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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. MяF™

    MяF™ User

    And they should completely not listen to this. What you are suggesting is that people should have access to gaining up to 30k+ gg spins each day, that would be at least 210k+ gg spins over the course of the event which is the equivalent of 21 million uridium worth of gg spins. The event was designed to launch the new Kuiper gate it was never designed to let players access free gates for life. Therefore you can totally understand how it could have completely destroyed the game economy and game balance. People need to stop being greedy and acting like they have some sort of entitlement to those boxes.

    They should have never been that good in the first place therefore the changes were completely fair and understandable. If they were never that good in the first place, nobody would be moaning because the boxes are still decent (still give free rockets, gg spins, mines, emp's etc.)!
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  2. Nope and you assuming that from what i've put beforehand, your a little oblivious. You've obviously missed the other forum link. I said it's not right that they nerfed them alot. I feel as if they should of only nerfed them by 40-50% not 80%. And the fact that they were OP in the first place makes it that little more argument because they were meant to implemented into the game update in the first place so don't give off "They should have never been that good in the first place" because we evidence that says they were meant to be like that. More to the point it's mainly because Bigpoint lied about it being a "Bug" So saying stuff like that with no back up of it actually being a "Bug" means you can't really state a fact just an opinion. On the other hand i see where your coming from but like i said Nerfed a little too much.
  3. *Rob9614*

    *Rob9614* User

    people have already got more than that on the first day when others have been out working.. how is that fair to the people who are out, a member on gb2 got 2.1mill from the streuenr gate and has 40k spins left... how is that fair?

    im guessing youre one of the players that stayed on all that time to collect
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  4. All this launch its a whole showing whats going wrong at Bigpoint!

    First of all why you launch things when players report you that its too much?
    - Owning Peeps was asking you if its really 100% chance in the gate to get an reward because he got it all times. So simple you already know about it.
    So let us know what is the droprate now? I expect its 25% so its useless for all players to play that gate to get further and i am sure you going to change it again. Let the community take part in your progress or get contacts to people who know the game very well.

    There are no error because it was launched like that on test server and got reported. A changing from 25 to 5 EE its not an Error.
    The problem about it that a lot of fair players booked a bonus box doubler because of that and not going to use it. It is a kind of money stealing. So i get my money back?
    Next time maybe announce what you implement and what it should look like because if we fly on map and see what we get we expect it stays like that.

    Now with the reducing only the botters win and not the fair players! We are hoping each time for anti scripts against the botters but NO there is nothing. The botters win this event like in other events before. A bot which flies 24/7 doesnt care for 5/25 EE because its both a lot for collecting.

    What should be change? Your community manager or somebody should get some TS of top clans or big clans with a lot of informations and should discuss updates with players who know the game for a long time. The problem is that your developer know almost nothing about game mechanics ingame. If you make mistakes say it open to the community and dont try to get with lies out of it.
    In the end I need to say that you did a great job in last time to make the game more enjoyable and i dont get it why you take a step back now!

    Best wishes Someone, Leader of Ars Martialis Global 1 #1 in ranking
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  5. DO and BP do thing like this and then wonder why players would rather quit or turn to bots instead of spend their money. Misdirecting your customer base isn't a very good business strategy.
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  6. Dogcat

    Dogcat User

    gotta love all the people trying to harass bp into giving them cheat boxes again. i bet they were generous on the test server and then forgot about it after all that work. they probably didn't even think about it, and support has plenty of canned responses and hired lackeys, so chances are the "official" comment missed the mark as well. i doubt it was a strategic cash grab because if there never was 30 energy boxes the 5 energy boxes would have been inspiring. things happen. it's not perfect. at least devs are active.

    you got tens of thousands of gate spins with that $2.50, while most of us didn't. it was absurd, be happy, a sandwich costs more. you want to motivate them to enjoy working on this game? constructive criticism is one thing, but a horde of greedy whining is annoying.
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  7. This is usual DO crap. Launch an event with known bugs, let the community start talking about it and get players BACK into the game, then when they come back change it to what they intended to begin with and [removed] everyone off (except the BOTTERS who always win).

    There is a GLITCH in the BONUS SYSTEM, even if I give DO the benefit of doubt, that the KUIPER GATE PART BONUS started on day one reward today is day 3 and still only 1 part so what is up with this?

    [removed] before you lose your FUTURE Cash Flow Engine (NEWBS).
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  8. Ya i have issues with the gate myself. 1 the gate gave no NPC drops during all the waves and at the end with all the time and ammo, all i get is 5 booty keys,20 energys and 15k uri? I mean if this is how the gate is going to be, WHO whould ever want to do it ????
  9. How is it going to upset the game's economy? We pay them for a virtual currency that has no value to us.
  10. My solution to these chance based odds when completing the Kuiper gate is simple and fair.
    Make the reward:
    40k x4
    50k Uridium
    and most importantly a Ship design credit,
    then have a system where you need to collect 4 design credits to trade for a design. This would give the same odds as now of getting a design but allow people to be assurred that they are not wasting their time and money.

