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  1. I have a dream ,that one day LF4 to be at Shop and cost 25 000 uri because is very hard to get him .last time i buy many keys but only one lf4 :(
  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Sorry man, you will never reach that promised land - the devs have stated that they will never put LF-4 in shop.
  3. it's been a long time since i have done the Double LF4 event, but a long time ago i would get like 4 lf4's out of 100-250 keys collecting chests in 4-1. Now i get them every other Kappa (which i don't need anymore!). I think currently an lf4 is 100k uri in keys for 1 lf4?
  4. I wish too the LF-4's are in shop, but I am afraid what Okapi wrote is true.. :cool:
  5. 25000 Uridium? Haha that would be a bit unfair for the guys who played years for their Lf4....
    Sure, the game is expensive... But u dont have to be UFE in a few days....
  6. Ok let's do this.
    Let's face it, the idea is bad, here is why: LF4 is THE ELITE LAZER, so they will never put it in shop, nor will they put it in auction.
    Secondly: 25.000 Uri for LF4?....Really?, you need like 75 booty keys to get an LF4 in booty chests (depending on your luck).
    Thirdly: I know that you think that you will be happy if you have many LF4 in one short moment, but believe me, you will not be happy, bacause where is the fun of the game if you didn't work hard to get it....I'm trying to say that if this happens, LF4 will have no more worth.

    Nice try though
  7. < paid cash for aegis citidel spearhead and all 5 goli skill designs really mad when they hit auction house
  8. I could imagine the LF4 in the weekly....
    In general I can recommend Hadesgates. They are cheap, give you keys, logfiles and much honor.... They also make so much more fun than a normal singleplayergate. My result 36 Hades =12 LF4. Costs: Under 500,000 Uridium....
  9. if it was in weekly even i think people that collected booty boxes or did gates for them would feel wrong after all those though paid cash for desighns got 0 compensation for buying them after they hit trade. i have bought desighns and ships and feel that i should be in some way compensated for it now that they are in the new trade
  10. I also collected booty boxes and done a lot of gates... And it was your decision to buy all the designs, because you thought that it would be worth it. So why do you think now different? On my server Spectrum and Sentinel are around 1.8 billion the rest around 1.5 billion... So you can spend your credits on other stuff, like cloak-cpus and some boosters...
  11. cause 1.8 bill creds is better then $150 US for 5 desighns
  12. It was your decision to spend so much money for even useless designs and you thought it would be worth it. Nobody said that you have to spend so much money...So dont cry now... 1.8 billion is like 18 cloak cpus, each of them is worth 22.5k Uridium= 405000 Uridium... So use ur credits ...
  13. im guessing your a free player and not the kind to pay to play and i got them before they hit trade
  14. No I also spent money on this game ... 28 Lf4 Full Havoc, Hercules, full drone upgrades and that on GA1, the most popular server. And I spent € not this weak $ ;)
  15. so if hercs havoc lf4s hit trade or shop wouldnt you want compensation for it?
  16. Thats a different thing because you have to be lucky.... But It would be okay to bring LF4 in the weekly because you need 35 and one just increases your basic dmg by 50.
  17. so you wouldnt care if they were in trade? after all the money you spent on them?
  18. not just lf4s but the herc and havoc
  19. SauronL

    SauronL User

    keep dreaming
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