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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Oct 6, 2015.

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  1. lmao gues you dont wont to know but the daily log in gone no free parts lol even though you only get one for the price of two for one login. to back old styal login lol
  2. After a few tries I do like the gate, it's better than the others.
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  3. This seems to sum up the attitude of the NEW gate in one posting. Very well said and I feel is the major consensus of the players of the game. I was only going to do it if I built it from log in bonus but as it was just for the week of kick off will never do it.
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  4. They will probably issue the rank points at a later time, as they did with the PET event.

    The background on the last wave is cool, really like that!

    I did the gate 4 times got the 200k once, seems fair.

    The game is monotonous, really needs work in that regard imho.

    Once again, new players are left in the dust. My server is beyond dead, it's buried. RIP East3
  5. What threw everybody`s judgement off about this gate to start with was the high chance there seemed to be with getting designs and uri, so commonly we think better rewards mean less ammo needed in pay out.So realistically the chances were much lower to player from what ive seen.

    The gate is fun over all and not impossible to do, we just couldn`t give valid feed back until we knew the real chances of getting designs, uri or nada.I was under the impression of making sure the gate was bug free and stable along with how difficult it may be to complete.
  6. Well what I found funny was the thread with the feedback on the Beta Version was saying everyone was getting the 200K Uridium when they finished the Gate and instead of making the change before going LIVE, they decided to allow it to remain until the Gate Spammers were able to collect millions of Uridium then decided there was a problem, this strictly because they were in a hurry to release the gate instead of waiting the week they should have, and make the changes in the Beta Version before releasing it LIVE on all servers. Oh well typical D O give the UFE players more advantage over the P4F players who are their future UFE players as I see more of the current UFE players getting bored of the game and leaving.

    Of course this is IF D O decides to keep the P4F players happy before they all leave and the WALLETS are all that is left in the game. I know my friends and I are not as active as we were last May.
  7. Dogcat

    Dogcat User

    that's sort of the design of this game. free has been made to be inhumanly tedious to motivate wallets. DO is a great idea but is used as a business strategy. it would be so awesome in the hands of indie devs. i've sort of come to terms with playing it tediously like a moment of zen. it's still fun, little by very little.

    the abusable launch might have even been a ploy for the devs to give their friends something crazy, who knows. not only did some people get to abuse high frequency boxes worth 5000 uri each, but they had the doubler for the entire week of the same boxes worth 1000 uri, still the best thing i've ever seen, not to mention the gate uri bug.

    and then DO decides to double their doubler to last through this weekend, because of the totally unjustified complaining? that's not compensation, that's bizarre. if DO is a metaphor for our society, no wonder things are so screwed up. i've never seen DO give in to such greedy whining before, only to reward those who already abused some absurdity. but yeah, lol.
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  8. Atleast DO isnt the head ache it was a few years ago, so we have some progress here, past few events were pretty awesome.
  9. Actually the ones complaining were the ones who heard of the absurd amounts of Bonus Box rewards and found they had been nerfed. Yes they adjusted both the fortunate few that were able to exploit the 1600 launch of the BOGUS BOX rewards and those who bought the advantages the next day after the boxes had been changed to what was posted they were supposed to be. The dates that should have been adjusted were the 20th and 21st as these would have been the ones who had heard from Real Life Friends of the great rewards and bought the doubler before finding out the boxes had changed and thus started complaining. The ones that benefited from this glitch (if they ran the script) would have been the people using BOTS and MACROS as this was removed by 5 am the next morning (just over 12 hours of run time).
    Yes the last couple of Events were nice (if you were strong enough to survive the GG to complete it) if you could not handle the UBER SIBS it was a FAILURE.
  10. MяF™

    MяF™ User

    After the changes that have been made, i'm sitting here completely mystified as to what purpose the Kuiper Gate serves. Players aren't going to complete this gate for a 'chance' of receiving a ship design, period. They will either use their credits in the auction or purchase the design during one of the many sales that you guys put on (which are awesome).

    Therefore, ignoring the ship designs, what is left to entice a player to come back and complete this gate? Nothing - because all of the other rewards offered by the gate can be received much cheaper and much easier by other means (e.g. alpha/beta/gamma).

    You should really consider adding something else in the default reward or decrease the number of parts needed to build the gate, as at this stage even Lambda looks more beneficial from a players point of view - and that's coming from a player who doesn't even do Lambda gates unless it's for a kronos.

    What could you add / change that wouldn't greatly affect the game balance or economy?

    More Experience
    The xp rewards from the gate is horrendous. It is the nearly the lowest from all the gates, even when you take into account the xp rewards from the aliens.

