Laser cannons still needs better update (Not Prom lasers)

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by °°ºŞÎ|ΣŊ†►◄WΔlk€Яº°°, Nov 25, 2019.

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  1. Yes i do think of the new players, its very easy to get all the FE stuff and build Zeta gates for the Booty keys, you are just complaining because you can't probably do anything about getting enough keys for yourself.
  2. Maddust

    Maddust User

    how is it easy to get BK? explain!!! wait you don't need to explain because I already know that you are 100% wrong. so just sit down and be quiet!!!
  3. You're just making yourself more incapable of doing anything, i doubt that you're worth the time to argue with, not to mention i have recent experience of arguing people like your stature and i think it is now time to just ignore you entirely, next time you try to prove something, make sure its something people know about as a fact and not something that only YOU and many other whining players out there agrees with, not every player entirely depends on your input.
  4. Maddust

    Maddust User

    same goes to you.
  5. I agree that magmadrills and partidrills are pretty useless but I like the game as is and it's making Bigpoint money so they can continue with development. LF-4's are downgrades now of the special ones that's why they are called enhanced LF-4's. I don't think prom lasers are the best lasers, there is definition situations where hyperplasmoids are really good as well.
  6. No,increase lf4hp in hp=0,5% for 0,55%.And Ulf4 increase for assembly with 1 lf4+500 sinals,and damage upgrade 215~235 for 220~240.
  7. the prom laser is hard to obtain in my ophinion becuz uns is there always (in bl-1 ) map on GE3 thus i have 7 prom lasers even though im chief liutenand and i think uns must go some where else then i farm prom lasers (i hate uns in some point if they like to kill they kill every1)exept themselves and their allys ( if this post doent belong here admin should replace this post to start an topic )
    greets FONIK
    edit: do should do an lvl cap increase for enemys to 30 and dmz for mmo in that map
    edit 2 : for other companys all above the same
  8. No one is lvl 30 yet. I think there is not even a lvl 29 out there, so this cap is bs, its the same as just changing the maps so that no enemie companys can ever get on that map. (Whether or not that would be good or bad is a different topic tho)

    Level 24 is already decently hard to reach with +/- 40 billion EXP, the cap is fine.

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