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Discussion in 'General Issues' started by 99-to-life, Jan 5, 2021.

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  1. 99-to-life

    99-to-life User

    this is more of a suggestion than anything. many of us have more than 15 accounts, and the client can only show 15 or 16 on the log in scroll down. you can't move it higher up to see the entire list, could you please have your developers fix this so we are able to log into all of our accounts. thank you
  2. Your post begs the question as to WHY anyone would need 15 or more accts.

    If this were a poll , I would vote NO on this suggestion.
    I will avoid making any specific accusations but , I can't think of any LEGITEMATE reasons for having so many accts.
  3. I have to agree, who needs that many. There's no legitimate reason for it.

    Hell, I only have the 1 account, its all I need.
  4. Thank you for supporting my opinion.
    I guess I was expecting a bunch of negative responses .
    At the very least I am expecting a reply from original poster to somehow justify the need for so many.
    Since I am in such a different time zone from game sever, I did set up a second acct. in my own time zone but, I just don't have the enthusiasm or resources to start building up a weaker acct. in this games current environment.
  5. I'm only a hour out from the server time here, but I know what you mean.

    And you're welcome:)

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