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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. no, the only glitch is the name.
    DDM mines in boxes do give DDM mines , and so does SLOW mine. I think they intended for the boxes to give out emps, however had a typo.
  2. I want to comment On Dark orbit opening A test server with very good boxes got all the players like cool then even A mod came to Are server said very good boxes would Be out At 4 pm so Dark orbit promote's something Gets Everyone to Buy box double And rebate And then hours into the week long event Dark orbit goes O Man we Are not going to make money on mega and you Change the boxes So really what you All did was In fact A big Scam that was very Against the law you made tons of money off of It by players buying box Double and rebate then you change it after you make your money well I so Happen to Be An attorney In the state of California And I am Here to say this Is very illegal it's A Scam 100% no matter what way you look at it I am not Asking you to fix this I am telling you that you May very well Have Legal Actions Placed Against you if it is not fixed . Do not Under Any circumstances Delete My Post it's 100 % legal for me to Post this here It is Feed back we as Players Do not Like to Be scammed Out of Are good Hard earn money
  3. This major new addition to the game and its associated launch could if implemented properly have attracted old players back to the game and created new interest in those still here. Sadly yet again, all it has done is alienate players, skewered the rankings and damaged the game. Other game providers successfully manage to bring in new content in a harmonious way, but it appears in Dark Orbit, BP repeatedly fails to get it right by a large margin.
    Is it any wonder so many of the servers are empty? :
    When special Booty boxes contain less value than the standard ones, such a basic failing, no further comment needed.
    When event bonus boxes are suddenly reduced by 6/7 of their EE contents even though in response to previous test comments , it was confirmed they were correct and the only explanation was that actually they were not correct. With only a minority of players benefiting before the change this caused both a massive gulf between those and other hard working players.
    When even the final gate reward has to be changed after release because those behind it had not even achieved the simple task of ensuring that it did pay out correctly, again benefiting a small number of players but skewering the reward received by those who completed the gate only hours apart..
    When the event related missions appear days after the event started, is that really acceptable in BP's eyes.

    In the short term keeping the bonus boxes at their original level may have done a small amount of economic loss to BP, however in the long term, the sudden change to them, and the appalling implementation of the whole release will have a bigger economic price as yet more players desert dying servers in frustration and anger.

    It is high time the producers and designers come on to the forum and give full and frank responses to the comments in this thread.
  4. VampireCat

    VampireCat User

    I agree, and I think that Monday is going to start with a very uncomfortable meeting for some within BP, and in this case one of the subjects will not be how they can fix this launch but more a case of IF they can fix it. Commonsense has long suggested that major new additions should go live on a Monday or Tuesday which would mean all staff would be on hand to deal with any issues for the best part of a week , yet always it is done just before the weekend when there is no one around to remedy major failings.

    As so many players splashed out on box doublers, I think to start with it would make a gesture of reconcilliation if all accounts that have been active since the launch were given 2 weeks free doubler in way of compensation and apology. Hopefully that would go some way in stopping yet more players quitting.
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  5. Its nice that im away for a day and come back to see everyone had millions of uri and 100k spins?? What is this BP some sort of sick joke. I had to spend to get my equiptment and now you give it to some for free.... never getting another penny from me now.
  6. Tbh, Everyone seems shocked DO/BP did this. They have did this 3 or 4 times a year for the past 6 or 7 years.
    Plain an simple this is one of the tactics of many at their disposal:mad:DO if this is not a scam prove it give refunds
    for doublers for people who want them. Compensate everyone else for LYING and trying to play with our intelligence
    we're not as stupid as you may think:mad: As a community we know mistake can happen, this was blatant. Who the hell's
    in charge up there? Whoever you are you need to make this right. It's a shame we still have to put up with this crap
    after so many years:mad: With this kind of leadership the server will never be repopulated again. You guys really don't
    have clue. So long DO.
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  7. NEW-B56

    NEW-B56 User

    I had fun crying over a doubler is not good if you used it for severl hours you more than your money worth.

