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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Apr 18, 2016.

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  1. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    I just checked the event faq's and stand corrected it says clearly faction and surgeon designs on sale the 22 April, this is most likely a typo error and should have been corrected.
  2. Neo7

    Neo7 User

    I hope it's not a typo, I had my hopes up, for finally getting the Surgeon, I'm a bit dissapointed now :(
    Any response from devs on this?
  3. I have a feeling in the end they will say the Surgeon is on sale with uri and nothing else.
  4. Technically, this is on sale;
    • 330,000 Uridium: 500 Extra Energy, a Defcom ship, one 1 Hercules design, a Goliath Surgeon and one Month Premium
    just because it is not the sale you were looking for it is a sale.
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  5. Neo7

    Neo7 User

    Well I would still like that more, t
    Ok, let's go through this again....It says, that it will be on sale on April 22 and May 01, and that sale, with the URI package and surgeon is through the whole weekend. And the faction designs did go in the shop, so why didn't Surgeon, like everything else, that was supposed to go in the shop?
  6. So instead of separating the Surgeon out from the Faction they show the START date of the availability, and not the duration and you complain because they give you MORE time to do what they are offering.

    The whole thing is they have NEVER said these sales were going to be in the SHOP, yes most of them show in the SHOP as a PAYMENT but that does not mean they are available for a Uridium Purchase. The purple is transferred from the FAQ the white is my comments below;

    Sales Schedule
    During the event different sales will be scheduled as follows
    • Full set of 10 Enigma drone designs + 1 Mirage P.E.T. design (see News of the Day)
    These are Payment ONLY
    o Available 23 April – 01 May• Full set of 10 Phantom drone designs + 1 Chimera P.E.T. design (see News of the Day) These are Payment ONLY
    o Available 23 April – 01 May
    • Red Booty Keys Discount
    These were Payment only
    o Available 19 April – 21 April
    • Blue Booty Keys Discount
    These were Payment only
    o Available 19 April – 21 April
    • Extra Energy Discount
    Not discounted today (23rd) anywhere 0822 PST
    o 23, 24 April and 01 May
    • Surgeon and Faction Goliath Designs
    Faction sold so many times as Payment is now in Shop, Surgeon for weekend Uridium sale
    o 22 April and 01 May

    Now the ONLY thing I see that was set in the SHOP was the Faction Designs because those that want them have already bought them, the dozen or so times they have been available, since the initial Event that introduced them.
  7. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    23.04.2016 - 14:34[​IMG]Used a Masque Booty Key.
    23.04.2016 - 14:34[​IMG]Received item: Blue Robo-bat
    23.04.2016 - 14:34[​IMG]You have successfully completed mission "Special mission"!
    well a bat design on my noob account for just questing makes a good event thus far.
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    *MOONGLOW* User

    meh its ok the event so far from 4 booty keys from event quests , 1 lot of the usual ammo etc , skull design , bat design and an lf4
  9. 6 quests done and all Booty nothing except ammo, between both accounts.
  10. I see that the surgeon offer also runs during the whole monday, do you think there is any chance they will also make a MHH monday then? :)
  11. Scyler

    Scyler User

    As far as I understand, the uridium bonus offer with the surgeon is still currently active and is until tonight at 00:00 tuesday, right?
    I just wanted to make sure :)
  12. Neo7

    Neo7 User

    nope...it's till 23:59 Monday :D
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  13. Technically Neo7 is correct but they are essentially the same thing just 1 second apart.

    However, as they are scheduled next Sunday also it might be another weekend deal for next weekend.
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  14. Wanted to point out that the event has pretty much stayed true to being able to complete the regular missions by lower level players. So far the hardest thing to kill during the mission is the sibelon but a new player can solo it with some work, or kick it out fast with some help. I am sure that now that I have posted this, there will be a boss sib or boss dev put into the mix. But since I have killed both with my all credit bigboy, and nosto, I am sure new players would be able to handle that too.

