♫♪♪ Last Christmas, I Gave You A Lost Connection ♪♪♫

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ChooChooTrain, Dec 26, 2023.

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  1. Would anyone else agree that this was possibly the worst Christmas we've ever possibly had on this game?

    • Countless connection issues to the point they had to put a "Unplayable" message when attempting to login;
    • Event Problems;
    • Gate Problems;
    • A new Plus Ship which is about as useful as the original ship;
    • And anything else which could have gone wrong.

    PS: I know and we all know the Devs will never see this thread, but hey ho, all in the interests of the players discussing the issues they have encountered.
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  2. Problem is even if they see this thread they don't care anymore, Just look how the game is running in the last year or two look at how many compensation packages they have given out this year the game is a disgrace!!!
    I was in a group of clan members and I just logged out cause you jump to help and your dead before your ship can move even if your cloaked it's utter garbage this game client!!!
  3. PacificNW

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    time for a real christmas present. 1 or 2 million of everything for everyone.

    botters would get it anyway.

    merry christmas and happy new ye
  4. So they've added the missing items from the Battle Pass Exchange after we've all done it and used all of our keys on other stuff.

    How about some sort of voucher code to give us a load of battle pass keys so we can obtain the items which were missed?