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  1. can I just have an idea of the speed and damage of damener,Boss kurbium and the century falcon ( doesn't have to be exact just need an idea )
  2. Demaner: speed- 300
    Damage- 3500-4500
    Boss Kucurbrium: speed- 200
    Damage- about 30000
    Century Falcon: speed- ?
    Damage- 22000
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  3. Okapi32

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    The Falcon does not spawn vagrants in Kappa, it only does that in the x-3 outfit gate.
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  4. Fixed
  5. Dare even though you asked on here For future reference simply type the names into google. It will show up a Darkorbitwiki and that has everything you need to know including hull,shields,damage,speed,rewards and also the difference between the aliens in gates and in maps. EG:Difference between aliens in a galaxy gate and in the LoW gate.
  6. That is where I got my info from. Also I do believe the hp of the gate aliens is 1/10 of the original. But I'm not absolutely sure about that.
  7. Your welcome! :)
  8. Hello Ð∆ЯК¤∆ÐÍΞ§KIĹĹ∆™»»V«

    Thank you all for assisting with this thread.

    Do you have any further questions?

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