    Comparing Kuiper, Alpha and Lambda:
    GateFrom GateFrom AliensTotal
    Lambda 2,750,000 2,352,000 5,102,000
    When a gate takes 100 parts to build (compared to 32 of alpha, and 45 of Lambda), you would expect the gate to give much more experience than it currently does.

    Ammunition Reward
    Many players including myself are completely baffled as to why no UCB-100 or x4 ammunition was included within the rewards.

    Parts Required
    UCB-100 Reward
    Special Reward
    2 log disks, 2 repair credits​
    4 log disks, 4 repair credits​
    10 log disks, 6 repair credits​
    8 log disks, 4 repair credits​
    10 log disks, 5 booty keys, LF4 (chance)​
    50 log disks, 25 booty keys, Havoc (chance)​
    10 log disks, 5 booty keys, Hercules or LF4 or Booster (chance)​
    3 log disks, 5 booty keys​
    8 log disks, 4 booty keys, LF4 (chance)​
    5 booty keys, Ship Design (chance)​
    Every gate thus far has given at least some UBC-100 reward and it astonishing not see see any ammunition reward as part of the Kuiper gate.

    Better Special Items
    For a gate of this size, i would have expected better than a measly 5 booty keys. There should also be something else that is more enticing than a chance to receive a ship design, especially as these are not considered to be on a level that compares to an LF4 or the Havoc/Hercules drone designs.

    What could you add that makes it a bit more enticing?
    - 25 Logdisks
    - 2 parts for Zeus Drone
    - 1 random part for Kronos gate
    - Boltrum / Mucosum / Prismatium / Scrapium (in future for Assembly feature)
    The gate just feels very bare at the moment and not worth the risk. As a player who already has the ship designs, there is completely no reason for me to do this gate, and you should consider that a big issue as there will be thousands of other players like me.

    I know the winter period is soon upon us, but you should really look again at this gate and think whether it is actually an attractive gate or not. It would be a huge disappointment if it ended up a gate that was never touched, because i find the actual gate itself very enjoyable.
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  11. SauronL

    SauronL User

    completed it 6 times since nerf. Always got 15k uri --> will never build it again
    im sick of this "luck" thingy in game , i couldve had 1,29 mil uri , instead of that ive got 90k ...

    its very nice gate and its simple and funny with its graphic, but its payout its too low. Atleast for unlucky ones - people like me .
  12. Sounds like there is a 10% chance of getting a Design/200K reward. And since the people doing it are UFE and don't do it for the Designs you would think that D O would change the reward to a 25K Uridium from the 15K and get rid of the CHANCE Reward. As it took so many spins to build (watched a friend on the Beta) 125,000 Uridium, without discounts, it is better to build the other gates than to build this even once. As I have not heard if the last map spawning has changed I will not bother with it till I have FE BIO as I saw a FE ship could not deal with the TEST SERVER map 5 NPC's (rocket range was hitting them when not being able to fire on the cluster).

    I hate to say it but I believe D O wasted resources creating this Gate and has just sent another batch of WALLETS to other games. But this is how D O seems to do things, make changes without regards to what the community is going to say and then backpedal after the community goes up in arms over the IMPROVEMENT (I still do not fly in 3D as I got tired of having to log out to get back into my ship after jumping port)
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  13. I agree with HelpMeHelpYou about the change in the rewards and I will not do the GG unless I get it for FREE. I made my ship, on Beta, FE before trying to do the gate (did not have BIO) and could not handle the swarm of Soldier Streuners in MAP 5 as I wasted ammo trying to kill one and he got repaired by the Specialist Streuner before popping and I had to fly away to get repped as the rockets hitting me were taking my 23 shield generator shields down in 2 rocket attacks and the HP was gone in 2 more rounds leaving me a thread of life to run with and having the Rocketeer Streuner Heat Seeker Missile attacking me would be the end of the life I had.

    I also think that the rewards should be changed and allow the player to choose if they are playing for Design Vouchers (10 vouchers buys a Design) or Uridium Reward and make this a Guaranteed REWARD instead of the CHANCE as the percentage is not dependent on how many Kuiper Gates you complete but YOUR LUCK in winning the CHANCE REWARD (some get it in 4, some have done it 9 times and some have done it 6 times and not received the Reward) so like I have found with the Ultra Booty, LF-4, and Zeus day CHANCES this all depends on your LUCK (which seems to be tied to how deep your pockets are) I will not expect to get a DESIGN (which is limited to Centaur, Diminisher, Independance, Soccer Set, Surgeon, or UBA rewards) or the 200K no matter if I completed it 100 times. Odds of LF-4 on its day is .009 so for a thousand keys I should get 9 LF-4's and I have received ZERO on these days Zeus Day I have a total of 3 pieces towards this and seem to get 15 Apis to 1 ZEUS (but have been informed as soon as I have a SECOND APIS to be built I will start getting the Zeus parts so 6 more apis parts before I can benefit to get the ZEUS) too bad I get better and more ammo from the GGM than the Booty Chests, thus I no longer buy Booty Keys (matter of fact don't buy anything except ANNUAL PREMIUM or an occassional rebate or doubler a week at a time usually to coincide with a UBH upgrade session assuming I have enough Uridium to make it pay for itself) with the information in chat of accounts getting banned for BOXING I let the PET box while I do quests hoping to not get selected as a BOTTER because I am not collecting the BB's.

