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  1. The announced sales for the compensation are not amazing...only payment content (but once a drone formation sale?). That's not a bug, isn't it?
  2. Post # 1 > Our feed back on "LAG-In-Game(May 09,2016) Feedback " was requested by Astrea on May 09, 2016
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    Post # 103 > posted by NightMare
    > " Certain users – not everyone – seem to be suffering from a laggy connection between client and server."
    > " The dev team has made it their top priority to detect and isolate the issue. "
    > " We have been following several leads and were able to add some tracking features to the game code to find out more details."
    > " There are ongoing DDoS attacks against several international institutions and providers which interfere with our efforts."
    >>> We have agreed that once the lag issues are over, the following compensation will be scheduled "
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    Post # 106 > posted by NightMare
    > " You're welcome, just passing on what support are asking us to."
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    Post # 133( May 11 ) > posted by NightMare
    > " It's still early for any progress reports on the lag issue but rest assured they are drinking plenty of coffee and are only allowed their cake rations when they have finished ;)
    In the meantime, we'll try to keep you updated as soon as we have anything to tell you guys.
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    Post # 156, May 11 > posted by Solid_Eye
    > " The lag issues we've seen over the last few days should be phasing their way out by now as they did find the issue and applied a fix. It may….etc……
    Post # 157 - 221 ,Today, May23, 2016 > posts from cutomers.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WE HAVE NOT heard from DO since May 11………12 days ago????
  3. They are too busy addressing all of the spin off threads that keep being posted about the glitches/bugs that have occurred since April 1st (Visual Upgrade) which was the start of this major LAG issue just effected the PET only. @KrisKelvin even was active in one of those threads. We really need to have all of these posted in a "Reported Bugs & Glitches" thread with spoilers for each individual Bug/Glitch so we did not have to scroll through an entire page of descriptions, however, would probably be close to a full page of spoilers.

    I was not trying to stick up for them but I did make a suggestion to help clean up the forums when we have major glitches happen like we did for the launch of the A.S. Event. The fact that you can see 3-4 NEW posts for the same issue does tie up a lot of time from the volunteer MOD's reading and responding and hopefully getting enough information so the team can re-create the issue and see what we are seeing.
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  4. PLEASE, give us some information on the situation! This is unacceptable!

    They have more than one team and they make well over enough Money to have them working a few hours more each to fix a game a lot of people spent a lot of money on. Bigpoint/DarkOrbit has a high reputation to uphold. Youzu taking over Bigpoint/DarkOrbit or their teams or who ever is controlling the game/company and the progress of it isn't upholding anything. We're in the dark, we know nothing and the game is still messed up 2 weeks after these huge issues! They have a forum team that relays information they've been told through the forum to the programming team to look at the games program for problems. Forums shouldn't effect the progress of the actual fixing of the game. It should only help with ideas of where to look and to announce progress and compensation. Don't stick up for them for neglecting the community and game. They need to get things straightened out with the owners, programmers, admins, mods, forum team and all the other teams I've not mentioned find out who is slacking on their job. They need to do something. A lot of people have a lot invested in DarkOrbit and many other games Bigpoint has.
  5. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    As pointed out above, we're a little overdue for an update in here. For that I can only apologize - it's been a busy few weeks and we're not unlimited for tasks, time or personnel.

    The lag issue itself:
    I know there's been a few calls that it wasn't fixed when we said it was. The easiest thing I can say to this is that the main issue was fixed as said. Any performance issues still present or being experienced otherwise since I don't really have any new advice other than what we gave earlier when we announced it fixed. That said, we can try to find out if anything further is desired as far as information, but I have to admit that might be easier to discern where things are after this week.

    CBS modules disappearing:
    This is a known issue that the team is looking into. When it's fixed and we know more about what might be done with lost modules we'll try to let you know. Until then though, I don't really recommend using your cbs modules.

    We were also advised they're looking into the PET salvage protocols, disconnects, and a few other odds & ends.
    The Hades NPCs issue I believe should be resolved at this point.

    As for the query about what sales were intended or not, we didn't get any information as to what sales would be available, only what was announced so I can't add much there.

    For all intensive purposes, the issue that spawned this thread *is* resolved atm. There's just the lingering things to suss out and get back in order. With that in mind, I am going to close this out to prevent further spam or flaming of the teams. If or when we know more about some of the remaining issues, or for the performance issues some of you have noted still experiencing, we'll update you and/or revisit this thread if needbe.

    Again, I am sorry for not getting back here sooner.

    -Closing as advised-
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