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  1. Greetings Pilots,

    For the Second intergalactic Ship Expo running from Thursday, the 26th th of May at the time of the release, to Tuesday, the 7 th of June, 23:59 LST numerous ship manufacturers have prepared a slew of excitement.

    This year’s main sponsor, M.A.S.Q.U.E. has announced that they have prepared some Expo-themed designs for some good old classics and more.

    • 6 Expo16 Designs
    • Special design and design set sales:
    - Yamato & Defcom
    - Expo16 Designs for Defcom, Yamato, Sentinel, Diminisher, Pusat, Lightning

    • 13 New Missions
    • Expo Bonus Boxes
    • Expo16 Designs – Single and Packages
    All Expo16 designs, with exception of the Defcom and Yamato are available in the Customization section in the shop.

    The following designs are available in the in-game shop for 150,000 Uridium:

    • Expo16 Sentinel
    • Expo16 Diminisher
    • Expo16 Pusat
    • Expo16 Lightning
    The following designs are Payment only:

    • Expo16 Defcom
    • Expo16 Yamato
    The Expo16 Packs are available in the Payment section:

    • Expo16 Pack: Sentinel, Diminisher, Pusat, and Lightning Expo16 Designs
    • Expo16 Basics I: Sentinel and Diminisher Expo16 Designs
    • Expo16 Basics II: Pusat and Lightning Expo16 Designs
    The Small Print

    • The full set effects are only available when the 3D option is enabled!
    • All prices are recommended sales prices and may be subject to change.

    Note: Please keep in mind that the Expo16 versions of ships are vanity and only change the appearance of their respective ship. With that in mind you need to own the base ship to be able to select the vanity versions (own a sentinel to be able to select a Expo16 Sentinel, etc)
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