    The StruenerR Epic mission is a bit more challenging but if you can make it to the x-8 map, you can always do the drag strategy in order to complete it if needed. The Ubers will take some patience for our newer players as we know, as soon as you start shooting anything in 4-5, the rest of the map wants to come test their mettle on you. Those things were the reason I gave up on the last epic collecting mission. Well the enemy fire didn't help but meh...

    I really can't comment on the boxes as I don't pay that much attention. My pet collects while I shoot. Based off of others comments, I am sure they could be more but the main thing I like is pet fuel which I get lots of. We really can't expect too much from an event that actually includes basically all players from Day 1 up...

    Last Epic Mission...really. All the stuff to do and I am supposed to stop and build a gate just because of a mission. I really don't have that kind of time, or uri, and can't see spending the cash even during MHH in order to do it. Event missions that call for you to spend time in a gate are really a waste of time. I am sure there are plenty of players that will do it just so they can say they did all of the missions but I have other gates to build and do and they are on the back burner as well until I finish some missions I have lined up.

    All and all I feel its a good event. I am not bothered by the sales, even though I don't have surgeon but I can build it, maybe, once assembly gets out the door. The discounts in the shop have been nice as I have been able to get my pets on my other servers moving.
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  15. As PSKSUNDANCE says if there is going to be a mission involving doing a Gate, that gate needs to be FREE to do. And to have us do one that has got the most discontent of all (rewards messed up and not worth doing) to complete a Quest is just wrong. The problems with the Kuiper because of the rush to unveil it, the fact that the botters made bank and a half off the launch, the players who farm gates getting millions of Uridium because the Chance Reward Substitution was given whether the Chance was assigned or not are all reasons people stay away from that gate, plus 12-16 hundred spins for a measly 15K Urid and NO ammo is just a waste of time to do it.
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  16. I agree that if an event is to have a quest to do a specific NPC from a gate then that gate must come free of charge. After all, it will be a one off, and if BP don't won't to provide that gate for free then there should be ZERO quests for an event requiring a NPC from a gate. Took me about 2,000 spins to get Kuiper built to do that silly quest, 1600 of them were free spins from boxing with 400 spins costing uri, but then it is a gate that's not worth doing for measly rewards and a once in a blue moon chance of getting the 200,000u...
  17. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    I see that there is another gate weekend with the chance to win ship designs, LF4 or uri, drone designs and pet designs on certain GG's. I wonder come Monday how many posts will appear saying I did x amount of this gate and that gate and got nothing, I think with these one off events that the chance should be taken out and a guaranteed win of one of a selection of possible items.
  18. Well I called it on my main account. Last mission, Boss Sib & Dev, oh and Boss Saimon for icing. New players better make friends quick. I am looking forward to it with my Level 5 Credit laser and Flaxed BigBoy (well shields level 4 but meh) but those just getting going since the event started I don't see being so lucky. For the record, except for the epic missions, this event is at least something for beginners. I want to say in the past 4 years, its the only one that included everyone with no level issues for new players. This last mission is not really a level 6 mission but lets be real, they had to end with a bang for once.
  19. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    This time they got it right as regards level 6+, no issues with map levels all but the 2 level 12 missions were on the lowers. The boss sib is going to be the killer for the smaller guys there going to have to go old school and gang up on the boss sib and keep a keen eye on the mini map there is bound to be a few heavy weights around looking for mission fodder. Hopefully the dev team will use this as a yard stick to make the next event better and iron out some of the kinks that cropped up on the sales side of the event.
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  20. Well I must say other than taking forever to do the StreuneR mission I was able to do all of the quests assigned (did not bother to build the Kuiper Gate for it). I unfortunately became level 12 this weekend (us3 account) and don't think I can dredge through another 500 StreuneR's or the Uber StreuneR as this account does not have the PET Enemy Locator and find trying to get any help is a waste of time and effort. But he has already succeeded to kill the Boss Sibelon for other missions so he should be able to get this one also.
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