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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by TalShiaR, May 7, 2014.

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  1. I don't care about any of this stuff. Create some that going to make me uri daily
  2. -L-

    -L- User

    If no one has mentioned this, then I shall,

    Because the JPA is at 17:00 UTC + 2, EU players can restock on ammo and uri after their Mega Happy Hour....
  3. This makes no difference really, because players that actually are serious for JPA, always prepare by buying enough boosters, ammo, uri etc, atleast 1 week before JPA.
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  4. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Also we don't have MHH before 4pm ...
  5. But it gives them a high advantage to farm during the week instead of going kinda "afk" because of pro boosters.
  6. Miliardar

    Miliardar User

    I dont agree with the change of the hour ! Its Sunday afternoon, and i want to go out with my friends like always. Now i had to refuse them because i need to play DO? this is not good. PLease change back the hour like before or even earlier at 1 oclock pm. You said that you merged the jackpot because mostly the players were from Eu, so why now changing the hour? As i said jackpot starting at 5 pm on SUnday is not good. It takes all my afternoon.
  7. please fix jackpot. i couldnt even play. got to round 4 and vs and aiges that had no nanohull. i had full nanohull. the demi zone never went away, and we both demild eachother untill we both got kicked out. i got kicked out with FULL nano, and my jackpot window dissapeard.
    please check jackpot because it wasnt my conection because it also happend to my friend 2 rounds before
  8. Omega

    Omega User

    again. a perfect example of this company not listening to its costumers and players . why do we keep supporting them and playing this ? I really don't get how a company can refuse to listen to its costumers, and by doing that , making them leave.
  9. Please Fix The New Global Jackpot Arena:

    I have wasted to many uri for KAPPA BOOSTER on this jackpot 11\05\2014..At last i get kick out on Round 3 with FULL YELLOW BAR...When im at HOME base my ship Still have Full Yellow bar and Jackpot Status GONE...

    Not only me,It happened to my friend on Round4..Same problem..Kick out with Full yellow bar..

    There is alot people posted Video On FORUM that REMOVED Use Some Kind of Cheat getting his sheild back or 3 4 5 configs...

    Dont hope he get EUR 10,000 with that...

    Please VOID it!! People GOT MAD....:mad::mad::mad:
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  10. -Llewcoch-

    -Llewcoch- User

    Hey there
    So I see quite a mixed response to this, but I think predominately negative :(
    The only reason I read the thread was I noticed my GBP jackpot reward which had been accumulating steadily through all my hard work boxing had suddenly devalued :/
    Well, I wanted to know why, and here it all is lol.
    I always grit my teeth when getting jackpot money from boxes, because to me they are as much use as say repair credits, or you know, 'you received 200 credits' - why?
    Well because I know I will never compete for the jackpot! I am a realist, and know that the disparity between the top UFE players, (boostered, upgraded, maxxed bio, expensive ship designs, epic drones, full drone design, full level16 LF4 etc etc )
    and FE / entry level players is so immense that the whole tournament is inherently unfair, and exclusive.
    You see, that's why, for example in the sport of boxing, you would not match a superflywieght junior with a superheavywieght adult. It would be laughably ridiculous.
    Until this tournament is categorised into sections offering broadly similar competitors against which one can fight, I remain thoroughly on the outside looking in, as do 90% of my fellow players.
    This is one of the very few issues I have with this otherwise most excellent game, the fact that, an exclusive arena has been formed, in which only the very top players ( and payers ) can realistically compete, for rewards matched nowhere else in the game.
    At the very least, other, lighterwieght arenas could be made , with rewards in say ammo, boosters, spins, designs etc, so that the majority of DO players did not feel completely left out. How about it?
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