    D O please listen to the community with your IMPROVEMENTS before the only community you have is the WALLETS and their MULTIPLE NEWB accounts trying to keep their game interesting. I have seen too many leave the game as they got BORED with going BACKWARDS in the game instead of keeping up or being able to MAINTAIN what they have. UFE needs to be attainable by the P4F player or they will all go away leaving only the WALLETS in your game and as such the wallets won't be spending as much as they will be getting the rewards from the GG's they do when not hunting, and hunting is going to go by the wayside if the P4F players are not playing.
  14. SauronL

    SauronL User

    kill all specialists and then kami soldiers
  15. I have a member with unfinished bio whos fe, he beat the gate 3 times...But then if you couldn`t continue you could easily reset the gate which is what I did on an FE ship just to see if FE could get demon drone designs.I ended up getting 10 before the event was over with.
  16. the last wave is not that bad with the right strategy kill the emperor as fast as you can the turret it drops can mess you up running from pack once turret is on the map remember where it is if you run in its range while on a rep run it will make you run right back into the group chasing you. as for healers i ignore them till the end well i kill em before the uber sibs then turret at end.

    couple ways to deal with the soldiers you can kami and will kill a few each time once they get low when they un back to get healed let them they will not heal much more then half. or you can put a good distance in between healers and soldiers and shoot the soldier heading twords the healer just got to kill it before you get to the healer then repeat

    what makes the last map so hard is you want to kill the healers first that's where its easy to pop as they got enough beef to them and the soldiers pound you the whole time its really hard for any that don't have full bio and ring
  17. Have to remember I did this on the TEST SERVER and my pet is low level and Kami is useless. Plus by the time the Kami would have gone off the swarm would have been too far away as I could not circle these but had to drag them to prevent being killed myself. It would have been better to allow the accounts to transfer what they had into the TEST SERVER for a better perspective of what the gate is going to be like, a NEWB (like this ship was) would not even think of doing an Alpha Gate let alone something like this, without some sort of BIO involved. The pet may have been level 2 and the ship made it to level 8 I think, when I tried to do missions to make it stronger found the enemy and Company attackers were more interested in killing anything moving in the maps than to allow anyone to get strength before doing the Kuiper Gate.
    I tried to kill the Emperor but he hid behind the swarm and was unable to hit him at all, the PET would fire about every 15 seconds but this just barely touched his shields so that was a major FAIL also (again this was on the TEST Server) and I was not going to waste my time in a gate I knew was not going to be able to be completed without Major Money Layout on my part. Your statement of killing the Soldier before he got to the Specialist is what I was trying to do but x-4 only does so much damage and they got to the specialist before I could get them DEAD and by this time I had the swarm on me again and had to run for my life.

    And thank you for telling me what I already knew, to do this GATE the ship has to be FE (equipment and BIO). So the only people who could give any insight to the Kuiper Gate are those who have been on the Test Server for years and have had the chance to get their ships BIO'ed to handle the attack of the Soldiers. Not a NEW account trying it for the first time. Which again is why I said the account should have been a transfer of what the player had on his main account to run the TEST not a brand new account given a bunch of EE and Uridium to build a NEW ship.

  18. I had same problem. Pet seemed to be repaired just high enough to not be able to use the Kami.


    The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary
  19. as enyone hade the 200k after remod of gate th dev team did say thay goin look at it over the weekend that was last week goin intio our second week end still nothin from suport or dev team their you go D/O don,t give a hoots at all nothin for the game just thinkin of their pockets way to go run that bisness to the ground
  20. Remember the PET has to feel you are under Death causing attack to Kami. So unless he felt the rockets were causing you death he would not have expolded.
    The DO team had reported that there was a glitch in the award of the SPECIAL CHANCE REWARD and instead of issuing the 200K instead of the Design it was issuing the 200K if you already had the Designs, they corrected this instance and the CHANCE is about 10%, but it also depends on HOW MUCH YOU SPEND as some have already received it at a 25% CHANCE.
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