    As for the bonus boxes, I do understand reducing them, however as these were live tested and commented on by DO during the test phase they cannot be called accidental, and someone from within BP needs both their butt kicked over it and a full and frank apology given over the matter, and as many have bought doubler for the event perhaps compensation of a free Kuiper gater or 50 parts towards should be considered.
    I have been playing fro 7 years on my different accounts and cannot remember the community ever being this angry. If ever there was an example of how NOT to launch a new game feature then this is it.
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  11. Thanks Do, I'm sure more players than not appreciate what we did get for free. Yes I also bought a doubler and got my monies worth. This game has to be balanced so DO can make a profit otherwise it cannot exist! Stop your complaining and be thankful for what you did receive and please give DO a break.
  12. *Rob9614*

    *Rob9614* User

    About to lose my basic major thanks to rp jumping up 50k last night cos of the free gates SOME people got
  13. Or some vouchers which reduce the price for a specific number of items by 50%.
  14. VampireCat

    VampireCat User

    I like the idea of Design credits, for those with all the designs a system where they could be exchanged for 50k uri would work too. while still keeping the rewards in line with the latest revision.

    I have been playing DO since before even the higher maps existed, and I cannot think of any other launch that has been as poorly managed as this, with 2 years to prepare the new gate , this is inexcusable and I think in the circumstances a senior member of the team responsible should have been prepared to stay on over the week and address peoples comments on the forum after all it is them that has not only upset the players but the whole in game ecosystem. If people had been expected to stay over the weekend and clean their mess up and bring in for instance the design credit system, then it could be seen BP was taking it seriously then people would be less angry than the " we will monitor it over the weekend and tweak if neccessary" stock comment. I know of no other product area, where such poor customer relations would be allowed by employers or shareholders.
    Those who earn good money working for BP, have to answer for this, and the team leaders need to stop making excuses and either apologise, work overtime to fix it, or leave and let others with more commitment take over.
    And that is my first criticism of DO in 8 years, however its justified.


    During the first day of the event I wasted more than 40 booty keys on the special event booty boxes and would like to see what was supposed to be so good about them. The contents were dire in the extreme, 1500 x3 and 15 EE among the better contents I got. When at that point bonus boxes were paying out without doubler more than double the EE content of a paid for booty box, then it is symptamatic of the failure of the development team to actually concentrate on actually not only how the game works but also what is expected between paid for and free content. This issue of dire content should have been addressed early in the development phase, the fact it was ignored is unexcusable, i doubt we will get a satisfactory explanation for it either. Something is seriously wrong within BP when basics fail at the first hurdle and are overlooked in such a sloppy fashion. Those at the top of these teams need to seriously reflect on how they are managing not just the implementation of new features, but also on how they are managing the most simple aspects of the game when introducing new features.

    In my line of work, such basic failings would lead me to hold those who are in my employ accountable and consider whether their continued association with my company was desirable in the interests of both the customers and company when they cannot satisfy the basics of their job.
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  15. I agree with that, the rewards where to big... but now... the gate is useless !
    Bigpoint is everytime to extreme ( I hope you will undertand )
    One way: Something is [removed] op... the user say: Pls reduce the rewards etc...
    Than they do it... and what happend ?

    Now the gate is [removed].

    Its always the same, you can't get the "middle way" you always take the extreme bad or extreme op way... whatever.
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  16. ITS unfair how ppl getting alot of EMPs Burst of 500 uri.

    That says "You received EMP-01 mine" and it counts like a EMP Burst, that just sucks!! -.-

    People with Doubler Packge and pp and salvage protocols getting alot of EMP Burst, 5 EMPs the pets collecting, that just sucks!! -.-

    It is mostly like a glitch in the game, why that says "You received EMP-01 MINE" and that counts like a EMP Burst of 500 Uridium in the shop
  17. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    Getting EMP mines from box's is just a matter of luck and not a glitch and those that have purchased doublers and have decent pet gear will of course collect more box's and increase there chance on getting mines and other ammo rockets and so on.
  18. It says "EMP-01 MINE" and that counts like a EMP Burst of 500 uridium, and theres DDM in boxes so cloak mine and ddm in boxes, but it counts like a EMP Burst isntead a mine, its mostly a glitch
  19. How about changing the "Uri" rewards into some new designs with "Streuner" textures. Instead of 200K Uri, if you have already a design, you'll receive a new "Streuner" Design which are equal to Aegis Elite, Spearhead Elite, Citadel Elite, Pusat, Venom or Lightning, but it has another look and a better effect, for example instead of 5% more damage 6% or additionally 5% more rocket damage or 5% more honor etc.
    I hope they go the middle way with the boxes and the gate until the ending of this event.
  20. This is what support said when i ask them refund.
    So i am not going to add money in this again.

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