lags and freezes etc.

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by TheDutchAvenger, Aug 27, 2023.

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  1. Wow, cool. In addition to the usual lags and freezes, which make fighting difficult, I now also have a huuuuuuuge lag in placing mines. We are talking about a minute to 90 seconds herte. Keep up the good work DO.
  2. I'm wondering how did the staff not noticed that the source of the whole in game lag is the Hitac?
    I decoded it before they did.
  3. BTW and unless I missed something, I can't see what value Hitacs bring to the game? I mean apart from annoying you while you' re shooting NPC' s.

    All of that to grab... A dumb title?
  4. I can believe that. Today I experienced yet anther variation. Tootle along nicely in one screen. Jump to the next and .... Bam! Freeze!
  5. Nkuyu

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    I've been having huge latency issues depending on the server time (my actual time is 7 hrs. behind Global)...takes anywhere from 2 seconds to nearly 15 seconds after a kill to show the loot to pick up, if I even get a kill due to shooting stopping completely...I've cleared cache, deleted files, all that junk...still the same. Now the Uri Bank and Monthly deluxe pack are not showing either! Geeez!!!
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  6. **Scarab**

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    hitecs gone and laggggggg is still horrendous, and constantly logging you out
  7. Here we go again... Connection severed for no apparent reason and can´t get back in..... This is getting boring
  8. Bombard

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    This must be real halloween event, and surprise it work..
  9. test020

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    imagine the spookiest thing you can do in darkorbit is actually login in the game and play for more than 3 minutes without connection lost.
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    some one might take legal action soon....
  11. fix the game,yall are becoming more and more of a joke with each passing game. it's beyond ridiculous
  12. they ve been due a class action lawsuit for years. count me in if it ever gets there , I've put around 40k in this game since 2008 so im due some compensation
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  13. I'm sorry, I know it's not any of my business, but what? $40K since 2008?
    At what type of currency? USD? Turkish Lira?

  14. oh usd lol, this game used to be my obsession, had the damn floppy disk as a kid prior to 06, and after I moved to the States I used to put a minimum of 500 in every month, with it being less over the years when I didn't play "as much", but yeah overall around 40k plus. I mean to put it into perspective I bought Apis and Zeus as soon as they came out with Uri on a few of my accounts cuz I've always played on a few servers, plus prem, rebate .uri just to have cuz I didnt bot lol. the only way to keep up with bots and stuff was money if you didn't have too much time on your hands
  15. Understandable.
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    WHAT GETS ME IS NO MATTER HOW MANY POSTS YOU PUT ON NO ONE REPLYS OR MAKES A COMMENT OR APLOLOGIZES FROM BIGPOINT we know the priority for this game is low, as the games on unity take precedence, people have been leaving for the past few years because of lack of service , we don,t need new things on this game just someone who can do something when it breaks down (which is daily) keeping us in the dark is just fueling resentment
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  17. Shameless.
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