  8. Dogcat

    Dogcat User

    ikr. and most of the people complaining are the ones that had the chance to abuse it. they made ten thousand spins off that $2.50 in a single day, and that's not good enough. if anyone should be compensated it's the people who missed it. bunch of spoiled brats here throwing a tantrum trying to get even more than what was already absurd. it's funny. and i love the lawyer who ignored the terms of condition. facepalms. sighs.
  9. Shame they probably wont even give this thread a look, just try hide it away so everyone forgets and keeps buying uri
  10. No one forced anyone to buy anything. Everyone buys things of their own choice. Exactly put it was a test server meaning everything on there is being tested and it even says in every single post relating to the new gate. That everything being tested on that server may be altered before its implementation. No one is posting anything about the bio being altered or drone designs being altered after the were released. As with any gate there will always be bugs. They fixed the zeta and eps gate after their release as well. With anything new being released anywhere you should know that are bound to be bugs. Whether or not people prepare for an event or not it is freely their choice to buy anything premium items or uri.
  11. I really liked that you nerfed bonus boxes, but not too much (boxes can still give 5 extra energy what is the best ammount of extra energy from any special event in whole game!). But, having too low chance to earn extra reward from kuiper means that its too risky to build and complete the gate. So yea, as we can expect, nodody will ever make that gate again.

    Just like me ( after patch 3 gates without an extra reward) and many other players, it's waste of uridium to make that gate. The chance of getting special bonus is way too low! So it would be awesome to either raise the chance of getting the special bonus or decreasing the ammount of uridium reward from kuiper (200k u -> 100k u) and having again a guaranteed chance of bonus reward.

    Event is almost over, but i have to complain again about event booty chests: they are really bad; even worse than green booty box treasures!
  12. I found in the Streuner Bonus Boxes less Uri...
    Even using Extra Energy is better than opening the Streuner Booty treasures...
  13. As a California Attorney you should go back to school for your poor GRAMMAR so you can learn the difference between ARE and OUR they are not the same thing and our opinion is you are a big scam.
    I could not have said it better. It seems that ALL additions to the game, lately, are having ECONOMIC effects to the game and need to be reset for one reason or another. It seems that the BOTTERS get to benefit from the NEW EVENT items more than the NEWBS that are just trying to enjoy the game and when it gets out that players are enjoying the package it gets changed to reduce enjoyment and create further alienation of GOOD players. As usual the CHEATERS get rewarded and the Economic Future get the shaft.
    Actually if it went live on Sunday (USA West server) the issues could be addressed the same day in Germany as they are a 1/2 day ahead of us, but again they do not care about this.

    If you look at the Daily Bonus there is confusion on what is going on with it, did they start the gate parts as a DAY 1 REWARD or did it start where we were on the log in bonus? As all we have received is 1 part per day (if we got them on Thursday/Launch day some did not even get them then) and today being the 5th day and still only getting one part is wrong.
    I stopped spending when they told me thre NEWSLETTER was being held up by the AFFILIATE I signed up through, I used to receive ALL notices from BigPoint/DarkOrbit/Top Gamer Club not I get crud. This was when they launched the 3-D server and gave away over 200 k of goodies.
    It is not shock it is more despair as the questions were brought up on the TEST Server and never answered/addressed and then when it went live was exploited by those who had the insider track of what was going on and could exploit the issue to the max. Just another LEGAL CHEAT that D O has allowed to happen. Guess I need to create an account on a European Server so I can see the FREE CHEATS to help me exploit the game as I can not gain any ground trying to play as designed.
    The ones crying are the ones who bought it after the change happened and feel ripped off as they did not receive the rewards they heard about before they bought it. I would not be happy if I was expecting to get 30+ parts per box and only got 10 (with doubler)
    If the records were checked the ones who benefited from it the most are using Macros/Bots and they are not saying much except THANK YOU D O I needed the FREE stuff. The actual complainers missed out on the D O FAILURE and feel ripped off because of the ERROR they allowed to go LIVE even though it was brought to there attention from the TEST Server.
    They are looking at it, but the question is will they do anything about it? You can see where the moderator has REMOVED comments from the postings as the writer got a warning for telling the developers exactly what they thought about the changes to the game and EVENT.
    You are right but as the issues were found on the TEST Server it gave D O the chance to correct it before they let it go LIVE on ALL servers. When they chose to allow it to go LIVE then immediately change it to prevent further abuse of their MISTAKE is wrong. As far as the Bonus Boxes I never saw them in the TEST Server and as such the error was never tested and should have been allowed for the duration of the event not changed just hours after implementation. They had already delayed the deployment of the boxes from the start of the event and still did not take the time to review the ECONOMIC IMPACT of their choices. NOW even more people feel cheated because they did not get what others got and this is what people are complaining about. The cheaters seem to always benefit from a D O improvement and the passionate players are the ones who get to suffer.

