LF-5 Hell Cannon

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by CRAZY-8-CIRCUS, Dec 13, 2020.

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  1. LF-5
    Hell Cannon

    Damage PVE 450 / Cost Unknown
    Damage with SAB X8 / Craft able
    Damage PVP 250 / Upgradeable


    1-450 6-575
    2-475 7-600
    3-500 8-625
    4-525 9-650
    5-550 10-700
    Bonus of 100 Damage for every level after 10.
    PVP damage Levels up the same as PVE but 200 less
  2. org2

    org2 User

    The damage point is already high, I don't want it to increase.
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  3. just an idea the damage is aimed more at PVE for faster GG clearing.
  4. Can you stop? please, let them fix the game we do not need more stuff in to the game so they can make more $$$

    Hitting 200k With x4 is not good for you?
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  5. yeah I can stop :) Instead try to help DO be better not OP I wish I could hit 200k
  6. **Owl**

    **Owl** User

  7. You can hit 200k ez with Prom lasers.
  8. This is designed more for the upper players that spend alot of money.This is why the game keeps going downhill.
  9. actually I designed it for people like me that work hard in real life and don't have time for prom and just want to pop some NPCs obviously Big Point would charge like $50 a piece lol my intention was another credit/uri item for example 25mill credits or 50.000 uri with an option of one or the other obviously people would just use credits but add a small bonus for using uri like level 2 or something. I think BigPoint is a bit greedy. Again they need to make everything cheaper like $100 for 330000uri should be $20 and for $100 you get 2mil on x4 days you get 8mil so pretty much giving the game away compared to now.
    Another thing is Botts Get rid of em!!
    Low level people loose interest when the PVPers decide they want easy prey so stop that too. Roll back some of this new stuff because it's buggy af A new laser sure why not but not for money.

    A trade station so you can give your friend who just started a boost that would be great and if people take advantage of it for cheating ban them!!! It's a lot of work managing a game server and BigPoint seems to be getting really lazy. If you want it to last much longer you need to step it up ASAP!!
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  10. This game doesn't need anything new. At least not for a long time no matter how you may try and justify it!
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  11. Sycorax

    Sycorax User

    This only looks great for small ships honestly, like if only certain small ships can equip this laser.
    Like the Phoenix, Liberator, Pirahna, Nostromo or Leonov.
  12. This game can't handle any new ideas and GG 's are the least of our problems. NO!
  13. WE_ARE_RPM

    WE_ARE_RPM User

    Sounds like the PVE server is perfect for you then.
  14. WE_ARE_RPM

    WE_ARE_RPM User

    You're asking them to add new lasers, but asking to get rid of bots. You realize the botters will get the new lasers before anyone else. They can't get rid of botters. If they could they would have. I've been playing this game since 2008 and there has been bots since day 1. Where there's a game, there is cheaters, accept that and move on.
  15. i think the botters where there since 2010/11 thats how i remember it

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