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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by TalShiaR, May 7, 2014.

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  1. They just doing that so they can give out less money, all they doing.
  2. it is not like that at all. game cost same for all of us. you get 10k pounds and americans get 10k dolars it is almost 40% more money that UK players get.
    btw it is hard to win jpa anyway...
  3. ofc its hard and now we dont we get 8k pounds not 10k like it used to be
  4. how much 330k uri cost in UK?
    here is 99€ i am from croatia.
  5. £70
  6. so £70 is around €99 right?. why shuld they pay you more than rest of us? biger problem in this all is only 1 jpa, then money they are paying out.
  7. Hahaha! Looks like they don't have enough money to support two jackpot arenas at once!
  8. Hi...!
    I have been in this game more than 3 years pluss... and hear alot about Arena jackpot. BUt very sad to say that WE from Asian Country( Malaysia, Thailand, philipine, Indonesia,Hong kong and Japan ) are unable to join this Arena Jackpot because your server time for this Jackport is fall on our time is early the morning time... 0300 ~ 0600.so we totally unable to join it. My suggestion is DO should do this Arena Jackpot on 1800 ~ 2200 server time , its good for us having time to join it. I hope my suggestion will get hope from DO. Thank
  9. xXxZenxXx

    xXxZenxXx User

    then win it cortana....

    whats better 13 thousand dollars or 20 thousand dollars?
    that answers everything.

    now the difference is the following instead of having two chances of getting at least 10k dollars now u have one to get 13 which would be harder.

    I mean why cant they do 2 jackpots? with all the servers together? hu?
    why just one?
    obviously cuz they selfish and they dont want to give money away.
  10. DO & Bigpoint playing God again.

    Instead of fixing the bugs/glitches/issues/faults they create in the first place, they seem to spend their time on stupid changes which they seem to be very ****-a-hoop about.

    This is another stupid crazy idea they have come up with &, to be quite honest & frank, it will favour the players from EU servers enormously.

    What's going to be next in line .. players can only play for 6 hours a day maybe .. players can only play certain events if they are below a certain level - the mind boggles at the silly crazy Einsteins they have coming up wih stupid ideas, yet boggles even more that the people who approve such ideas must be even crazier.
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  11. -Kveykva-

    -Kveykva- User

    I found it very good as a Brazilian the fact that the arena jackpot will be for all servers for the reason that here, for us, it was not possible to participate in such an event.

    But I am opposed by several factors, first because the time will be complicated, taking into account the GMT-3 (Brazil) and UTC-0 (London), will not be willing to play at 3am, even by fact that university. Another reason are the boots here in the Brazilian servers is full of people using it when the moderators are not doing it themselves ...

    I have many other reasons too, but I believe these two are the main, not to mention that I believe the servers bp failed to perform this type of event with such a large scale.
  12. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    It probably still won't be available for Brazilians since you are not allowed to do it for legal reasons which are out of DO's control.
  13. You should read posts made afterwards where I clearly state I live in ARIZONA; a state not allowed to event play JPA at all.

    Also I wasn't aware you are allowed to participate In European and American JPA considering you cannot live in two countries at the same time ....
  14. For Players such as You and I we will still not be able to play The JPA as okapi said BP cannot Chane Laws for online gambling.
  15. well yes you were able to win both JPA's now u can just win one. You can make it simple cortana come to Texas or any other closer state play the jackpot and win it you just create a bank account in that state and ur set.
  16. Thought about vacationing in Vegas for a weekend to play Jackpot but the thought of a suite in Vegas ugh might never leave =/
  17. Wasn't the JPB now called JPA was all about Euro price from the start? I don't think there were any changes other then "You received 0.5 Pound" to "You received 0.5 Euro"? Cash was always converted from Euros to the players country cash type i.e. GBP, USD, INR...
  18. There was a better solution in my opinion.
    The JPA should have been left as it was.

    A second mini-JPA should have been to run between the normal JPAs - say midway time wise (2 weeks after the JPA). This could have had a Jackpot total of either 2,000 in local currency or 25% of what a player had collected. This could have been such that there was one for all UK/GB servers, one for all German servers, one for all Spanish servers, etc etc.

    A third super-JPA should have been made, similar to the one they have decided on. This could have run say every 3 months & had a Jackpot of 25,000 or even 3 times what a player had collected. This could haerve been such that winners (& perhaps finalists & even semi-finalists) of the above 2 JPAs would have received a temporary seeding where they could have byes into later rounds - one round perhaps or even 2 rounds in the case of winners.

    The above is my own personal opinion & could be even modified to suit. I also think that this may have been a better way of perhaps getting more people to play - perhaps more players will play if the rewards are greater & more enticing!!
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  19. They dont even have an Asian sever base
  20. lol if you have enough money then yes do that but just to play a jackpot in hard game like this in Las Vegas your not gonna make profit lol
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