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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by TalShiaR, May 7, 2014.

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  1. TalShiaR

    TalShiaR User

    Please use this thread for any discussion or feedback on the new changes to the Jackpot Battle Payouts.

    Details can be found in the Official Announcements section - we will keep you updated as we receive more information.
  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Hosted where?

    If you use euro based servers the american users suffer, if you use american based servers then the euro players suffer.
    I understand European players tend to dominate the american JPA but just because there is a handful of very successful player who win it over and over again, it is stupid to damage american player's chances by giving them higher ping than Europeans.

    What about timings? Is it going to be the same as the European one is now and force the american players to wake up at daft-o'clock or is it going to be something sensible for everyone?

    It's clear that DO want to limit the amount of money they pay out, that is the main reason behind this update I feel. I think they had one particular player in mind when they made this change, someone who had won for months in a row and just collected 10k again in-between each JPA.

    On a side note I also find it funny that people who are staged are allowed to compete and knock out would-be non-staged winners, but are not allowed to get the title or prize money x)
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  3. Looks like its time to increase maximum amount of EUR to 15000 since its all servers player battle for one goal "Win Jackpot Arena".
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  4. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I've just looked it up, there's 11 servers used to host JPA, all in Germany even on American servers.
    To be completely fair I don't know if there were any hosted in america in the first place but there is definitely none after this change.
  5. I still hope that italian can join JPA, but would be nice if italians win, they can receive ingame goods instead of money (since in italy we can't win money from games).
    It's a dream? :D
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  6. You should left how it were before... This is just wrong and it's not equal to people who live in different part of the world. This change was probably made that they don't need to pay 2 times each month to winners from America and Europe... -1 from me...
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  7. SauronL

    SauronL User

    i dont like that idea , for us now really isnt possible to win anyways if all servers will have just ONE winner

    If i could vote with 100 voices all 100 of them will be -1

    Dont like that idea , please change it back to old arena :confused:
  8. well Do will safe a LOT off euro doing it this way i bet thats why they do it
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  9. id 36219815
    well my opinion is not about the jackpot, but for the players who live in area's that can not enter the event.

    dark orbit should make available an option (on the bonus box's) for a secondary item to be picked up (in setting of each account)( like the auto booty key's). something that is use full to new and old players alike.

    would like to see something other then jackpot pickup's that i can use at all
  10. Dno why you dont just leave it the way it is, as Okapi32 said, this is just a pathetic attempt to save spending money for 2 Jackpots, which is rather sad.

    On that note whats the point of merging them anyway, if its mainly EU players doing the USA jackpots its not like we cant just fight them over on their JPA

    As always BP just thinks about themselves, that and being with just 1 JPA its unfair on everyone as there will be only "1" chance to win money, least with usa jpa others have a chance...

    But if you do merge I think 2 JPAs a month should be fair for you trying to scrap the other JPA
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  11. -L-

    -L- User

    Okapi makes very valid points:

    EU players will have the major advantage due to lower pings. This is a blow to players from other non EU countries. So how can the best of the best arise from this kind of lopsided battle? Jackpot battle times were chaotic for West Coast players prior to the 1v1 Jackpot Battle (4:00 am). That is already an advantage for EU players. Tired players vs wakeful EU players.

    Jackpot battle must be separated into a Jackpot US and Jackpot EU. Jackpot US server should be in the US, whereas Jackpot EU should be in the EU. If EU players want to win the US Jackpot, then they compete on US servers, not EU servers. If they come out on top despite all odds (ping advantages), then they are the best. Same goes for US players trying to win the EU Jackpot.

    On a side note: If a player that normally plays on a EU server wants to compete in the US Jackpot, then they must have a ship there, which must be built and requires MONEY. If a player that normally plays on a US server wants to compete in the EU Jackpot, then they also must have a ship there, which must be built and requires MONEY. If Jackpot Battles were merged, then this "profit" is no more.
    Last edited: May 7, 2014
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  12. PUSH

    PUSH User

    do not like this Idea at all, really I do not like Jackpot Battle Arena AT ALL!!! Need to go back to Jackpot Battle just the normal one, way more fun and competitive -- With Jackpot battle Arena if your not UFE you have NO CHANCE!!! pretty much if you have 1 lf4 short you are done! cause its a 1v1! NO one stands a chance in Arena, besides the top 50 players, after that everyone else might as well not even try! its like taking a player from rank 250 and putting him in a 1v1 match against the #1 player and expecting him to have a chance.... YEA MOST STUPID IDEA EVER!!!
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  13. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Nooo, JPB was fixed, teams of 100+ players would decide the winner before the event even happened.
    It wasn't open to everyone to win, you had to be in the right clan, the right server and the right company or else you were never ever going to win. Compared to JPB the JPA is much fairer in terms of giving the reward to the best fighter not the one who has the most support.
  14. If 2 JPA a month then we might think about it again.:p:D
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  15. K.I.D.S

    K.I.D.S User

    Okay I might of got the idea wrong, but if I'm right every server plays each other and it's only one jpa. How are you going to do it time wise it could be late at night in europe for some countries or very early in the morning for americans?
  16. So I know people who spend days picking up £10,000 GBP from bonus boxes to now be told they get to miss out on £1500 or so due to it only being euros? Sorry but this is not a very good disguise for the fact that you don't want to pay out as much to the players.
  17. its always bin euros just marked down wrong
  18. more competitive.... just adding everyone from both into one so just the same people doing it and then if the majority are from Europe then maybe even less people because they will use there European accounts not american accounts great idea...
  19. Only a question: I come from Italy, so if I remember right I can't win anything or win a maximum prize of 150 €. Anyway, is it possible to participate even if we can't win?
  20. ofc you can and its better for them because they dont need to pay you ahaha
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