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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. i wonder if BP had a low chance at getting 25 spins and a moderate chance at 5 spins but the 25 spins overtook all spins and pumped them out instead of the 5 spin boxes would be pretty cool to once in a while pull 25 spins from the boxes. even 5 spins per box is great most would of still bought doubler to get the 10 spins per we are getting now the only thing that ruined this event is the greed of the players. if the boxes never came out giving 25 spins no one would have issues and you get one player crying it attracts 5 more

    i think it would of been awesome to have a low chance to get 25spins in event boxes but i agree with how much they gave build a gate in 30 mins everyone knows there is something up with this then they lie to themselves and act like they didnt know it was bugged

    if do was going for the low chance for 25 spins and a better chance at 5 would of been pretty cool boxes hell 2 EMPs and 10 spins in a box with doubler i like the event myself
  2. Another point I don't see anyone making: The Event boxes were adjusted to give LESS Uri as well (as stated in the official announcements.)

    So the occasional 5 GG is nice, but I'm mostly getting 27 uri out of these boxes, no more 50-75-100's . (much less I'll say, not none)

    Even with the 5gg's here n there, the net URI + GG I'm getting is NO better than boxing in 4-X with no event.

    The ONE plus are the Sar's, hell's and and FINALLY some emp mines back in the boxes, that was nice, but after getting kicked in the NUTS....I can't say I'm thrilled -_- ...
  3. As many have pointed out this was a trick. B.P. said they made a mistake about the uri rewards but there is plenty of evidence to show it was not a mistake and so its classed as a lie :( .
    They had programmed the gate in accordance to the official announcement, 200k uri if no design, then changed it. Making changes and only updating a forum after the event isn't informing players (customers) in time, and contravenes, UK and US law, quite likely the same applies to the law in other countries, but I'm only qualified in 1 and knowledgeable of these 2 country's laws.
    As for the other "mistake" of too many spins from the boxes, its odd how you can make such a mistake programming algorithms, and also then not notice it on the test runs when so many testers noticed it. Those who bought the bonus box doubler will have full legal recourse as 5 stages of a contract were met, and then B.P. failed to honour what was in the initial agreement when the contract was taken out. you can only change the terms of a contact after the contract has been formed if both parties agree, and B.P. terms and conditions cannot allow them to circumvent contract law, so they must abide by it as the rest of the us do.
    The gate took me 160k uri for the last 24 parts, all to get 15k rewards. id have probably been at a loss if i had got 215k uri but for 15k this is another disappointing run around by big point.
    I also feel that the players deserve an explanation from B.P. and I mean a truthful explanation. the "burying the head in the sand" mentality of saying nothing till we all forget it shows the contempt with which we are all treated by Bigpoint.
  4. I agree the GATE REWARD was commented on several times on the BETA Server and nothing was changed till the GATE SPAMMERS had profited to a point that they will not need to buy URIDIUM for a month and got so many FREE EE they won't be buying GATES for a week. But then this is the way these LAUNCH/EVENTS seem to be run anyways. They always have some reason to have to reload the EVENT (rewards not posting/boxes not doing as expected/NPC's need "nerfed") after it has run a few hours. This one they waited 16 hours to load the Bonus Boxes and Streuner Pirate Boxes and then had to reload them as their programmer made a change that went against the written FAQ of the event (yes there is a FAQ page for this event) that said there was a chance to see 5 EE per BB but this was a decision by an EMPLOYEE and should have been left in place and the EMPLOYEE punished NOT THE PLAYERS, but then that would be contrary to D O's Standard Operating Procedures as it is always The Game Comes First and to heck with the F2P player, The WALLETS always seem to benefit from the mistakes.

    The funny thing is it took less than 12 hours to fix the problem if the Bonus Boxes and Kuiper Gate rewards, but it has been 7 days, since launch, and they still have not addressed the Daily Bonus Reward of Kuiper Gate Parts (or let us know what it was set to do) we are still receiving 1 part ONLY when, even if they set the G P at a day 1 reward should have given us 12 parts so far not 7, but they have not said they started it at day 1 rewards so we should have 14. Oh well maybe by the next event they might get these issues fixed so we have another batch to be fixed after X-Mas.
  5. Dogcat

    Dogcat User

    omg you guys. are you so jealous that other people had a chance for rewards and you didn't? DO is constantly doing momentary things you can miss, and other players will always be lightyears ahead of you. it's not a big deal. as always you have to watch out for 2 things playing this game: bigger fish, and scams that waste your precious income. space is lawless, unforgiving, and dark.

    25 energy was very likely a mistake. they probably have a smaller team than you think, and working in a labyrinth of code isn't easy. programming big things by yourself is hard enough without adding communication exercises to it. also their PR department could have translated oops into bug without a second glance. or maybe the whole thing was an elaborate ruse to create jealous turmoil like it has.
    5 or 6 energy on top of normal boxes has been great, and i've built 3 zeta gates in the past few days. this event has done nothing but give us more than we had. nothing is stopping anyone from enjoying the game except for dramatic, self-indulgent egos.
  6. SauronL

    SauronL User

    completed it 6 times since nerf. Always got 15k uri --> will never build it again
    im sick of this "luck" thingy in game , i couldve had 1,29 mil uri , instead of that ive got 90k ... -_-

    its very nice gate and its simple and funny with its graphic, but its payout its too low. Atleast for unlucky ones - people like me .
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