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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello everyone,

    As quite evident across the forums and chat, you all have quite a bit to say regarding the Kuiper Launch event itself rather than just the gate.

    If you have feedback on the Kuiper gate itself, I would ask you continue to use the original Kuiper Feedback thread.

    However, those of you wishing to offer your feedback regarding the event, or the changes, we're going to ask you do so here rather than the innumerable discussions that are across the forums at this point.

    We appreciate your passionate response to this and your help to follow the conversation regarding the event.

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  2. They've Reduced %
    now chances of getting design or 200k uri are too low..
    Did 3 and got nothing but just 50k uri(basic reward) 0 X4, and other stuff
    reward of that gate is also not that good as per ammo wasted in it..

    Thank You DO
  3. Fidycent

    Fidycent User

    The gate was released around 18 hours ago or so? Lets say 18, for an UFE it would take around 20-25 minutes to complete the gate, lets be generous, lets say 30 minutes, you could complete 36 gates during this time, with rebate and prem it costs about ~100-150k to build the gate, an avg of around 125k, the reward was, since glitched, around 235k, so you would profit ~110k uri from the gate, now thats 36 gates since release till nerf, if an UFE did the gate the whole time till the fix, they could have earned 3960k Uri.

    And now the gate is complete garbage, i understand it was a bug and was obvious its gonna be fixed, but are you a game run by some students in a garage or a massive gave making studio, do you just release content and go home celebrating, or bother monitoring it too? Such gamebreaking bugs shouldnt take a whole day to fix if theyre so well known.
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  4. they didn't even give the people like me with no money a chance to build the gate . i can only play a couple hours a day . i only got 168 spins today and 800 when it started . why does b.p. like to shove fun in our face and then take it away before we can have fun with.
    i quit
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  5. Yes, it seems to be a penalization due to not being floating at the top like the cream.
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  6. Ok I get the fact that the 100% Kupier uri compensation was a mistake- however, I completely do not believe it was a "mistake" to give 33 gg spins per box. I am inclined to believe it was another cash grab (people who bought doublers).
    1. DO had the 33 gg spins per box DURING the test server
    2. Here is a picture from DO's OWN FACEBOOK PAGE:

    EDIT: if the image isn't showing up, here is the link: http://imgur.com/czTwsM5

    It can't get more concrete than this... >.>
  7. Thank you devs, just a big Thank you.

    The boxes are perfect now, 5 energies without doubler is amazingly good compared to the normal 1 and its not too op.
    Kuiper is really good too as it is IMO, uridium needs to keep its value.

  8. @RickDekard you can give your statement to this?

    [removed links, image url didn't work]

    2nd post ;)
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  9. No you don't appreciate anything number one.
    Nor does BP or Rick Dekard.

    Rick Dekard once again lays a huge egg on us.

    The boxes were fine now they stink!

    I understand nerfing the kupier payout, but the boxes actually made the game fun for the first time in the five years I been wasting my time playing it!

    There is a total disconnect from reality you are suffering from here BP/Ricky.

    Upset the economic balance? Really now.

    Hows this for upsetting the balance, I'm not paying money to play this ever again, my server is dead and there is zero I'm getting or hearing from you that makes me think this game will even be here in a year.

    Here's the implication of the Kupier bonus box nerf.

    Final death nail in the coffin of a already dead game.
  10. The gate reward was advertized as 215k uri or a ship design that a player dont already have it would be nice for a change that DO do the honorable thing and give us what is advertized i know nothing of the gate spins in the boxes so those can be reduce. this is not the first gate for the design team and they have 2 years to work on it so i dont see the reason for such deception
  11. *Rob9614*

    *Rob9614* User

    This would of been a good reason for old players to come back to the game, now its not worth it
  12. I think you should do boxes as they were or at least make spins from 5 to 10 cause it will make it more entertaining for players and they will get something useful... As for gate i think it is useless without x4s given and also needed better reward chance
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  13. MяF™

    MяF™ User

    Whilst the changes to the boxes were understandable, once again we are in a situation where the changes are made after the event begins. This is after many open test servers and many players providing feedback during those.

    However i will not complain about the bonus box changes, because they were truly ridiculous in the first place. It may be all nice and wonderful receiving thousands and thousands of free galaxy gate spins each hour, but that is a completely selfish stance to take on it. If it continued throughout the 7 days it would have had huge ramifications on the game balance therefore the changes were needed. I'm sure many of us heard stories of people collecting 50k+ spins (equivalent to 5 million uridium) and that was only after 1 day!

    Still, i think the current special event galaxy boxes are good and you can still make decent progress with them. However many people will not see it that way and will think they are entitled to something better, even though it's a free event. People shouldn't forget the other awesome items these boxes are giving, ranging from mines, rockets to EMPs!

    Briefly on the other aspects of the event;
    - Flash sales are always welcomed.
    - Streuner booty boxes are terrible and nothing special about them.
    - Event missions seem to be a bit buggy but they've appeared at long last.
  14. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ User

    okie so as ive done 15 kupiter gate gb1 ive come to make my decision once uve brought an event out for a week you cant just change it especially when people wasted money thinking it was gonna stay on the other hand .. kupiter gate really good gate i like it the only down side is reward i think 215k is to much and 15 k is way to low for uri maybe take the uri to 50k if you don't get anything or 180k if you get the great reward just a suggestion i am annoyed however on how all this has been handled .
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  15. The situation for this event... We've been lied too they said the EE was a bug this says otherwise.

