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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by TalShiaR, May 7, 2014.

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  1. well if they want us all to play it what time will we play if its fair for all off us???
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  3. Lots and Lots of negativity in this thread:

    In my opinion the exchange from USD to Euros is pretty nice this means instead of winning 10,000 the conversion works out from 1.39 x 10,000 us Americans will be taking home $13,917.00.

    On a second note I'd like to address BP's attempt at getting more Americans enticed in Jackpot Arena.

    Increasing the amount we may win isn't going to bring more players to the Jackpot arena as 16 of the 50 states are not even allowed to participate in the battle.
    Allow me to show some statistics here.
    Chicago Illinois 3rd largest city in the US; NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY.
    Phoenix Arizona 5th Largest city in the US: NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY.
    Indianapolis Indiana 13th Largest city in the US: NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY.
    Memphis Tennessee 20th Largest city in the US: NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY.
    Nashville Tennessee 25th Largest city in the US: NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY.
    In Total from the states that are not allowed to play:
    Population Approximately: 70,986,636
    Population of the US as of late 2013: 316,128,839
    Percentage of The US not allowed to play: 22.45%

    As I do appreciate the increase in money we are allowed to win and I appreciate BP's attempt and satisfying its costumers and long time players; with the utmost respect its a futile attempt when 22.5% of the country cannot even participate.

    In addition to the negativity in the thread:
    By this statement it is assumed that this change may not be permanent and maybe changed back after the first testing of the idea.
    In my opinion you should all cut the disrespect and negativity and maybe allow the idea to be tested for 1 month.
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  4. so Americans will get more money but people from England will suffer because they will get less? yeh that's satisfying the its costumers clearly
  5. well most off us payes in euro so nothing new
    u pay 99 dollers for 330 uri i pay 99 euro for 330 uri is that fair???
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  6. Do find it amusing how us GB are affected if it is paid into EURO's, pretty lame currency as it is...but hey what does it matter, if I remember from statistics, the British Servers use to put the most income into this game, nd look how thats turnt out if we get paid Euro's lool
  7. Some like me got rsb just for 1 jpa you have to give to us a second chance to buy ammo this time :/
  8. Ok I like the idea of being able to fight people from other servers (even tho I cant participate).But im wandering when an American wins,Does that player get paid 10,000 EURO and are given information on how and where to convert that money since US servers have to pay in USD in the uridium page, we cant pay with EUROS.Or is there a conversion of 10k euro to USD before the players gets the jackpot?
  9. lol i realllyyyy dislike this idea, but i mean it would be alot more fun to fight european players ( even though most of them play american jpa aswell ) but it would cost more uri for nanohull.
    well i hope to see some of you guys in the new jpa :)
    -youngblood / april 13, 2014 JPA winner
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  10. Many JPA players have made some videos in JPA and there are any cheaters, If change is made, I rather last JPA rules by servers, there should be and admin or referee verifying Nobody uses cheats or hack during last 3 or 4 rounds
  11. Instead of trying to undermine the entire paragraph of which had nothing to do with FAIR; why don't you use your commonsense, no one complained about the fact you were getting paid 10,000 Euros to win jackpot arena before now, why start now?
    Fact is your still getting paid 10,000 Euros, only difference is now the people from very other country will now be paid in euros as well.
    Is it our fault the US Dollars value has decreased beyond that of the British currency or the Euro? I think not .
    Considering the game was originally made in Germany (Europe) and the European currency is used there but not here in the US there isn't anything unfair about us being paid in Euros.
    As for people who complain they have to pay 99 Euros whilst we pay 99 USD and, state that it is unfair; look at this way you have to pay 99 Euros but your average pay and minimum wage is also higher than that of US in its current state.
    The minimum wage here in Arizona is $6.50 an hour which converts to a measly 4.75 Euros. when your pay grade is 4.75 an hour let me know .....

