Is the Community Holding Darkorbit Back?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sirpwnsalot34, Apr 26, 2014.

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  1. Hey zenn, can you make a vid or something of how you do this? I tried again today and still have an average of 5k uri per hour. Granted, I don't have a BBD, but 10k per hour is no where close to the claimed 20k that just the pet can make by itself. If you have a tutorial or something, I'd really appreciate it, cause it would probably solve my stunted growth in the game.
  2. 5k per hour without a doubler... you shouldve at least got 7k or 8k... i dont have time to be making videos until the day after the jackpot maybe... cuz as u know this upcoming week we have finals and are hard somehow... but seriously I really dont want to record an hour of boxing... and to upload it with my internet is gonna be a pain in the butt but I guess I might do it...

    tips? first look for a place where you think there's less people
    theres places that have a faster box spawn rate u have to look for that too..
    then take care of your pet so it wont get killed
    try not to disconnect.
    if u got the radars it goes farther means you get more boxes.

    those are basically things u need to have in mind ... if you go to a place where theres 10 pets around you trust me you wont do 3k an hour either... also you have to be in pvp too so the boxes give you more uridium...
    it has many things you gotta take into consideration but anyone in the game will tell you at least in my server they dont mind...

    and now im misrepresenting.... well i just give up cuz yall are full of you know... this wont stop n im getting bored...
  3. Either they make the grind shorter or they make the grind more fun.
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  4. Prove it then? By making a Video perhaps?

    You might have not said it in those words, but you certainly did imply it.

    Because they're allowed to since they're still a player on D.O regardless if they spend or not, thus meaning that they can come up with ways on how to improve the game etc...or in your words 'complain'. ;)

    Erm, like i said, because he can...complain that is.

    No, it's just you.
    I'm a high school student ( as you lot call it) however, i don't see how its relevant to this thread. Besides, you're probably not that much older than myself , so whatever you're thinking of saying, may apply to you to. But like i said, it's completely irrelevant to this thread.

    The fact that you care about LF'3S being given away is idiotic. You're UFE so why would you care if a NOOB/NOOB players were given free LF3's when it won't even make them stronger, against you? All it will do, is boost them up, so they could perhaps begin farming on their own to get to UFE.

    Same could be said about you. But that's a very wise decision mate. :rolleyes:
    Well ofcourse it's "really easy" for you because YOU'VE PLAYED the game before, so you have experience whereas a totally new player won't even have a clue as to what to do etc due to lack of experience. And besides, they're only LF3's - not even the best laser cannons on the game anymore. So where's the loss of money, nowdays anyways, when players just bid or farm uri ( not buy) for LF3's.
    And yes, "we had it harder back in the day" but gosh, back in the day the game was a-lot different than how it is now. Back then, you had clans/players actually helping each other out, which is totally different to now; since players now days are all independant.

    I think those that aren't F.E yet would try to get F.E first...not straight from noob to UFE.
    Like i said - you've got experience , new players won't.
    Personally i think the problem is people being selfish and unwilling to help others. That is what is holding the game as B.P releasing their stupid updates which are out to empty your wallet.
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  5. seems you took ur time to quote every single thing. ima reply with numbers to everything you quoted from be from top to bottom numbering them.

    1-. I would make it but seriously it would take me an hour and then uploading is a pain in the butt so right now i cant, let me see if i can find a video somewhere i know someone uploaded one about collecting bonus boxes and he made quite a good job
    1.1-. I never tried to imply people are poor you just didnt understand what I tried to say.

    2-. They are allowed of course they are... but you are saying "improve" ??? hahaha you made me laugh with this one... you dont call improving the game when all you are trying is to make the game super easy...

    3-. I care not because im UFE or because they are gonna get boosted up or what ever... I dont care if there is a million UFE is better for me since all i do is challenge people to fight me so i can become a better player... what I want is that everyone get to the top in the same way we did... it does not affect me at all no matter how strong they can become if I'm a better player they will never beat me, but is the fact that i had to work hard and now this noobs come to the forum crying cuz they cant become UFE from one month to another, and they want to become UFE making 10k per week are you insane? yeah probably yes you all are...

