywhere.
    I take my leave; have better things to do than argue with you this point onward.
  8. Do I care if you like me or not?? hold on let me just think...... uuuuuuummmmmmm...... uuuuuuuummmmmmm..... uuuuuuuuummmmmm....

    NO! :)

    Now making 30k per hour cubing it all depends on how many people are there, how strong u are and how fast you find a cube. I dont cube but my friends that are UFE cube around 3 am to cube alone, they make around 50k per hour. oh n they cube with double booster seprom and x4 does that tell you something??

    for boxing it only requires you to buy a pet and buy the collector 3 and 2 radar protocols. If you box with ur pet u can even make around 30k per hour but guess what? it all depends too, it depends on how many people are in pvp how many enemies get into the pvp map and how many times they kill.

    dude I made an aproximation obviously in the last two day after the 5th day you are going to make almost the million... wow your such a genius...
    you wanna know why it isnt productive?
    because you dont have double boxer maybe?
    and to have a doubler all you need is 17 dollars that you get any day at any time where ever unless you are really really!! poor... which i dont think u are because you are in a computer.
    even 10k a week is nothing is like how much making a day ?
    10/7 is around 1.4k uri seriously?? 1.4k? do u know how much a box gives even without a doubler? it gives you 150 uri 10 of those boxes give 1.5 even more! that what he is actually making PER DAY!.

    wow unless that person plays for 10 mins a day then yeah he will be doing that per week but where is the fun when you play 10 min? is not a first person shooting game where you get weapons that kill everyone no matter the rank or experience on the game...

    get on your mind people seriously this is too much
  9. I would take zenns side in saying how are you making so little uri, but I honestly do not believe that you can make 30k per hour. You are seriously exxagerating.
    When I used to box, I made such little uri that I stopped(5k per hour) Yes, that is more than other means(usually) but boxing is boring so I stopped. Yes, you can make 15k per hour when boxing, but that doesn't equate to 1mil a week so stop exxagerating.

    And this thread now has nothing at all to do with its original purpose lol.
  10. Ugh, even if you have a box doubler, YOUR PET CANNOT MAKE 20K - 30K URI PER HOUR, BOXING ON ITS OWN! With you, yes but with your pet on its own, no.

    Secondly, just because one does not buy a boxing doubler, doesn't make them poor. Nor does, them not owning a PC neither. Some people (free players) prefer not to spend anything on the game, so they would not buy one.
    But, yes i did in-fact have a box doubler, and all those radar crap.

    And like i said, maybe he just doesn't play much. Or spends most of his time, talking on the game, rather than moving to earn uri.
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  11. your pet can collect 20k per hours ALONE and I have tried it... of course it all depends too. but most of the time it can! now i never said 30k the PET by itself i said if you work with your PET too.

    Who is saying that if they dont buy a doubler makes them poor???????????
    I said that if they are PLAYING in a COMPUTER, then they must have ENOUGH to buy a doubler... you know there difference?

    Now if they PREFER NOT TO BUY ANYTHING! then why the hell are they complaining about this freaking game!!!??? play the game and thats it! if you wanna grow spend.
    this game gives free money too, but if you wanna get it you have to spend to be stronger faster because there is a limit too... ok?

    if he spends all his time talking in the game then again... why is he complaining? if he doesnt play how the hell hes gonna get uridium? oh dont tell me hes gonna make another post and say that the uridium should be collected by itself and added to his account just cuz he connected to the game?...

    man yall are really on the wrong track...
    one question are you all high school students?

    omg another one really? man you really need to get a doubler and start boxing... you can make 30k per hour if its boring then ur not gonnan get anything at all!! because of your laziness cuz you feel bored.... you know what i do i leave my pet there, sometimes it makes as much as 20 per hours sometimes 10 and an average of 13-15k oer hour... n im not exaggerating I have a friend who can guarantee you the 30-35 k per hour but seriously that guy collects he really collects i dont the max i have done is 25 per hours and yeah i get bored but i leave my pet there.
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  12. He said himself that he hadn't played for a long time so maybe he wasn't there when the pirate maps were released. And yes, we do "never know" if Bigpoint is gonna change it or not because they've surprised us many time before in the past. But anyways that's not relevant here. The big question is: do you think all that justifies getting insulted multiple times?

    And yes there are threads that have been bashed the instant they've been posted (they're not VESPID's).

    Then why did you just respond?
  13. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    That link doesn't prove anything, it didn't get instant trashed.
    Your pretty dimwitted to call me back here with your quirky comments. I responded to tell you it was the last thing i should say because no matter how it's viewed, the OP was at fault. Nothing on this thread holds any ground. People have gone off at a tangent talking about boxing etc. Just shows how poor you are as a person, to let your thread get to this.
  14. I think it's relevant, given the original claims made by the OP. He claimed there were lots of UFE's who hated free stuff and had a large double standard, and Zenn here has demonstrated that very well.
  15. haha hating on me? thank you that keeps me alive.

    i dont hate free stuff, what i dont like is noobs that dont play at all want uridium stuff for credits.... really? you want to give a player that makes 10k of uri per week, uridum stuff for credits??? man you have a problem real real problem.
  16. What is my problem, exactly? I want to give people stuff?
  17. No, he was insulted by the first poster.

    He was implying that he's not smart.

    Calm down, you don't have to get all personal here.
  18. Omega

    Omega User

    no.the problem is that most of us had to work for what we got .even if some people used money .ur completely ignoring that money does not grow on trees and a company needs them to keep going ..and bo2 lf3 are still used by a lot of players it takes like 2 months to become f3 .. its really easy and they r just a bunch of lazy asses that want everything handed to them .. I'm getting sick of these posts also . I already said bo2 no lf3 .reduce it to 7 k uri .u can always get them with credits .and we had it worse . we were fe that had to become ufe . we didn't not have free repairs . so much on the trade , paladium .or our credits back when we lost .and becoming fe is really easy I made an acc cuz igot bored and with no hel in one month and 3 weeks I become fe with 2 lf4s and 25 pp .that's like me going to a game and asking everything to be free almost just because I'm a new player .. work for it stop just asking for it . this is the problem with some people being spoiled and not though that you don't just get ur way or get it the easy way .but you have to work for it . and becoming fe is not even hard
  19. there you got your answer perfectly described...
    giving lf3s for free to an idiot who plays 30 min and makes 10 k per week is way too stupid...
  20. Good, Im glad we agree on something! Also, you're grossly misrepresenting what I said. Please try to be more intellectually honest with yourself before you post, or read what you typed out a few times before pressing post.

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