    By the way this entire JPA update was to get more people of countries outside of Europe to play the Arena; the entire idea of my above post was undermining their Idea considering the fact 22.5% of the US cannot even participate. My gratitude towards them was simply a way for me to show respect for their attempt at satisfy a small percentage of their costumers.
    I think BP deserves a small bit of gratitude for at least trying don't you?

    So RESISTANCE the next time you decide to try and undermine a post I have made make sure you READ and COMPREHEND the entire idea of the post not just a small bit.
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  12. They get payed in euros which would convert to 13.9k dollars (approximately) . And I think they deal with the currency changes themselves. If not then I assume they send it in euros and you yourself have to get it converted ? Although it may be a hassle cuz of how Much ur wanting to convert .

    My opinion- what am currently thinking of is where will this Jpa be held. Obviously the closer it is to Europe then Europeans would have a greater advantage and vice versa. Secondly, how will they decide the time for it to start...time zones completely different between Europe and the us . Those r my concerns.
  13. just sounds like a veiled money saving exercise, covered up by a PR and marketing sham to me
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  14. Okapi32

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    The IP of the JPA servers are all in Germany now, maybe they were always there but right now every server is redirected to the same 11 JPA servers that are all in Germany.

    The Romanian team also seem to have been told that the JPA start time will now be 17:00 (UTC+2).
  15. OK first i wasn't try to undermine your entire post i was just stating that not all its costumers were or will be satisfied by this change.

    secondly we didn't complain because we had it in pounds so we would get 10K GBP just like american servers would get 10k american dollars.

    i think in certain aspects of the game they deserve some gratitude ie helping noobs get ufe easier new quests etc etc but this pretty much just seems like a way to help them save money dont you agree? Bigpoint if you do your research is worth more then $600 million. why cant they hold two jpas? or why not just stop Europeans entering the american jackpot? you say to get more people to play but how much do you think will increase? its just putting the 2 jackpot arenas together not exactly getting more there is it? its just putting the 2 together the same people will compete maybe even less if you think about the Europeans having to have a second account to do the american jackpot.

    the reason you say its not unfair is because you will be gaining $13917.00 so of course it wont be unfair on you would it?

    The minimum wage here in Arizona is $6.50 an hour which converts to a measly 4.75 Euros. when your pay grade is 4.75 an hour let me know .....
    if i could increase that for you i would but hey i cant can i?
    do you think big point take into consideration how much you get payed?
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  16. will be Np if the server is on the moon
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  17. Trust me ther jpb wont work so it will be np
    they cant get 2 servers to mix so let em try 50k Players Lol will be fun...
    Lag will kill us all ;)
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  18. I never said it would get more to play I said I give my gratitude to BP for an attempt to get more to play.
    On a side note I drop about 300-500 USD on the game a month I have no money problems.
    My statement made about minimum wage was simply a reference to the current economy of the US compared to the growing and decent economy of GB you guys over there really have no reason to complain about us getting 13.9k.

    Being as it is going from 2 separate Jackpots down to 1 I agree it could be a way of saving money but, only a member of the BP team can confirm this.

    To be honest I wouldn't mind if BP held 3 separate Jackpots 1 American, 1 European, and 1 mixed of the all Countries for a simple test to see who is best.

    The whole Idea of my post was simply to shine some Light on BP's Idea of bringing more players into the JPA When In fact this cannot happen with 70.8 million people being left out due to gambling laws.

    (And I am aware BP cannot do anything about Gambling laws).

    ^ For those that may not have noticed I am also disagreeing with this Jackpot Change considering changing it does not in anyway help the fact that the 2nd and 5th largest cities in the nation cannot participate and 22.5% of the population cannot participate.
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  19. Should make some diferent about the pay..like Rank1 10k Rank2 5k Rank3 2k something like that..because each round we are using the uri for yellow bar...and the guy reach final and lost...Get NOTHING from start to the end...Better make some changes for $$...:):)
  20. This is stupid, america and Europe should have seprate payments.
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