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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by κγβε®, Oct 12, 2021.

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  1. κγβε®

    κγβε® User

    It is time to change once and for all how ships and ship designs were tabled.

    Each ship in the current in-game hangar that is a re-skin of the base model, should be turned into an actual ship design, removing any bonus (or malus) from it.

    The ship module system is a far more better idea than having ship designs in disguised.

    I'm telling you, it's confusing players. And it's a bad habit from game designers.

    Here's the list, as of today:
    • Citadel
    • Aegis
    • Spearhead
    • Bigboy
    • Goliath
    • Goliath v.2
    • Goliath v.3
    • Goliath Champion
    • Vengeance

    Goliath v.2 and Goliath v.3 currently don't have a base model.
    G-Bastion and V-Avenger have some parts added to the base model.

    Let me know what you think and if there is anything to add/adjust.
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  2. Ok so who besides you is it confusing. The designs becoming ships came out with the hanger update, and at this time, a lot of players have a lot of old lasers, shields and other stuff that they do not normally have use for anymore, like a good number of ships. Having the designs be actually ships gives them a place to put that gear, should they not just sell it, and also allow them to have a variety of ships possibly at the ready for different types of play.
  3. κγβε®

    κγβε® User

    - Having the same ship in terms of 3Dmodel just re-colored, with different passives which are not dispalyed in game, I think that's confusing. From a new player standpoint it's a terrible experience. If you think there is no issue here cause the newbies count is near 0, I would give you that. But still it's not a valid point.
    The list I presented is remnant of an old system. Now we have two systems implemented at once for the same pourpose. I think we should get rid of the old system. (*)

    - That is incorrect. With the hangar update (current version) came out ship designs, AKA cosmetics/skins.

    - Though I don't understand your point. Every item is stored in the Inventory. If it is a menagement issue you are talking about than it has nothing to do with this thread. In that case I suggest you open new one asking for a better Inventory Menagement System, if you wish. I would support that.

    - Lastly, the variety of ships and the different types of play is related to the ships being different from one another. We have enough of new ships with different roles and abilities, and new ones will come out I'd assume. So it's not a problem of quantity at this point. If you think there is lack in some category then again, you could ask BP for a new ship to be added in that category.

    (*) some examples, and there is plenty of these cases in other platforms (chat, discord,..)

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