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    Jump Chip FAQ

    Using the Jump Chip

    You can use the jump chip from the Star System Screen;


    To set the destination simply click on the target map, it will then display the information at the bottom of the star map for you; along with the cost for the jump.

    To perform the jump click the jump now button and after a brief warm-up you will be jumped to a random position in that map.

    To switch between the lower and upper star systems click the link at the top left of the tab.

    Some small facts:
    · The current star system you are in is shown by the white target symbol.
    · The destination star system is shown by the yellow portal symbol.
    · A system locked due to level restrictions is grayed out with a padlock and XP symbol
    · A system locked due to Uridium shortage is grayed out with a padlock and Elite symbol
    · An enemies X-1 map is shown by a red cross.
    · A jump cannot be performed if you are being attacked, the usual 20 second cool-down applies
    · You cannot jump onto special maps – Galaxy Gates, TDM maps, Jackpot maps, etc.
    · You cannot jump whilst in motion, if you move whilst a jump is counting down, the jump will be cancelled.

    Jump Costs
    The cost of a jump is dependent on the destination map, and how far away from it you currently are. The images below show the jump costs for every plausible jump.
    chart 1.png
    chart 2.png
    chart 3.png

    Thank you to Anthe for the assistance on this thread.
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