Latest "ban" wave.

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  1. So yesterday 38 players were banned from the US server. Amazingly 2 of the top 3 players on this list are on their fourth ban. It will be interesting to see how fast they are back on the maps for number five.
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  2. Its just a short time out for them. I have no belief anymore that they enforce anything against this.

    I dont see any slow down on NPC ships in maps.
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  3. There are different types of bans like using bot, pushing and using exploits. You need certain amount of same type bans to get permanently banned. For example 2 times for bot results in permanent ban, 3 times pushing results in permanent ban and 2-3 for exploits for permanent ban.
    So you can have for example 1 for bot, 2 for pushing and 1-2 for exploit and your account wont be permanently banned.
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    This isn't 2010 when your account gets locked and you can't do anything.
    Lets say about 5 billion honors will be removed from you, which i don't know if you want to know how quickly they can be restored.
    Instead of going 5-3 to kill the weak players, which is what you're best at, walk to one of the three BL maps and see what 2 clans (10-12 guys) are doing at the mindfire location, you can even track them when they kill one how they go to the other map.., as well as tomorrow at the Hades portal what happens.. Well, this + the one you know in principle - can answer your question..
  5. They dont even really bother with the honor from the ranks going right back after the ban.
    You are right its not 2010 anymore where they used to say "Its a browser game they cant run cheats against the *secure* server"

    They should be banning any account that runs from a program that is not the client provided. Thats the approved application to play the game. If your account runs 12am to 11pm non stop.... Well its not that hard to run a timer against account time.

    Sure every game has issues but this one is wildly saturated with this non-support