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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Oct 6, 2015.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Contact support please, they can help with resetting gates

    As for this thread, it was initially created for the Kuiper gate to have a feedback thread. This has veered very much off road after the changes today, so please, if you wish to continue the discussion regarding the box change or the event itself, please do so over here in the event feedback thread.

    Lets try to keep this thread for feedback on the gate itself please

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  2. SnakeIdol

    SnakeIdol User

    I did the gate 4 times after the change and i got 215k uri only once out of the 4 times
  3. Well the LIVE GATE is even worse than the TEST SERVER GATE. Bugs that were mentioned were not addressed and seems to be worse than when we TESTED it for you.

    The EVENT is a FAILURE as you usually do you did not think about the impact on the game until the BOTTERS get their BONUS and you decide that the impact is going to be too much and have to make a change to the update/change.

    The ADVERTISED NEW DAILY BONUS is a BUST as it only gives 1 gate part (3rd day of 1 part only) I am a loyal log in been 5th day for months. I gave benefit of doubt to the system being a NEW REWARD and it would start at 1 part but even with this I am day 3 now and it is 2 parts so this is a FAIL also.

    [removed] before you lose your future revenue source (the NEWBS), or maybe this is what you intend to do.
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  4. They would have to care about or opinion to give this information. And if they did give it then people would complain as they did not get it at that rate. But then they did publish the chances of getting LF-4's from Booty Chests and yet I know people who have not received one out of a thousand box collections so explain this to me.

    Sorry to rain on your parade but the CHANCE of a direct answer is 1 in a million.
  5. daily login bonus.. 2 days now i should have the day 5 bonus... but now when i look in my new gg.. i only have 1 part.. please fix this. my id is .. i should have 4 parts of the gate now..
    [​IMG] 29133824
  6. the daily log in bonus will build up as if you were a first log in regardless if you have your 5 day log in bonus, just give it time and you will see you will start to get full bonus.
  7. Hi after having just finished the Kuiper I have only this to say.. Well some things were great like in what order to kill the aliens for the best and to actually have a tactic to not use kami too much was great.. :) So well done there.
    But to the actual rewards for the gate as this was the worst gate really to do and very stressful is a bit too low. 25 thousand uri for that? I rather build zeta over and over again very very slowly :D and get 20 k more uri for doing less.. Seems just rather too little for all the effort.
    But the fact that tactic played a bigger role in this gate was good I think. But this gate cannot be completed without elite ammo :D its just a fact, you need some x4 for critical moments and I bet there will be lots of players who think any gate can be finished with x1 only then they come to this one and die and die and die... Hmmm.
    I think I have said enough. Its easy enough if you know the tactic what to do but its difficult enough so dont make it more difficult.
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  8. padiddle

    padiddle User

    I didn't want to say I told you so but I am going to anyway..... I told you so!!! I said that if you had all the designs and ships you would be guaranteed to get the 200k uri. Down with the people who didn't believe me and yes I know they fixed it.
  9. Day 3 bonus is 2 parts but still only 1 part received so explain that.
  10. now I am all out of answers :oops:
  11. Azarameus

    Azarameus User

    @RickDekard Sadly I missed out on the bugged day which gave out the guaranteed 200k Uri rewards due to being at work, so had the opportunity to do it the day after the nerf. I received a mere 15k Uridium and no ammo to replace that used. I believe there is now a "chance" of such a reward. After doing 7 Zeta gates in a row without a Havoc design my confidence in this "chance" is diminishing rapidly. Can you imagine the frustration of grinding in the palladium field for several days at a time, then making no progress? Whomever on the developer team thought that "chance" would be a good idea needs sacking. Back when I started playing in 2009 once one became FE it was a level playing field and winning or losing a battle was down to skill and ammo, but these days its all about UFEs popping everyone trying to get there.

    Please next time you design a gate can it have a guaranteed reward that actually helps players progress? Of course I do realise that you have to monetize the game, but please trust me on this - a low chance really doesn't make people reach for their debit cards, it just makes them go play something else.

