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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by VESPID, Feb 23, 2014.

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    VESPID User

    The designs I am proposing is such that offers the following assistance to the Leonov Ship OUTSIDE the X-1 thru the X-3 maps:

    The Law: Gains a 2% shield boost for each speed generator and a x2 boost to laser damage only for LCB ammo outside the lower home maps.

    The Defiant: The ship gains x3 hp's as long as the drones hold generators only.

    The Wisp: The ships weapons gain a .5% boost for each shield generator it uses and a 2% evasive maneuvers boost for each speed generator.

    The suggested price would be 100k Uri. and it may be offered in trade.
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  2. A Leonov with full iris, zeus, and apis (All level 1) all equipped with LF4's will hit 5600. Now, if they have this design, they'll now hit 11,200 X1. And this is without seprom, damage boosters, pilot bio, drone and laser upgrades! VESPID, please, these designs are way too overpowered.

    From what I've been looking at in other thread is that you have a reputation for making tons of designs to make little credit ships equivalent to FE golis. The Wisp isn't half bad, but the others are a horrible idea, they are WAY too overpowered. Honestly, the Leonov shouldn't have a design in my opinion. It already has the home map boost which I think is enough, even though you don't.
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  3. -HarleyD-

    -HarleyD- User


    The Law. NO. home map advantage is one thing but that is Leonovs whole point, It is a uri ship that meant to be traded in for a better model once you are able to get to uppers. ANy major damage boost to it outside of the home maps would be a big NO.

    The Defiant. I can see this being beneficial to those who DO venture into upper maps in a leonov. You can be the best circle or dragger in the world but when an npc goes into a death run you will take a battering.
    Bear in mind that this needs ALL drone slots to be filled with shield gens. So from a fighting point of view this makes a ship that couldnt fight its way out of a paper bag filled with custard but this WOULD give the little leo pilot a chance of getting his BK kill while it is still running and not have it stolen once it gets away. From a point of view of PvP survivability it gives you an extra second if jumped by a enemy UFE and that is IF you get a chance to even change config.

    The Wisp. This potentially adds 1 damage to an LF4 per shield generator fitted. So lets look at the math for a UFE leo as that would be the max damage this could generate.
    Leonov has 6 laser slots so with 10 drones thats 120 extra damage X1 or 480 X4
    9 drones full of shields (18) and 8 LF4 produces 8 x 18 damage = 164 boost X1
    Still not too overpowered

    However thats where it becomes interesting as . 8 drones (16 shields) and 10 lasers = 160 boost X1
    14 shields and 12 lasers. 14 x 12 = 168
    12 Shields and 14 lasers. 12 x 14 = 168
    6 shields and 20 lasers. = 6 x 20 = 120
    4 shields and 22 lasers = 4 x 22 = 88

    Basically this gives a diminishing return once you get past a certain ratio of lasers to drones. In other words this is of no actual use to the UFE pilot. It would give a minimum of boost to a normal player and for the newbie every little helps ;). It is a power boost but isn't overpowered, infact it gets weaker the more lasers you equip. The evasive boost would be welcome to every player but in all this is a well balanced design idea. I like it (really I like this one).

  4. It's already over powered in the home maps these days because of formations. I see no need for it to get even more OP outside the home maps.
  5. The wisp : is a great idea for anyone who hasn't switched to a Vengi or Goli yet....For a noob, 100k uri is a big amount, so I see players getting a Goli or Vengi in trade over a Leo design. BUT it is a good, balanced idea. While tanked, you gain a little boost to lasers, and while running , you gain boost to evasive maneuvers....good idea. and the power is balanced nicely. Also as Harley said, there is a point of diminishing returns, so it's not just a "you have it or you don't" type of boost. There is strategy involved based on how you config your ship. *** maybe even have it be 1% per gen boost to damage, as most Leo'ers have LF3 still.***

    The Law ...BIG no, way too strong, maybe if it was double damage for X1 ONLY...help noobs BK or whatever. ...That would be the balance to this design.

    The Defiant: Decent idea, but I can spit harder than this ship would hit....so not very practical, unless you are boxing, but is it worth 100k uri for a boxing Leo ???

    All in all good ideas ( with my Law design edit :)), The wisp is neat and ALL the names are cool and reflect their traits well.....Nice One Vespid

    **EDIT: Will Taser have to buy you some URI ?? I remember that bet ! :p
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  6. 90% of fighting with a leo is dancing around the many ships trying to tag you...You sit still you pop simply because hp is lower than the golis shooting at you...The tactic is, not everybody is good at locking and can tag citadels and golis easier than the annoying leo ;)....Defiant and Wisp look handy for newbies.
  7. I don't know... i find it pretty easy to lock a leo... lol Vengies and spearheads are my only problem... damn speed abusers >_<

    I like what Ρļ€*İŋ*Ŧħ€*§ķ¥ said, but i still don't like the idea of the leo's getting some kind of boost. I have had just way too many ridiculous run ins with UFE leos in the i think Chevron Formation?
  8. Leo has lower hp so if your good they go down...unless the leo is a better pilot then your just a snack lol
  9. That rocket formation plus the x2 dmg leo gives while using 3031s you can go down easy especially if your not ufe but they are.
  10. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Ok the law is out but what do you think of the changes???
  11. Honestly, I think that The Wisp is the best and only acceptable design here.
  12. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Yes that Wisp design is cool.
  13. VESPID

    VESPID User

    I replaced the Law with a Lawyer, what do you think???
    Oh and thanx for the feedback.
  14. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Try something new, there is nothing but shield and hull points being boosted.
  15. Next-Rise

    Next-Rise User

    Apparently I had commented on the wrong thread before Vespid, sorry about that, I think you'll find it in your alerts for my comments on this.
  16. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Oh, yes I did see that.
    I understand your perspective but you must see that of all the Uri ships, the Leo has been ignored for some time now.
  17. The Leo should though have a E.P. or even a honor boost design.
    Damage and shields no but perhaps a 5% E.P. or honor boost with a company color scheme.
  18. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Yes!!! I concure but I believe the first move should be to make them effective outside the lowers.
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  19. okay.. lets say that we did get lawyer designs, Would the hp% stack?

    so lets say you were a citadel and outfitted with 7 other lawyers

    7x5= 35%
    1 hp booster 10%
    adds to 45%

    45% of 550k (600k with bio)

    that's 870,000 HP!
    The Citadel would have 870k, and more with other add-on's that I had missed such as heart formation

    Citadels are already hard to kill, Would the lawyers design stack up? If it does then it may be possible for citadels to reach 1million hp or more one day..

    sincerely yours -Mr.Spearhead USA west coast

    No more updates please!! and please keep DO BOT-free
  20. -HarleyD-

    -HarleyD- User

    Plus 550k nanohull. plus Shields etc. Citadels are designed to be tanks as it is. Please make them even more unkillable.

    As I said I like the other 2 designs, especially the wisp. Please leave it at that for this one.
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