    [removed url, didn't work]

    What you think? They lied to the whole community of Darkorbit
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  16. The issue with this situation is the Kuiper Gate Bonus Boxes were assessed in the test server prior to release. If Bigpoint did not want these bonus boxes to contain a chance at receiving 33 gate spins then they should have never discharged it from the test server. Now that they have there is no going back. Many players are upset because they bought box doublers specifically for this event and now they feel cheated because the rewards from the boxes have been reduced by more than 80% without consent from the player fan base. What Bigpoint did was a form of false advertisement, which is highly illegal. I understand the changes they made to the end gate rewards for the Kuiper Gate, however what they did to the Kuiper Gate Bonus Boxes is unacceptable.
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  17. The event should have stayed as is until Nov.25th.
    DarkOrbit should take the hit on this as Test Server should have given numbers for them to monitor.
    I agree that there may have been a number of players taking advantage of the EE they could get (enough energy to complete and then subsequently run the entire gate a dozen or more times within the first day?). Maybe the numbers should be rechecked to see if there were any infractions of abuse by some of them.​

    For future issues like this, it really would make a lot more sense to have the bonus boxes drop just gate parts specific to the new gate as opposed to the extra energy which can be used on all gate productions.

    The UFE'ers have probably all completed the gate multiple times. As this was a launch of a new gate, why not balance it our by making one iteration of the gate available to all players (kind of how the Hades gate was done). Further gate part acquisitions would be based on the tweaked bonus boxes.
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  18. Because Big Points' real name is Bit Tight Dictatorship Ltd. They do it all the time, introduce something then decide afterwards that they don't like honest players benefitting so much and certainly do not like the cheatophiles benefitting so much either! They did it with shield values after upgrades and reduced the shield values. They have done it with the gate energy now too. This is exactly what you should expect from tight dictators. They always claim weak excuses like "it was not intended". No, you did intend it, you did it that way, you just decided afterwards that you don't like players benefitting so much so you change things because you're lame, tight and unfair. Remember boosters lasted 24 hours then 12 hours and now 10 hours, just one more big point con...

    I can understand why so many people cheat in collecting bonus boxes for uri and gate energy. This game was bot free until Big Point in their idiotic wisdom decided to let such players back in the game for them to keep everything their previous cheating helped them obtain - ufe stuff and upgrades, for them to just cheat all over again and Big Point are slow to act on them because these cheatophiles buy prem, rebate and box doublers and Big point would rather have their money and let them cheat than not have the money they spend on the game which destroys the integrity of big point and the game and goes against their statement of integrity and fairness for all players being their reason for reducing gate energy in the event bonus boxes. And the game was bot free before all the rip off excessively overpriced uri only items introduced from like 2010 onwards which has just driven players out of the game because they have their integrity and refuse to cheat like the lower life forms do.

    So you can understand why so many honest players quit the game. Big Point have priced them out of the game, driven players away with their excessive greed which is why they are so desperate for active players on a lot of servers which is why the cheatophiles were let back in from their "life time" bans after 18 months! Big Point are desperate for active players and revenue and as above they would rather let players cheat and get away with it so long as they keep spending the money.

    Yes, I'm annoyed the gate energy has been reduced. But this is how big businesses treat their customers and then they sit around scratching their heads wondering why they lose so many customers and it is because they treat their customers with disdain, especially the honest ones, while the cheaters get away with everything because they spend money while most honest players spend nothing or very little on the game so get trampled on by big point and the cheatophiles that big point like more than the honest players who do not spend money...

    Although the original amounts of gate energy was intentional and they should have stuck with it the problem is all the botters getting in excess of 60k+ free spins per day so I can see why they would change because we already know the botters spend money regularly and big point like the money they spend like buying the 8 week version of the box doubler etc. It just seems big point like to be very generous on test servers which have far fewer players but they do not like being so generous on the main servers. Big point would not have lost out on anything leaving the large sums of gate energy in the boxes for a week, after all, it is only for ONE WEEK not all year round! They would have made money instead from people buying doublers for the week and I only buy the doubler when event boxes are out anyway which is the same for a lot of people.
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  19. If there's one thing I'd like to get out of all this fuss, it would be an accurate and honest explanation as to what's gone down.


    As others have already said, official DarkOrbit channels (above) have stated that the Bonus Boxes were in fact intentional and that they would not be removed. Was this a misunderstanding? A miscommunication? Or was it supposed to be this way before a decision was made to change it after it went live?

    I'm not going to ask for a refund. The boxes are still good; More Energy than any box previously, and they give a nice amount of SAR-02s and EMP Bursts. However, as with many other people, I feel cheated out of what I expected, and what I got.

    As for GG Kuiper, I would not have made it a chance-based reward. If you don't get the reward, then the gate is not worth doing at all: You get no ammunition in return, and very little Uridium. People won't spend on a gate simply "for fun". I think a better decision would have been to guarantee a reward, but reduce it significantly. That way people know what they're going to get, and they won't be so fed up with the "roll of the dice" aspect of the game. Putting in time to be out of pocket is not what people like.

    It's a shame that such drastic changes were required. It's left a shadow on what could've been an otherwise good event.
  20. Lets be real, 10k , 20k or 50k free gg energies arent going to bankrupt the game, the opposite would have happened. It would have drawn fringe players back, and the doubler package revenue would have skyrocketed.

    Now the opposite happened, we are all ticked off.

    Epic fail.
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