    I have stopped playing the game as I am tired of trying to improve my status (UFE my FE account) by doing the LEGAL game play and continue to hear the KNOWN CHEATERS to be able to EXPLOIT the game to their benefit while players like me continue to take it in the shorts. I find it funny that on a LF-4 or Zeus day (when I bought the Special Keys) I got more of the NORMAL stuff and none of the ELITE but then others were getting the elite stuff every 10th box, this is when I decided I would no longer BUY into the D O Scam machine and stopped buying the BK's and when the fiasco hit over the 3-D package I stopped buying Uridium as I saw my account was not important to D O. Now I get emails about the MHH happening soon but nothing about the New Gate like my friends get or other IMPORTANT NEWS. D O seems to have a problem with their email system and wants to blame others for their deficiencies instead of looking inside at their own short comings. If I felt comfortable I would just BOX till I had enough to make the improvements like I used to but with all the BOTTER searches they are doing and the reports that even killing things while BOXING still has you tagged as a botter I don't even do this. The fun of this game has gone away as there is no way I can improve my status, without finding some kind of cheat to exploit D O's mistakes.

    The so called "Nerfed Bonus Boxes" is actually what the Event FAQ said we were to expect to see but the fact they failed to realease these this way and then changed them after some benefited from it is what is wrong about this. I agree that the Event Booty Boxes are not worht collecting but then the Pirate Booty Boxes even though better are still not worth the price we are paying for them (I get more from GGM than I do from the Pirate Booty and it costs less) so Pally Fields here I come and so much for building the KUIPER Gate as it is just a waste of ammo to do it (even if I get a FREE Gate I probably won't do it as I know the map 5 swarm will deplete my elite ammo and my lifes before I finish the gate) and thus won't get the reward which is a slap in the face for what you spent to build and destroy the NPC's to complete it.
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  14. weekend dune and dusted well have you checks yet on new gate as i see no info on the new gate rewards and still no has hade the 200k uri from the gate after the reset so whats goin on is it that u put all the threads to this thread so u dont have to look at it just blantly agnor this thread its becomeing a mugs game rather that a free game

    why is this thread not on front page o yes i forgot its on the egnor list isent it
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  15. They moved it here as it is now live instead of a TEST and yes they got rid of the bug that gave the 200K Uri with every completion of the gate and made it a CHANCE reward probably need to do 15 times to get one bonus Reward.
    And no they are not ignoring it they just are not responding to the issue brought up. They just redact comments so you can not follow posts properly.
  16. Σйđέя

    Σйđέя User

    I see a lot of going back and forth here, so I'll try to simplify things for anyone who doesn't want to read walls of text, and state my view on things. (Facts are in blue, opinion is orange, apologies if you are colorblind)

    From what I gather, the main issue here is about the reduction in EE drops from bonus boxes, supposedly caused by a "bug" that BP was notified about BEFORE the update went live, on the test server. They had confirmed via Facebook that it was intended to be as such. 12 hours after launch, they reduced the EE drops by about 80% (from 25 to 5).

    The two possible explanations for this are:
    a) Either someone was misinformed and made a false statement;
    b) Or it was a scam designed to lure players into purchasing box doublers.

