Make Tech Items Cheaper

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sirpwnsalot34, Apr 22, 2014.

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  1. I think that tech items should be a bit cheaper.

    Energy leech: 1 log disk, 500k credits.

    Battle repair bot: 1 log disk, 250k credits.

    Backup shields: same as battle repair bot.

    Chain impulse: 100k credits ('cause it sucks)

    Precision targeter: Maybe 15k credits but I really don't think the price on this one needs that much adjusting.
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  2. So you don't want things to be cheaper?:p
  3. Tech items are so rare you never seem them used except in JPA and all out situations. This is a good idea.
  4. Well, ok then lol:) +1
  5. Plus they don't do much anymore. 75k shields will only delay your death for like a millisecond these days.

    So everyone likes this idea?
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  6. Maybe... I don't use tech items except the precision targeter lol
  7. 1n9i9c7om

    1n9i9c7om User

    Exactly, it isn't worth the 2 LGF and 250 Seprom anymore.
    It should be made cheaper, so people would use these things more often, it'd make fights more interesting.
  8. SauronL

    SauronL User

  9. CURVY

    CURVY User

    energy leach is soo valuable, it should stay the same
  10. Why not?
  11. Blah

    Blah User

    energy leech is good. it should stay same. Others maybe... yes to chain cause its stupid unless ur helping people out and want to kill ur own thing too.
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  12. SauronL

    SauronL User

    why yes ? ;)
    DO will dont like this idea , and if it sucks , dont buy it
  13. Well, I'm not asking for Bigpoint's opinion I'm asking for yours. Do you like the idea or not??
  14. SauronL

    SauronL User

    no , i wish same prices as theyre , but little agree with this chain pulse;)
  15. Honestly the prices are fine i see nothing wrong with them.
  16. KłŁŁER

    KłŁŁER User

    The battle repair bot is already useless..
    And the backup shield is useless. It needs some improvements like about +120k-+150k hp or something.. +75k is a NOTHING. these days..
  17. Energy leech should be more expensive and chain impulse should become much, much cheaper. The others are ok in price I think.
  18. Lol isn't chain impulse the thing that zaps several people at once? That thing is so useless and there's an achievement to kill 7 people at one shot?

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