Is the Community Holding Darkorbit Back?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sirpwnsalot34, Apr 26, 2014.

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  1. Omega

    Omega User

    not lf4 .since they are the best . and again bo2 are the best .and they are available for uridium and credits on trade. so there's no point . lf3s well those should be lowered to 5 k uri
  2. I agree with keeping bo2's how they're due to bo2's still being the best shield generator at the moment. With lf3's however , they aren't the best no-more so even if they were to be given out for free, players would still have to exchange those lf3s for lf4s , meaning they'd have to work for it regardless. Plus things has got to be reduced over time and we've basically had the lf3s for the past 7 yrs...isn't tht enough of a time for them to decrease the initial lf3 price?
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  3. Omega

    Omega User

    that's what i said .they should be 5 k uri ..
  4. -xghost-

    -xghost- User

    Hey, not everyone is as arrogant as
    º¤»ĐЯΣΔΜ◊†◊ÐΣМΦИ«¤º and similar ones. You can't be so pesimistic because someone is abusive at you or at someone else. I watch this player for some time and he is the same in many threads. Have you ever play LoL? Or DoTA? You once land an ability not good and usually many children shout at you "noob" or worse words (got much experience with this). These players only heals some of their complexes here and you cant take their insults serious. Its only the game. The fun. Its their problem, that they cant understand it :)

    Now about your experiment: the above named is right about the facts (it can be said polite - with respect). Your experiment is not good because the first idea is really not real :) The second one is particularly good (chain impuls and shield restore is really weak). Its the reason, why players said no to first idea and particularly yes to second one.

    So, take it easy, in every game are some freaks :)
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  5. Well, it was the first idea that came off the top of my head that benefited only noobs. :p
  6. Noobs demand too much, that's all. after they get LF-3 for credits, They would want LF-4s for uri, then slowly LF-4 for credits and so on. LF-3 is already available in the auction for credits and please tell me you want iris for credits too. then apis and zeus in auction.

    And I agreed people are getting selfish, including me, I see less teamwork nowadays and it gets boring:(
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  7. -xghost-

    -xghost- User

    The problem is, that you really cant make elite things for credits, or make the game easier for noobs this way. That would be unfair against thoose, who had to work really hard or paid the astronomical sums of real money to obtain that items.

    The problem of this game is, that its too much money-sucking. When noob enter nowdays (even with the bonuses, he have) he isnt in the same situation as noob for example 5 years ago (nowdays noob have it harder).

    The only solution is, that developers stop adding more and more money-suckting items and start working on real improvement of the game (some new maps (NPCs), benefits for level, not for money or mass amount of uri, get experience back to significance - not to be only the key to maps and missions, to add some lvl abilities (as usual in other games), etc., etc...). That could be much improved even without the only one purpose - greed.
  8. Some players don't know how to help themselves, they just sit on chat and wait till someone comes. There's an FE in our server just begging for help with a bk when he could actually kill it under 2 minutes.

  9. The Leonov and Veangeace aren't really considered "elite" items (the Lightning design is though) you can get them on trade for like a couple million credits each. At most, making Vengeances and Leonovs available for 500k credits or something isn't gonna save you that much money however it does make it a lot more convenient to buy one as a noob (you don't have to wait an hour for the auction). But the majority of players won't even allow new new people that little of an advantage.
  10. I don't think that anyone on this thread gets that making the elite items easier to obtain is not going to solve anything. Everyone can get fe in a matter of weeks/months. It's the ufe items that ultimately cause players to quit as they are tired of the chance aspect. Just saw in chat today; 51 kappas for 8 hercs...what the heck is that? Ridiculous.
    Yes, LF3 isn't top laser anymore and it could be lowered in price, but that's not an issue in the game right now. It's already in the bid. Getting fe is the first half mile of the marathon.
  11. Well DO needs something to get more new players.
  12. They made a new tutorial. They made the x-1 map a dmz. They have a new auction in which you can see the bid so you can win your B02s and LF3s ridiculously easy. They give the credits back after bidding. They give you premium when you start...ect. They've given the new players everything, but left the fes alone. What do we have to look forward to? A lot of grinding...
  13. -xghost-

    -xghost- User

    Showing the prize in auction doesnt reduce the price - in fact, it makes it higher. Starting premium is and old (and working) addiction mechanism. Considering advantages, they have, noobs still have it harder nowdays. You cant count it absolutelly (they got nowdays more), but relatively - compared to the max, that could be obtainded (UFE). In this view, they got less.
  14. Do not ever tell me noobs have it harder nowadays. I had two different files back in '08 and '11 and I never got fe. When that file got hacked, I quit playing for a year but came back in '13 and got fe in three months, got an aegis, all upgrades, and have gotten quite the load of stuff since then. I know for a fact that it was WAY harder back then before outfits and skylab and still harder when skylab came out than it is now. Doing those noob quests got me up so quickly. I definitely prefer the game now, than back when everyone was fe maximum, and it was "fair." That sucked Imao. Took me a month before I could solo a frackin sib.
  15. -xghost-

    -xghost- User

    Of course that now, they have FE in short time. But, what does FE means today, compared with, what did it mean in 08. I dont want to continue OT about comparing game now/past, so shortly: Yes, when FE was maximum the game was more fair.
  16. jackknife

    jackknife User

    i'm a new player 100 hrs i have leo 6Lf-3s and 7 flaxes. i was just popped in x-2
    just as i have been all day. before i spend a penny i want to find out if this game is fun so to progress you have to hunt. i can't. it's still a lot of fun but it's no fun getting popped all day at 40000 a hit
    sorry about the format & grammar my 3yold took out my keyboard
  17. It's only fun if you're pretty good at it and you get the hang of things. I get popped by people doing 200k all the time, but that doesn't stop me from playing. If you get some friends or a clan to talk to in-game, it will be more enjoyable and then you can outfit and get help. 100 hours, sheesh. I have 600 and almost as many LF4s as you have LF3s. If anyone on your server is nice enough to let you outfit with them, take advantage of it.
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  18. Dude, you're hilarious.

    I'm completely with you when you say that all the "ufe items" need to be cheaper and such. Items in general just need to be cheaper. When I said that ufes are selfish because they only support ideas that benefit themselves I meant that ufes support ideas that make things like ammo, boosters, etc cheaper because it benefits themselves a lot more than say, putting LF4s in auction or something like that (if you already have all the equipment then why would you want the equipment that you already have to be cheaper, you'd be want more things that you can never have enough of such as ammo, boosters, etc).

    Basically what I'm trying to say is that ufes don't want equipment to be cheaper as much as they want ammo and other consumables to be cheaper. But most people under ufe don't really need ammo as much as they need better equipment and such.
  19. I did start a poll on the speakers corner about ways to make the game easier. Head over and vote if you haven't already. I personally think that making all uridium items 50% of what they are now(that includes galaxy gate spins), and doubling the uridium in npcs would keep and bring many more players to the game while still taking months and years for people to get good.

    That's true, but you could say the same thing with noobs. They could care less about tech items being boosted or adding log disks to the auction because that is not what they need.
  20. Well you don't see noobs bash on threads asking for cheaper ammo, etc. ;)

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