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  1. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Yea, 25k uri is a fair price to pay in shop and all those that spent more have the right to brag at having them first. Anything more is selfish and u know it.
  2. I don't think there
    shouldn't be priced at all. Lf-4 should stay random and I already posted my reasons
  3. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    (0_0) wow, you work for BP bro? Have an invested interest? :p

    I think although I couldn't be 100% sure that they call it progress, keeping the game at the Uber level that it is is driving none UFE paying player's out of the game. I have already clearly stated in another post what will happen to the game if it doesn't have a major change, and I don't mean updating the "Engine" "3D". As already mentioned above, I to have spent ££££ on this game, that is a 4 figure digit right there<< so yes, I to would feel out of pocket of sorts, but no way bitter, putting the LF4 in the Shop for 25k uri would bring relief to a vast majority of the none ufe paying player's, and also breath new life into the game, face it the game has gone stale!

    Don't forget it's us the none ufe paying player's keeping this game going, not the UFE, remember that :p
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  4. We're being logical because it costs 100k uridium or more to earn LF4's. I have 1 LF4 on 2 accounts, I dislike this idea completely, your point is invalid. I also suggested 100k uridium only on the basis that it would be a fair price to everyone although I still completely dislike the idea. Get wrecked.

    Keys or gates + uridium = LF4's.

    Everything is a scam here :), some things should be cheaper or available in shop or auction over time but LF4's aren't one of those things.

    I had a bad week of getting owned in-game and as compensation demand 100 LF4's, I will settle for no less!

    Fair to who o_O?

    Like a boss.

    VESPID User

    I'd say fair to whom ever wants to not be scammed, The scam hungry crowds may continue to do so even if this idea is implemented.

    I'm sure D.O. will appreciate your unwavering need to pay 100k to 1mill uri or more for each one.
  6. But your scamming players that were already scammed so your the scammer and is this confusing you? Lets be realistic, this idea is itself the scam, simple, get wrecked, discussion over, thread closed, I win, etc.

    ASTRAEA User

    Thank you all for your input, however this suggestion has been made on numerous occasion.
    Thanks again.

    Have a nice day!

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