    4.... ummm no im tired of answering and discussing with a bunch of noobs makes no sense.. all you want is things to be not easy this is not easy , you want them free..

    but pff idk why i discuss if BP is not gonna do it haha bye bye ;)
  6. It's not about becoming fe, it's about maxing out. A couple years ago fe and maxing out were the same thing but nowadays if you're fe you're still considered a noob. Although becoming fe is now easier, maxing out is definitely not.
  7. Omega

    Omega User

    it is about that .when we were fe we had to become ufe also . so they can do that to

    who the hell had experience when we were fe and the lf4 etc came out we didn't have experience .we were all "noobs" and please I've been playing since dec 29th 2006 when we had to work a lot to get fe .we didn't have experience and we managed it .that's how u get experience .by playing the game not by waiting on ur ass and asking for everything to become easier to get
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  8. Here's my quote to respond to yours. :p

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  9. Yes he did, because when they bio and LF4s hit, he had to get ufe. Your post makes no sense.
  10. Lemme reword that.
  11. Lol
  12. When lf4's came out , everyone who were f.e had experience in playing the game therefor they knew how to play and what to do. And for back in the very old client well those times were different to now. Fair enough that we had to work alot by grinding NPC's on a day to day basis to get f.e however, we were able to do that without someone coming out of nowhere doing 150k+ on their first two shots. Old client players never had that, by so they were merely capable of actually escaping regardless if they were f.e or not.

    And the game has to become easier in time ( not easy where they practically make you f.e when you start of) , or new players would just give out, and so the game won't progress (player wise) .

    Only took me what, 10 minutes.

    1-. I would make it but seriously it would take me an hour and then uploading is a pain in the butt so right now i cant, let me see if i can find a video somewhere i know someone uploaded one about collecting bonus boxes and he made quite a good job
    re-read what you said. (it could be taken in more than one way). I understood it perfectly. :)

    Well yes, if it's improving the game for the NEWER players. :)

    handing out lf3's or a decrease in bo2's price (or whatever) won't make someone ufe...they'd still be far off.
    And if you've spent money on here to get ufe, you can't class yourself as a hard worker because well...with money ( tons of it ) earning equipment for UFE becomes easier.

    The only free thing which was asked of was LF3's...your acting like they're asking b.p to basically give out lf4's for each day you log-in or something...

    Who knows, they may 'see the light' when they reach a point where they really need players. But if they don't then the game will eventually close down. so if you've sepnt, you've basically thrown your money away.
    And Goodbye, it's been fun.
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  13. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Why can't the game be easier for new players Zenn? Is, because you don't want it, the best reason you have?

    I have always wanted there to be a quest story line that brings a player from lv 1 - 12 and in the process the quest rewards give the player a standard FE ship.
    I suppose that has gone out the window with the new quest remake but I can't see how making the game easier for new players is bad beyond your own opinion that it shouldn't since it wasn't the same for you.
  14. Omega

    Omega User

    anyway ,I;m not saying .don't make the game easier for new players . just don't give them everything so easy .the lf3 and bo2 are used by a lot of players . the bo2 is the best shield .and a lot of players upgraded it . and its also easy to get on trade and for uri .so it should stay the same .the lf3 should be reduced to 7 k uri . maybe even 5 k uri since its the 2nd best cannon and the lf2 was the 2nd best cannon back in the day and it was 5 k .nothing against that ..
  15. Omega

    Omega User

    now that would actually be a really good idea . a player could learn the basics and also become fe .then he/she would know what to do .
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  16. What does upgrading something have to do with what it should be sold for, I mean really if you give away a Bo2, you aren't giving them a level 16 one, it costs 104250 uridium to upgrade one, should the Bo2 go up in price because of this? Easy for you to get in trade because you can make large amounts of credits quickly.
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  17. Omega

    Omega User

    u really don't know that credit items are upgraded with credits and uridium items with uridium ? that's why I'm saying bo2 is still the best and easy to get .and plus u can get it on trade like I said before
  18. Herp de derp I know how to upgrade items, why are you trying to base prices on items off of upgrade prices? It's easy to get when your Ufe lol.
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  19. Omega

    Omega User

    lol all I'm saying is the bo2 should not be credits .since then you could upgrade it with credits .and lots of uridium would be wasted .if it will become a shield for credits.( not on trade ) by which I mean you could buy it in shop for credits .then the upgrades on it would be for credits also .which would not be fair to a lot of players upgrading them
  20. I see your point but that happens with almost every item eventually anyways.
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