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  1. _xSlice

    _xSlice User


    Been playing since mid 2009 on East1.

  2. _xSlice

    _xSlice User

    Bored again since the game is unplayable because of the lag.

    Rank: 4968
    218 ship kills and counting
    Experience points512,061,024/ 100,000
    +Honor points7,989,401/ 100
    +Player shot points3,208x 3
    +Your level17x 100
    +Days since registration2,475x 6
    +Your ship type (Goliath Surgeon)10x 1,000
    +NPC shot points53,727/ 2
    +Missions completed132x 100
    -Friendly players destroyed1x 100

    [​IMG] Kidfire[ÖÑΞ.]
  3. Welcome to GA1 Kidfire.

  4. _xSlice

    _xSlice User

    Been awhile since an update, 1,442 kills and counting so far. My goal is 10,000 kills before I get popped 100 times(100/1 ratio), it's been about 3 months since I've been popped in pvp, gate lag is a different story. The botters have been so much harder to kill as the programs are so much better. They run as soon as you show up within mini map range. I hope that there will soon be a way around this. I have also come to a mindset that if I see an EIC botter, I am going to pop them at least 1 per day. That's starting today, 2/24/17.

    +Experience points1,364,856,413/ 100,000
    +Honor points24,259,744/ 100
    +Player shot points24,500x 3
    +Your level19x 100
    +Days since registration2,613x 6
    +Your ship type (Goliath Surgeon)10x 1,000
    +NPC shot points113,907/ 2
    +Missions completed159x 100

  5. Hey Kidfire! Heartbreak_[ÖÑΞ.] here. Been a long time since I've been on East 1. I quit that server and went to East 3. Tell URAGEEK I said Hi if he ever does come around anymore. I played back when the clan was in it's baby steps, only a couple months old

    My stats:

    Ranking points you achieved:


    + Experience points 2,982,622,813 / 100,000

    + Honor points 8,727,423 / 100

    + Player shot points 2,341 x 3

    + Your level 20 x 100

    + Days since registration 316 x 6

    + Your ship type (Goliath Goal) 10 x 1,000

    + NPC shot points 166,698 / 2

    + Missions completed 268 x 100

    x 100

    - Friendly players destroyed 5 x 100

    - Destroyed by enemies 152 x 4

    - Destroyed by radiation zone 5 x 8

    - Phoenix destroyed 0 x 2
    You need approx. 413,292 rank points to reach the next rank of Captain.

    Glad to see another member of ONE floating around. Bunch of ONE imitators on my server and I war them all
  6. kidfire

    kidfire User

    ok, we got the coroney bologna now. I'm back.
  7. Welcome back :)


    **Success is never Final & Failure is never Fatal**

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