Leo Designs.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by VESPID, Feb 23, 2014.

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  1. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    I would say both would be cool.

    VESPID User

    Yea I agree, I'll suggest these designs be offered in trade as well.
    The evolved thread will be:

    The designs I am proposing is such that offers the following assistance to the Leonov Ship OUTSIDE the X-1 thru the X-3 maps:

    The Law: Gains a 2% shield boost for each speed generator and a x2 boost to laser damage only for LCB ammo outside the lower home maps.

    The Defiant: The ship gains x3 hp's as long as the drones hold generators only.

    The Wisp: The ships weapons gain a .5% boost for each shield generator it uses and a 2% evasive maneuvers boost for each speed generator.

    The suggested price would be 100k Uri. and it may be offered in trade.
  3. Omega

    Omega User

    no vespid .the problem with the idea .is that a lot of updates have been taking place over a short period of time and a lot of old players are sick of them .like me .also .new players already have a hard time catching up.. so it would be better to suggest something like . increase the chance for lf4 or make the cost of everything cheaper .something that can help the new ones as well as the old ones that can't catch up to make it fair for everybody again
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    VESPID User

    This doesn't have to happen today, but when it is possible I would like to see them out in game.
  5. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    It would be good if it did happen today.
    I love my leo!!!
  6. Sounds a bit too overkill.

    VESPID User

    In what way???
    these designs are only active outside the lowers.
  8. In my opinion, the designs are not great but I will explain my thought.

    Law: The leonov has a boost for inside home maps and should thus not have a boost outside the home maps. It is a defense ship. I realize that is why you limited it to X1, and it would only help out noobs, but idk...just me I guess.

    Defiant: No. You cannot simply give a ship 3 times the hp. Yes, it would still be easily poppable outside home maps but a design should never give out double or triple something. It increases by percents.

    Wisp: I am against evasive maneuvers boosts because we have so many other ways to drop lock/prevent being damaged. The damage boost balances itself because it is so low, but I just feel like giving leo's more outside of home maps isn't right when they get such a big boost inside home maps.

    All in all, the ideas are mostly fine, I just get nags with some of them because in some ways, they're really not DO style. DO doesn't give shield boosts to speed generators, or evasive boosts to shield, but eh....
    In my opinion and experience, use the leonov to do every last starter quest in home maps, then upgrade.
    I guess I owe you some uri eh? :p Phooey. The one idea you got 3 people to like...

    Edits on your post. Change x-1 to x-4, not x-3 maps. Also, it's called auction, not trade cause we get our credits back like a real auction.
  9. I had ideas about leo designs a yr ago but yours is too overpowered. so no -1 from me.
  10. just give the Leonov home boost in uppers too
  11. you are crazy, just saying...

    and i dont think the leo needs any ability design.. its already overpowered in lowers...
    giving and extra 5% damage no noob would be able to kill anything in lowers.... that is for sure..
  12. why is that crazy? there is probably only 10-20 leo pilots on any server as is, agreed it is a strong ship often overlooked by many, but this would help the people who dont spend lots/ live in game to build up and defend maps, i think u just dont want all the 'noobs' in leos in uppers cos there would be less golis to pop ;-)
  13. not exactly i can pop 3-5 ships hitting me around 50k alone so i dont really care. I'm actually caring about you "noobs" that would not stand a chance.
    popping a ultra full elite leo is easier to kill than a ufe goliath just to make it clear.
    now theres is ufe goliaths in uppers and exactly there would be only leos around the place so big point will lose a lot by giving this oportunity to noobs plus that there would be nothing to invade for, really kill a leo? for nothin? pff that would suck.
  14. Full_force

    Full_force User

    Oh look another new account that 1st post is on vespids post and he likes vespids idea.
  15. lol right? xD

    btw vespid you make a lot of ideas that are mostly totally useless.. maybe try posting the idea of reducing lag a 100 times that might work better.
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  16. thanks for stating the obvious, the point is ufe's wouldnt want to pop leos for 4 honor or however much it is (small amount) waste of ammo...
    older account than you think :)

    lol dark orbit never lags its your system (ahahaha)
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  17. Oh really??? hahaha
    alright which server do you play first of all?

    Yeah thats why bp would never do that.

    No one would waste ammo on those ships.
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  18. GB1
    fe (+some) aegis
  19. anyway to try and come back on topic relatively, the leo should have it's bonus in all home maps not just lowers, make it a ship to defend your company, not for hunting in (tho some ppl can hunt in anything they want lol) it's not gonna kill the game and will probably add some new challenge to hunting again, great great times defending home maps in my leo back in the day, would love to see this element resurrected again, some of my best fights were in the old leonov, wins and (many) losses lol, but ALWAYS fun, and that is the aim of the game.
    ENJOY and have FUN even if it means having ur hull handed to you and your shields fed to you lmao :)
  20. ship5678

    ship5678 User

    The extras designs for the leonov or a little uncessary ; all of them!
    Besides who would be stupid enoungh to take a lenov into the uppers?
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