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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ASTRAEA, May 9, 2016.

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  1. WiccaDio

    WiccaDio User

    I have tried this and it does not help even a little bit. They posted yesterday that the lag is fixed and to clear cache one last time, doesnt help. Didnt work.

    Major lag

    Blackberries use HTML5, unless you manually downloaded adobe, which im not 100% sure which adobe flash player is compatible with blackberries, because its no longer supported, but you can download DOlphin browser and use flash. Its probable that pepper is the issue here too, look at my post here:

    It should help those of you who use Google Chrome to optimize flash player.




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  2. Username: DεαδΒαττεrγ
    ID: 101934069
    Server: Global Europe 4

    I've been having [REMOVED] issues in the past few months like not being able to launch the game in 3D mode, horrible lag, the game not being able to load things properly, not being able to log in, random log outs, lag while shooting NPCs, getting stuck on the loading screen, etc.
    But since the Assembly update... man. It has never been this buggy.
    I do understand the game developers are working hard and I appreciate that. I just came here to tell you that we're still experiencing several issues.
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  3. WiccaDio

    WiccaDio User

    Im still experiencing unplayable-esque issues as well.

    Hope it gets fixed soon, They did extend certain things but for those of us that still cant play its completely irrelevant to us. West coast servers should get special extensions because i cant stand to log in and attempt to play. I try to target an NPC and it takes 10 clicks to even do that. and im moving where i clicked so theyre moving around and its just an overall terrible experience.

    Hey @.[NightMare].

    Do you have any sort of update for us today? Don't mean to be a bother, but I kinda miss playing DO.
    Is there anything you're allowed to tell us up to this point?
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  4. Correct - chat is a BIG cause of lag. Turn it off when doing something important like not chatting ;) Also, remove resources - no need to see rocks in space.

    3D mode has been glorious for reducing lag.

    On the game screen before hitting start - change setting - right click

    Hope it works out
  5. hi guys.... issues seem to be fixed. dont want to jinx it but all afternoon and into the evening, i have had 0% problems. sure the games a bit slow for me but playing this game from new zealand, i would expect a lil delay. but as for the freezing and lagging, it seems to be resolved.
    well done u lot, in introducing something new, sure theres being problems, but now that the problems have gone (fingers x), we can enjoy the new stuff added to enhance our gaming experience.......................... i hope everyone is experiencing the same and all is well.
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  6. User LP~GreenGoblin~LP
    Server U.S.A. West
    I.D. 72803644

    When am I going to get my Kronos parts from Lambda?!?!?! I STILL haven't gotten them from last x2 gate event!!! I've messaged support and they send me here. I tried to be more specific with my words so Kara could understand but I guess she doesn't. And they (support) take longer to reply than event is even running. This statement "We will aim to get back to you as soon as possible – in most cases you will be contacted by our support staff within 1 business day – often even faster." is a lie takes them a week sometimes. What's the point in writing support about an event if it takes them so long to reply event is over?!?! Also how am I supposed to get 2,800 Plasmid if every 10 or more sibs/devos drop 1 piece? Kill 28,000 sibs/devos?

    You're from LTD the clan??? ♥ I am too!!! LP~GreenGoblin~LP
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  7. When am I going to get the uri I am missing out on from my salvage protocols not working?
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  8. I wasted like 2/3 days on my rebate and box doubler I don't think I'll be buying anything from the game for a very long time. and making surgeon in the crafting thing is impossible you need 2,800 plasmid and 1 out of 10+ sibs/devos drop one. Game events are cool and I like that they're doing to game but issues and lag are dumb and make the game not even worth playing... I STILL haven't gotten my 2 Kronos parts from Lambda on last x2 event -_-

    User LP~GreenGoblin~LP
    Server: USA West
    I.D: 72803644
    Oh how awesome the forum people deleted my post -_- I guess nothing I say or mention are worth reading/hearing to D.O. good to know
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  9. Try using the "EDIT" button and maybe they won't delete you as SPAM.
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  10. Algeron

    Algeron User

    USA East3 Just completed a gate and had no apparent game problems.
  11. User: LP~GreenGoblin~LP
    Server: USA West
    I.D: 72803644

    SMOD, ADMIN or someone that can help... Last double gate rewards I didn't get 2 Kronos parts from Lambda. I have screen shots of all 4 I did. I got 2 parts from support. I'd like the other 2 Kronos parts so I can get x2 Kronos reward. (I already had 1 to start with) Please before event ends.

    Thank you. I got a notice in my inbox. I apologize I didn't know.
  12. USA east coast.....
    Played for 35 minutes and lag grew with the increased number of characters on the map, (players and npc)
    LAG is right back to where it was on first day.
    Group chat is non-existent.
    I hope that someone(s) are working on this through the weekend, butt I doubt it.
    Was going to play for couple of hours butt, I have had enough of this................
  13. WiccaDio

    WiccaDio User

    Still cannot play.

    Honestly just considering contacting my CC company to tell them all of Big Point payments are now unauthorized.

    Unless i get compensated, I will TAKE my money back. Go ahead and delete my account. Because I'm paying and have paid for a service I am being ignored when experiencing unplayable gameplay, and I paid for a service I am no longer getting.

