Looking for any ex-LNF, NFG, ONE clan to make a new EIC Clan

Discussion in 'Clans' started by WAR~MACHINE™, Jun 20, 2022.

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  1. Aside from Piloteer from LNF who recently came back to the game, I'm just wondering if any other old school LNF, NFG, ONE, FFD or any other active EIC players are looking to form a new clan.

    It can either be an EIC only clan OR Multi-company (since that seems to be the norm in a lot of cases these days).
  2. VulturePvM

    VulturePvM User

    Hey War-Machine long time no see. x NFG / OTB / still currently in FST here, I am all for this idea.
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  3. TheRealSic

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    Bro.. The real War Machine??! Piloteer never seen talk but logs in you got discord? OGSicNFG#5952

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  4. Just found out that in 2021 hornit passed away leader of fst days ago.

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