    While it seems perfectly plausible that someone might make a mistake writing a response, what makes this so suspicious is the fact that there is a 12 hour gap between launch and detection. I don't know who runs the PR over at DO, but they obviously didn't grasp what 25 EE per box meant for the game economy, and failed to notify the devs. Someone probably finally hopped onto the live server to check things out and noticed the "bug".

    Now, to address the people who are telling others to stop whining and be grateful, why should we? It is our money. We worked for it. Why should we lose it just because of a badly organized event? Imagine if a job was advertised to pay 25 bucks an hour, but at the end of the week your paycheck only added up to $5/hr? I respect you for being the "glass half full" kind of person, but it's also our right to speak up when we are treated unfairly.

    *And as a snobbish side note, "the customer is always right" ;)
    (seriously tho, a good long-term relationship with customers is so much more rewarding than sucking newcomers dry before they can make up their mind)

    Oh, and those people saying this is "illegal" and they want their money back? Welcome to the Internet, where the naive are swallowed whole and spat out without so much as a blink. The best you can do is walk out the door and never look back, because even if BP decides to re-compensate, they certainly cannot refund everyone of their purchase. I, for example, use prepaid credit cards to protect against identity theft, and as far as I know they cannot be re-charged once a purchase is made.

    As for the possibility of this being a scam, I wouldn't put it past a company like BP to pull off, given their reputation of being a hardcore P2W money-making game provider. What I do doubt is that they would so openly and blatantly go about doing it. If it was planned, then I doubt everyone was in on it, and that someone high up must have been involved, to have the power to order a change like this. (I have no idea how the team or company is run, so I make no advanced assumptions.)

    Also, something like this DOES affect the game's economy. I know it sounds ludicrous that they should try to limit something they can produce an infinite amount of, but doesn't this apply to real wold currencies as well? Paper notes cost next to nil to produce, yet they hold so much of a country's value. If everyone got a billion dollars tomorrow, I can tell you, a coffee and an egg sandwich is not gonna cost $2.50 anymore. This same rule applies to DO, but on a more subtle scale, partly because there is little financial interaction between players. Yes, clans can sent creds, but there is no direct way to convert uri. If everyone was flying around in a U/FE ship, the game would lose so much of what makes it so realistic and addictive - the climb to the top of the pile. If you want to load up, jump in and pwn some n00bs go play COD. The economy in DO closely mirrors that of real life. Money is power, and it's what does the talking around here.

    Lastly, if the "bug" really was not intended, then they still have to own up to their mistake for disrupting the balance of the economy, and causing a major shift of advantage to those who were able to access it. Not exploit it. As far as anyone was concerned, it was all part of the update.
    As jealous I am of their gains, it's true that the early bird gets the early worm. However, something still needs to be done to
    quell the crowds and restore peace.

    I don't know how BP can go about making right of this situation, but I do believe an apology and compensation is in order. I'm more than willing to let it go, if I can see improvement in the quality and reliability of their future content.
  17. Dogcat

    Dogcat User

    what records? i think you're making that up. you have to skip normal boxes and hungry hippo all the good ones. i don't think a bot can do that. and the people who benefited started threads whining about how it wasn't fun anymore since they fixed it.

    anyway, even at 12 energy a box, it makes the doubler the best $2.50 you could have ever spent on this game, not to mention the initial thing a lot of people abused. if bp could give a refund, and somehow also undo the spins and rewards you got from it, nobody in their right mind would actually want their $2.50 back.

    if they messed up, whatever. just be glad the game is actively being worked on, and maybe try thanking the devs instead of annoying them. all this event has done is give us more than we had before, in any regard. but the game has always been scamy, taunting people with an easy road for a price. darkorbit is dark, and elitist, fight or flight. try telling a lion you want fairness right before it eats you.
  18. The issue is not the early bird that got the worm, I was on in the a.m. and there were no boxes when I was on then I see the boxes were not hitting till 1600 (the day after I had already got upset) that first afternoon. Then when I collected a Streuner Booty Box got crap for the KEY, would have been better to spend the uridium on GG spins. So the only people to benefit from the GOOD Event Boxes are the Macro users who ran all night and woke up with a million GG spins or the Gate spammer who was able to build 10 Kuiper Gates and collect 2 Million Uridium for their efforts. As they are doing only GG's they have enough elite ammo to do the gates without having to buy nay ammo at all.

