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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Ρļ€*İŋ*Ŧħ€*§ķ¥, Mar 7, 2015.

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  1. I'm just venting because I get how the gate works, so hear me out:

    I've done 41 Kappas now, I have 6 Hercs. The last Herc I got was on number 31....10 Kappa gates later and still at 6 Hercs. The last 10 gates gave me 2 LF4, 4 Boosters, 4 nothing.

    I know some have it even worse, but ten in a row and no Herc is crazy. How are Kappas going for other people lately?

    Right now I'm sitting at 14% average for a Herc :(.

    (I have heard that the real chance for a Herc may be 15%, with the other 3 options having some other different percents).
  2. Pie I'm kinda going thru the same thing right now. It's taking me quite a few gates trying to get my last Herc. The only good
    thing I've gotten several L-4's and boosters not too many nothings. I'm just doing gate after gate trying to push thru it. Hopefully
    you can do the same. I did get 2 Herc's in a row twice so its possible.

    So far 33 Kappas 9 Hercs/12 L-F-4/5 boosters the rest nothings. Two outfit my two ships I'm gonna need 70 to 90 plus gateso_O
    I wonder how may people have died in real life trying to get UFE?:eek:
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  3. 71 kappas 10 hercs for a guy in my clan.

    Good luck getting the other 4 :)
  4. i don't know if this helps, i have not tried it myself recently, but would it help doing different gates instead of just doing repetitive kappa's? hope this helps, 35 kappa gates done 8 herc's. good luck good luck.
  5. I don't think that's really pie's point. Mreh. Anyways pie if you're spending money for the herc just wait for the next herc bonus sale. Or if you aren't well... Good luck boxing pallying :/ don't worry gates streak lol.
  6. Vegas™

    Vegas™ User

    Ive done 9 kappas and just one herc which was on my first one. and only 2 lf4s 2 boosters and 4 nothings which is absolutely shocking. I am now just not going to bother building kappas until I have everything else I need because it's just a waste at the moment the chance of getting something I would actually like , lf4 or herc is terrible...
  7. I feel you on this one!I spent 1 million uri and only got 3 multi boosters...Overall did 62 kappas to get 10 hercs.When I passed 40 kappas Lf4s kept coming my way and hercs one after another.Good luck!
  8. Seems like I fell into your draft lane EvilWifey -_- lolz, thanks for the feed back everyone....Kappa #42 commencing later today.
  9. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    7 kappa's, 0 lf4, 2 hercules, (at kappa 6 and 7).

    Zeta is probably better because of all the logfiles, quicker build and booty keys (though you need to get 10 havoc, or as many as you have drones, to profit from the DMG bonus).
  10. 42 = nothing....3 in a row now.....So 3 Hercs in a row now right ?? :confused:

    43 = nothing...4 nothings in a row.....derp.
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  11. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    derp derp derp
  12. It's always been like that. It's meant to keep you playing and have something to work towards over time, obviously. My beef has always been that most of the people who have them all cheated for years to get them and then were allowed to keep them if they quit cheating after the first ban. And now you can't call anyone out or get banned? They fly around acting like they paid for/earned all their gear. It was all about the money, not any degree of fairness. It's a slap in the face, and trust me, they've gotten an earful from me over the past couple years.

    They should increase the odds of winning one now. Let the legit people catch up to the cheats at least.

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  13. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Most people who have full Hercs and Havocs cheated??

    You're saying a lot with that.
  14. Only BP knows the real number. It's just my opinion, my server was one of the worst, I've seen some of the data they did release after the ban waves. Also, I was also logged in right before, during, and after the first massive ban waves.
  15. Čiriks

    Čiriks User

    well for me last 8 zeta no havoc... so you are lucky one lol!
  16. 35 kappa = 10 hercs here :)
  17. Ohhhh Naradar, that's the best from any non cheater I've heard. Sure some got ten hercs in 12 gates, but dems da cheaters.
  18. last 10 kappa gates 7 hercs 3 lf4 ;)
    68 kappas and 20 hercs :)
    its all down to luck, the longest bad streak I had with either boosters or nothing was about 7 gates in a row, nothing like you have stated.
    good luck with the rest of the hercs ;)
  19. Hey
    I have kinda suffered the same fate, so I did different gates in between and it seemed to up my chances. Also I stopped using whites, and just used x2 and x3, not sure if that makes a difference and I dont use emps. Somehow it increased my chances
  20. SnakeIdol

    SnakeIdol User

    sacrificing your finest chicken around the equinox increases your chances...

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