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  1. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Well then probly releasin two prices for this gun should happen, 20k uri for the ones that want to pay that much and 100k uri or more for those that think it should be that much.
  2. LF-4's should be in shop for at least a 100k for several reasons.
    1. People that paid quite a bit for them won't get po'ed because people only paying 20k uri for them.

    2. So people don't get too strong too quick.

    3. More people in maps grinding/more people spending on megas/more people buying rebate packs & Premium.

    At this point in the game these lasers should be available for purchase for those who want to buy them.
    I'd say it's probably overdue & DO just milking it for everything it's wortho_O
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  3. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Sorry Dark, but they should be in shop for 20k uri because:
    1) the first ppl to get em by spendin big will still be the first to get em, there's no reason to taz out.

    2) for many to get strong quick and force the current strong to spend money on the ammo and other boosts to keep themselves on top.

    3) same as ur reason but with more than a few to do some buyin.

    D.O. will possibly have more cows to milk if the guns are reasonably priced for all to have.
  4. That's a bad idea because it will become just more a pay to win game
  5. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    No more than it already is, the diff bein everyone can join in.
  6. Sorry guys having LF-4's for 20k will not work. with rebates, premium,and specials LF-4s would be too cheap. Remember
    this is a business, with LF-4's 100k to 125k after discounts would be a reasonable price. 2 things happen. People would play
    more and spend more because LF-4's would be in reach. I feel this would be good for everyone. LF-4's for 20k is not fair
    for everyone. Tbh 20k uri for LF-4's is a dream DO would never do it. 100k to 125k they may think about it:D
  7. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Hu wins with a 100k uri or more price tag?
    Not the noobs that need it, not the Fe that need it....Only the ones that already have them to lord over the ones that don't and even can't in gates or with that price.

    Fair......I see no balance in game with that notion, it is as it is now.
  8. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Vampire is right 25k uri is the best price.

    Any who, 25k uridium is a ridiculously terrible price if this were a shop item, 100-125k after discounts would be much fairer though I still don't like the idea. 100k uridium after discounts would be fair because it costs that much on average to get LF4's from booty boxes, gates cost even more. It would still be slow going but a guaranteed LF4 for 100-125k uridium would probably benefit noobs and FE's though they'd still have to build gates to get ammo if they wanted to hunt which makes this kind of worthless as they still couldn't get out of doing gates. Keep in mind I still don't like the idea at all.
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  10. I still say no. It costs more than 100k uri even with prem and rebate to build an epsilon, for a CHANCE at an lf-4. As a guy who plays on a ton of servers and has done hundreds of epsilons I say no unless the lf-4 are at least 500k uri after prem and rebate :)
  11. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    I say no to this entire idea. People will start hacking and cheating to get them lf4s without doing any work.
  12. Hackers can get full lf4 anyways what's the big deal, but I stand behind the 500k cost :)
  13. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Much harder to hack booty boxes and gates for them. Easier to money/uri hack.
  14. Pretty sure there's a hack that just dumps lf4s on ya. Also you don't need a booty hack, just booty keys lol. No I don't hack but in under 150 keys I've gotten 5 lf-4 and lightning :)
  15. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    There's a hack for everything, you know.
  16. My point stands then lol
  17. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User


    I said it's harder to hack gates then to hack creds and uri.

    I acknowledge there is a "Free lf4" hack, but still...
  18. You know u was kinda sarcastic about supporting this right? I dislike the idea that someone can become ufe completely except for drone designs for under 800$ which MANY do. Most free players would just be like f this game and leave, and the p2ws would be left fighting each other about would be a dead game. No to this idea.
  19. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Nope, 25k uri for this gun should be enough.
    Making the equipment easy to get but the ammo hard would be the best way to balance it out.
  20. I say no price, no LF4's in shop, everyone wins!
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