    Just tired of those who exploit the game gaining the advantage while the ones working hard to find enjoyment in the game get the droppings.

    There are log records of all Bonus Box activity, don't believe me look on the Uridium page under balance (credit and Uridium show here) or the main page logbook (EE shows here) as both of these keep records of box collections, not all of them but a good portion of them. And these are the ones a player sees there are others that DO can review and those have all activity on the account done while active in the maps, my understanding is the Macros/mouse tracker programs are exempt of this so that is how the new cheaters are exploiting the system now.
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  19. Σйđέя

    Σйđέя User

    Sorry, not quite sure I follow. Was this Thursday morning? Or Friday? The event was launched at about 5AM Thursday morning, are you saying the boxes during that time were not "bugged"? By Friday noon they had already changed the EE drops, although I don't know when it precisely happened.

    As for that, you only have yourself to blame. They said there was only a chance to get 5 Kuiper Gate parts, not sure if you researched or not. I asked around on chat and people told me there was only ammo, besides the chance drop.

    I didn't get many of the 25EE boxes either...only about 3 or so before I had to go. But even so, a few hours of boxing the next couple days (with doubler) got me enough to build the Kuiper Gate 3 times. Still much faster then pallying. It's not like the botters weren't a problem before. DO should definitely focus on getting rid of all of them before starting events that they can take such huge advantage of.
  20. The boxes did not show up till 1600 on Thursday and ran for 12 hours BUGGED before they fixed them.

    I assumed that the VALUE would still be at least the COST of the KEY as this has been the policy for years, but obviously it was a ruse to get us to BUY more keys and get ripped off. So, NO I did not research it, just assumed D O would be FAIR about the special boxes as they usually are better.

    The issue is that D O created a FAQ about this and did not say there was going to be a delay in the Bonus Boxes (they did say the Missions would be delayed) but they did specify the amount of EE you would get as being "chance of 5 EE" and those who were playing during the morning and early afternoon got the information where it was not made available to ALL, I know my LUCK with the CHANCE of this game and did not see the need to become FOOD for the UFE who I knew were already collecting as many of the special boxes as they could anyways. My issue is it was in Black And White what was going to be given out so why would they put boxes out that had 5X more than was posted if not to cause major turmoil? I agree with those who went out and bought the doubler for the 25 EE X 2 for the major EXPLOITATION of D O mess up, and they should have sucked it up and absorbed what they did. It was a CHOICE made by someone in the company and as such that person should have to make up the losses not the players who missed out on the EXTRA'S that were removed from the game too soon.

    IF you look at the last Events (starting in MAY with Germocide Tide) to the Current Kuiper Gate Event, the launch has had to be reloaded because of issues that were expolited or Rewards not booking properly. With a 100% issue rate and the statement being made "they were trying to launch today" knowing there were issues in the program, why would you RUSH to launch something this important, if not to allow it to be improperly exploited? I find it funny they even mentioned they were going to monitor the feedback to make changes as the event went along, meaning the issues were known well enough they wanted to see if anyone was going to EXPLOIT it or if it would just flow and not create issues. When it was stated how much people had benefited from the problems was when they made the changes, why, when on the BETA Site, did they not research why EVERYONE was getting the SPECIAL REWARD of a Design or 200K uridium (not a chance, but EVERY completion). This is what I am most upset about as they knew the Gate was going to be spammed and the ones going to be spamming it would be other gate spammers and have a ton of elite ammo so the ammo usage would not be an issue but 200K Uridium would be a great REWARD and allow for further spamming of the gate at a profit. Oh well off the soap box what is done is done and hoping to see a change is hoping I will find GOLD in my hills (fat chance of that) so D O keep PUSHING the UFE further and your FUTURE players to other games instead of allowing ALL to enjoy your game.
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