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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Apr 18, 2016.

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  1. You can do it. Just think, I am going to do it on all of my servers except for Main on West is already done. NOOB West in Big Boy, all others Spear Power, ARGH...;) And no locator... :D
  2. USS-Aries

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    All the level 6 missions I have completed in a spear, boss dev and boss sib with x3 ammo and Eco 10's I left the 20 Lodakia's till the final day after finishing the 3 Boss's because on the first attempt the x2 map was was flooded with players all after boss Lordakia. So after DDM mine dodging and picking up a few dents in my P.E.T I got my final magenta booty box that produced 10 green keys. The May day flowers were a good end of event touch and replaced all the P.E.T fuel used I used in GG's. Map wise this as been a good event for all levels with the exception of having to do a Kupier gate just to get the Emperor ( who ever thought that one up must have had there silly hat on at the time).
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  3. After the fiasco of the release event no one has wanted to do the Kuiper as the rewards are too low and chance reward is a joke. They need to replace the Chance with a percentage and then people might decide to do it, but since it is an elective (not required for Kronos) gate I don't see too many wanting to do it.
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  4. morbitron1

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    seems the event ended before i used my keys now what ripped off again ??
  5. ##RUSLAN##

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    Darkorbit team: Thanks for the event got my surgeon ship design love it .
  6. Neo7

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    Ok, so let me give some feedback on this event, but on one particular thing. The Surgeon "SALE". So this is the Sales Schedule
    and every item on that list was on sale during the event, like said except for one thing. You can guess which....yep, the surgeon design. It was the only item on "sale" that was obtainable either by wasting 100€, while the other part of the 22 April- The faction designs were in shop, or by doing Epsilon gates and you had a CHANCE of recieving it. I would just like to say, that a lot of people here are dissapointed in this since we were collecting uridium just to get the Surgeon which was promised to be on sale on said dates. And on sale here means just as it was on Parasite tide or on UBA Expo event-in shop. But I guess developers decided to change it, because what? there would be too many Surgeons? well you can't just decide to change how the event works and not inform anyone about it, and not even reply to threads and complaints after the first week, that appeared because Surgeon wasn't in shop. I spent...let me rephrase that- wasted around 1.2 mil uri on Epsilon gates, that means 15 gates, during this event in hope of getting it, when we were supposed to get it for 300k U in shop. And what did I get? A centaur design which I have no use for, because I already have Saturn, but OK, not that big of a deal, and all three of Faction designs?!!! tell me, what use do I have for EIC and MMO Faction design when I'm VRU? If you at least gave the design just for your company, but no, you had to give all three, just to limit our chances of getting the Surgeon design even more. There are a lot of us, who got played by this and it's not fair at all. At least now maybe you can respond.
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