Is the Community Holding Darkorbit Back?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sirpwnsalot34, Apr 26, 2014.

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  1. SPSAT99

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    There's two meaning to the word "cheaper": Cheaper to get and cheaper to work towards.

    Cheaper to get: Price reduced
    Cheaper to work towards: Better chances at stuff. eg, booty boxes, and the BIG one, the gg spinner.

    I'm a noob myself, just reached FE a few days ago with over 600 hours of gameplay, so I'm being lazy myself, I freely admit. I'm a 9th grader, high school student and I can make less then 2k a day or more then 20k a day killing pirates in 5-2 with my clan for a few hoours, depends on if it is weekend or weekday. I think cheaper as in cheaper to work towards is the way to go, as you have better chances of getting stuff, whereas Cheaper to get basically means 100% chance of getting it with little effort. I have 76k uri right now, all saved up and it took me about 2-3 months to save up all of that.
  2. Legit cheaters who use exploits and reveal them later hold the game back.

    Undergrounds that share bugs hold the game back.
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  3. Hauler™

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    Think more players should come here and tell their own opinion, because only that way maybe DEV team will listen majority of players and not those few who wanted all these changes.

    And also answer to your question community should hold it back even more and leave the game until they realise empty maps are really empty then they will shut it down or make a change, no other way.

  4. I like your ideas but lets not forget that this game is designed to make money for bigpoint. Personally I have spent quite some money on this game from when I started several years back and I am UFE BIO full, if somehow the items that I used uri for became available for creds, i would be a bit upset. But thats my issue to worry about. I do think that more can be done for the noob players, however alot has already been created to assist noobs including lowering the ep and creds and honor for killing noobs over and over. ALso I think DO will be implementing packages for noobs soon. Not sure if that is real or not.
    Rgarding the community, yes I do agree, some of the people in this community are vulgar and result to insults when an idea isnt suitable for them. I think that even if an idea is not likeable, people should use appropriate responses or even suggests tweaks in the idea. BUt lets also not forget that it is not just the players who are UFE or FE who are nasty, even noobs, and more likely it is usually noobs who use vulgar comments in the game.

    I totally Agree with you, and I wish that DO would acknowledge that these cheats still exist. I started to see botters again in the palli field recently
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  5. The game makes you FE pretty quick - just avoid the lvl 7+ stuff. The 'U' in FE is the hard part.

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