Issue: Stuck in Map/Gate

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Solid_Eye, Oct 13, 2015.

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  1. My id: 64315404
    I enter uba yesterday but im still stucked
    Thank you.
  2. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    ßéťéŃáßé~ιѕ-вα¢к-!, I've tried to jump you out, hopefully it took
  3. dude , I have the same problem , the countdown goes to 0:00 and it still glitched on 0 seconds , it neither go in the uba nor get the countdown leave us alone , I cant collect any cargo , nor hoot anyone , nor put mines .
    so I had this problem once , I got rid of it I dunno how but it took me 24 hours of non playing the game , so I don't wanna loose another 24 hours cause I have doubler , rebate , the event demander is on and there is space ball and crazy cubikon . so with that issue that u never could fix it I don't know how u want us to give a 5 star to the game !!!! when we put money on this game we are hoping that no such issues like that happens to us .
    I was reading all the comments that players just asked u having the same issues as me , but the only thing I saw is that u answered same thing that doesn't even fix the problem . instead of giving nonsence and nonfixable ideas just put 5 minutes to write some other codes for the uba so we DONT GET THAT ISSUE ANYMORE !!!!
  4. Midebe

    Midebe User

    id: 77146871

    It says im stuck in uba and the count down is down to 0 for like forever, but im actually able to play on the maps and log out but i cant shoot any players or place any mines can you kick me out ?
  5. my saturn is still stuck in area 51 and i want to use it on demeanour quests plz sort this out
  6. ID 23898037
    Hello there tried to jump into Refractions and my front page froze, Now I try to log on and all it says is Establishing connection... Thank you!!
  7. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    I can't actually fix the problem. I'm a moderator, not a dev. I'm trying to help people out of the problem as much as I can, but being able to figure out why it keeps doing this, much less fixing it, is far beyond me.

    Now if you actually have an issue where you're stuck, I'd ask you use this thread as it's intended. Otherwise, please excuse us as we focus on those we might be able to get out of the situation.
    Midebe, I need to ask you to contact the Spanish language team for yours. Your server isn't one the English team covers at all, and the Spanish team is responsible for that one.

    GΞNΩHĂŦCĦ™[ĐŇМΞ], your ship isn't in the pirate maps at this point.

    ζΞApeviAΞζ, I was able to jump you back to your home map. Hopefully all good now^^
  8. Evening Solid_Eye I'ts still not letting my main ship log in I checked backpage still says im not in 3-1 :( but thank you for trying!! :)
  9. hi again so my speccy is out of refractions but my saturn is still stuck there just went to swap ships and its on map --- blank lol
    thank you!
    Cant let it be destroyed etc as the map wont open and in my hangar it doesnt say a map that the damn thing is its in area 51 help ????​
  10. 168801842


    server EG5

    I got stuck in UBA, I think that my enemy declined the game and now I can't do anything, the countdown is stuck at 0.

    Edit: I'm mostly interested to collect the demaner boxes, I got them on the map but I can't get them, I don't want to lose them...

    Edit2: Now I'm stucked in refractions too, I'm stucked on them both, what the...?
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2017
  11. Hello admin... im stuck in gates as well with 3-4 of my ships... can you help ? email:removed
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  12. ID 23898037

    Still stuck in limbo :( just wanna log onto my ship..
  13. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    If your Spectrum is not the active ship when we try jumping you, then that isn't the ship that will get jumped. You need to make sure it's active before we jump the account, otherwise we're just jumping whatever other ship. We aren't able to pick & choose

    I've attempted jumping you back, but in the future I need to ask you contact the Romanian language team for further assistance.
    I can see you've been jumped many times by the Danish team today. I've tried it again, but please stick with your language team as they are responsible for your region.
    I've tried it again ;/
  14. Thanks for trying, but looks like it's still stuck. I also sent message to my support, but they are too slow and I'm running out of time. I saw that you are very effective in that thread and I wanted to give it a shot. I managed to connect, but it was still on refractions zone and I couldn't see anything, but the empty map, it didn't let me to disconnect and when I quit I got back to the same problem, not being able to connect at all. Thanks for trying again.. :(
  15. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    ZamfirAndrei, support have the same tools as we do on this one. The most they can do is try jumping people as well and hope for the best :/

    Collectively we will be sure that the team are aware this situation is kicking up again for you all
  16. Thank You Solid_Eye it worked this time... you rock!!!
  17. I just saw that for the other guy it worked now, could you try again, if you got some time and if you don't mind?It would be very appreciated. :(

    Edit: the only thing my romanian support did was to tell me to clear browsing history and cache to solve that problem... i told you, they aren't effective, I almost felt like they wanted to mock me. And of course, my ship is still stucked for more than 24h. I purchased rabat for one week for the event with doubles on GG and now I can't get into my account.. Will I be compensated for this, at least?

    Edit: problem solved!
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2017
  18. DarceVader

    DarceVader User

    I am stuck in Alpha Gate, on Devo wave, had 3 to go, when server jammed, reconnected, but no npcs, no gate to get out, but I'm getting shot at by invisible npcs, and no way to return fire, lol

    User Name: DarceVader
    User ID: 162463744
    Server: US4

    Thanks in advance.

    OK- not sure if someone did something, or problem resolved itself. Kept logging out and back in and finally got to where the npcs showed again and killed them before they got me. Now I got the gate to get out, but want to finish gate and worried I might get stuck in again and die. Maybe I will give it a rest for today, haha. Gonna pop out at least for a bit
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2017
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