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  1. major bug discovered only today with the rewards from the event.
    a few days ago I was puzzled by my inventory after I couldn't find the modules I got as a reward from the bonus boxes of the special NPCs in the portal.
    today it happened with 2 of the prizes and maybe again with the modules too. and so the 2 prizes that I did not receive, although in the logs it says that they were received, they are with seprom, but my ship has an empty hold in practice. I suspect that this has happened before without paying enough attention to it because I have several hundred modules in my inventory and in practice there is no way to tell if a new one has been received... there should be a thorough investigation of the problem because it is not at all insignificant.
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  2. !!! ATTENTION !!!

    NOW EVERYTHING IS GOOD during the execution I had a huge amount of lag and due to other problems and errors such as refining (missing digits and inability to manually add a seprom in this case; it becomes possible only after 10-15 sec), I have missed the collected seprom along with the arrived one shipment from skylab
    I apologize for that and
    don't judge me harshly :confused:
    after all the game is built by thousands of bugs you know that…:eek:

    the previous post will be deleted
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