    I will not be visiting the Kuiper gate again, at least until the free spins from daily login open it. (By the way they are bugged too, we only get 1 instead of 2)

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  12. As I have said before I even gave them THE BENEFIT OF DOUBT and figured they started it at DAY 1 reward and NOW at DAY 4 it is still only 1 part. I got WARNED as I told the DEV TEAM (indirectly, said D O) what I thought about these NEW CHANGES so it is obvious they do not care about PLAYER RETENTION and are actually trying to make their ONCE POPULAR GAME a true GHOST TOWN. As they would not allow us to have a NEW ACCOUNT on the TEST SERVER with the equipment of our MAIN account I found the Kuiper Gate to be too hard to do as I had a SWARM shooting ROCKETS at me when I could not hit them, even though I had BOUGHT a FE Goliath with 8 IRIS drones and a PET (but a level 1 PET is useless) without BIO there is no strength to even try to enjoy the gate. Funny that the comments about the gate did not get them to look at the rewards till AFTER they took it LIVE and decided there was a BUG instead of what it was supposed to be doing.

    But then look at every one of the last EVENTS/LAUNCHES and they always have to reload the program as they have too many problems to just load a PATCH to fix. I find it funny they will not answer questions about the gate or changes that have been asked, but want people to continue playing their game. I have stopped spending money on it as I found it to be a waste of my money and I could do a lot better spending my money on other things. I also find it funny for every BOTTER/CHEATER they kick from the game another 3 Macro users come back. So what is up with this?

    As for the CHANCE REWARD I find, even the documented percentage, does not live up to what they say and they have not answered what the percentage CHANCE is for the DESIGN REWARD. My gate parts are closer to 25% versus the 13% published and a point 03% on LF-4's from Booty Chests (even tripled) I have not received what I should have. And don't even get me started on ZEUS DAYS (they should call them APIS days).
  13. why bother righting in this thread you wasting your time its on the ignor thread list why it dont stay on front page ether weekends gone no answer from the test thay say thay lookin in to im only goin do it when it open from daily login ant werth the spins
  14. -BIGDOG41-

    -BIGDOG41- User

    I just did the Kuiper Gate for the first time and it was cool even though I didn't get any of the SHIP DESIGN'S or the 200k URI , but I had fun and it's alway's NICE to try something new .
  15. I think it's a joke. I've done the gate 10 times, 1 venom design and 9 times I have receieved 15k uri.
  16. yes its like thay say thay still do the banking doubler and tripler in bonus boxes but thay dont changes are that u get not the 200k uri thay just put it rong thay like give us the folse intenstion
  17. Oh another thing! The gate gave NO usb-100 ammo! This needs to change and I wish they reimburse each player who had to use their usb-100 ammo to finish this gate off! Gates always give x4 ammo.. thats one of the bigger points of doing gates and the fact this gate didnt give any out is just a tremendous shock now as it dawned on me.
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  18. mobob

    mobob User

    well,this will be another lambda gate...with difrence,lambda need to be done for kronos...this one,don't...yet...
  19. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    The gate and event should have never gone live and more beta testing should have been done and the release date pushed back till the new year. The developers should know that open beta testing when done correctly takes a lot longer than a few hours and from the last minute testing till going live only being a few hours was one massive fail. The daily login bonus as still not been fixed and i suspect that this will be white washed with the excuse it was a typo error. The gate it self needs to be updated to give ammo drops and an increase from 15k uri to at least 20k uri reward. An official anouncement from DO in refrence to our feedback is long overdue and DO burying there heads in the sand will not make this failure go away.
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  20. Ok. I have now tested the gate.

    I'm going to list some good and bad sides of it here:


    1. Tactically interesting/annoying

    2. Challenging

    3. Nice story... I feel sorry for streuners :p


    1. Streuners doesnt give ranking points.

    2. Eats elite ammo (Aproximately worth of 100-150k Uridium) Add ammo!

    3. Guaranteed total income of gate is ridiculously poor. Increase!

    4. Chance is too low, or shouldnt exist. (Instead lower the amount of uridium recieved)

    5. It's not worth to build, since eaven lampda benefits more. (I calculated, that because of chance, after second "empty" gate you have lost more than got eaven if third gives bonus reward, and you have built it with extra energy.)

    6. I felt, that i was doing group gate alone. It could have been "Dual gate"... Two persons doing a gate could have been cool.

    Now... look at that balance... Bp... I am sorry to say, but you have messed it up pretty badly!

    This gate seriously needs some rework! Unless you do something about it, the gate will be totally wasted effort from you!

    And for the players it will be wasted time, since everything that gate gives, can be recieven with bigger propablity from somewhere else.
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