    In america we call that fraud, which is a type of thievery.
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  14. User: LP~GreenGoblin~LP
    Server: USA West
    I.D: 72803644

    HelpMeHelpYou, look at that another person being ignored and not getting what they've paid for. Hmm weird.
  15. They have asked for patience and DETAILED information of WHEN, WHERE, HOW OFTEN, WHAT YOU WERE DOING so they can try to figure out WHY IT IS HAPPENING. A continuous line of this is not working and I am going to "QUIT" the game is not helping to solve the issues. I am upset about the game play also but I am not jumping up and down screaming I am going to quit, attempt to get my money back, or complaining about what I can not fix.

    I am however trying to direct people to the correct thread where we might get some resolution to the problems we are experiencing.

    Let me ask, IF the problem is not resolved, IF the purchased items are not working, and YOU are still buying the items, whose fault is that? There is a compensation package that has been implemented for the inconvenience, they thought, they resolved. I am sure they will create another "Compensation Package" when they get a handle on some of these other issues, but they are not going to compensate before they get a resolution to the problem they are compensating for.

    Never said you would get a response from this thread I did say that this is the thread where the TECHS are looking for these complaints for direction on where they have to look for correcting these issues. And since it is a weekend KNOW all of these are being "ignored" till Monday.

    Multiple threads from MULTIPLE players just mean the MODS have to relay the information to the TECHS (when they have a chance) instead of having it where they are looking. These forums are not monitored by D O/B P unless something of interest is sent to them by the Mods or created for the purpose of direct feedback for them to find issues in game. YES RickDekard will pop in occasionally and respond to a thread but that does not mean he is reading EVERY thread and I still believe he was referred to that thread by a MOD. Could the game be better if the Dev Team read EVERY thread in the forum? Maybe, but then they would have a person sitting in the forums everyday sorting out what is garbage and what needs to be worked on, instead of working on the game. This is why they choose to have VOLUNTEERS do this for them and send information to certain people so they can address issues on their schedule.

    I am sorry there are those who I have offended by trying to assist with the information I have and as the attitude towards me is what it is I would never attempt to join the D O MOD team, even though I might be a good choice for such.
  16. USA east coast

    I just boxed for 45 minutes and for about 50% of that time the screen flickered, sputtered, froze, etc..

    MANY ( way more than normal ) were complaining about lag in " Gloat-All" chat.

    The only ones that are not complaining are the $killed UFE, that are somehow taking advantage of this "event LAG"

    A few days into these problems there was a posting on a compensation package from DO.

    Friday there was a revised compensation package in which it was hoped that both the players and developers had an uninterrupted week end.

    One would think that a compensation package would be considered AFTER the game was fixed.

    Having an original and then a revised package implies, at least to me, that DO thinks the problem has been rectified, TWICE.

    This POST was set up to hear from the "customer". It appears that no one is working on this during the weekend?

    Not the first time this has happened. However you can still spend $$ on the weekend.

    LAG is only 1 issue with this event. Also have the PET protocols, drone formations, chat, jump chip, etc.

    The gameplay is only about 20% better than the first hour of event launch.

    I enjoy this game. I am coming up on my 5th anniversary of playing this game.

    ..................................PLEASE FIX IT.
  17. server, USA 3(East Coast) Wanna say thursday was amazing, hitting 60 FPS, then friday and saturday it went downhill again. Also noticed, the clan administration spot where you pay money to members, the words dont line up xorrectly. like the reason for sending someone money looks like its catagorized under clan tax, stuff like that.Not so much worried about the clan as much as the fps foing to 4 when i shoot stuff. Tends to happen after playing for a few hours if that helps any. I know a few people, including myself, who are a bit worried about doing gates with not weak, but buying lives would still mess me up a little, an would be more irritating than a problem, because i know i can do the stupid gate easy, lol. Please focus on lag DO, everything else is..minor?
    btw, i am rather certain its your servers or whatever not my pc, cause there was not many people on and i hit 60 fps fine, then day later everyone on cause they hear its working an then my fps go really low. Before the update i was 30-40 normal and 20-30 in combat, which worked fine for me....falling below 10 in combat screen freezes and jumps...thats an actual problem, please focus on that, thanks.
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  18. WiccaDio

    WiccaDio User

    The problem for me is, I paid for a service, and I cannot play. I could spend 1000.00 USD in URI but if I can't play, it makes it irrelevant. I bought the Uri before the lag. Didn't use much of it. After the assembly launch I have not been able to play AT ALL. I've tried repeated times. And I can't

    If by Monday it isn't fixed, or I haven't been contacted by Big Point at all (put in a ticket a few days ago) I will just be closing out my account and getting my money back.

    All of it.

    PS. They have also posted that the lag is fixed, which it has not been.
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  19. I don't know if you all took note Salvage Protocols not working at all.... Also Tractor Beam not working, Drone formation does not stay in place also. Bio points may not be working too as far as I know.

    What gets me is we pay for bio points and tractor beam and protocols and Box Doubler and it is not working we need to get extend time on our box doubler
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  20. Okay so I played on us2 today and cleared my Daily Quests (10 of the 12) and found that I was lagging and freezing again before I had them finished, about 45 minutes. Seems I had more lag issues when the PET was active collecting and I was killing NPC's. Is there something in the PET Protocols that could be causing this lag issue? I know there have been multiple threads created, complaining about the protocols not working properly for those Boxing in the battle maps.
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