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    Maps System

    There are 4 maps for each company in the lowers and 4 in the uppers. These are usually called x1-x8, x being your company, 1, 2 or 3. For Example the MMO home map is 1-1.

    There is one map in the lowers for each company designated as 4-1, 4-2, and 4-3, that are battle maps. In the middle of these 3 maps is a gate that takes you to a bright red map called 4.4 in the middle of the uppers galaxies.

    This is the lowers.

    This is the uppers.

    The uppers also contains a base in the x8 maps for you to sell ore at. When you hit level 12 you will have access to this map.

    There is also a map called 4-5 that has a port in it from all 3 companies x5 maps. This is the uber map, all aliens except cubes and prots can be found in all 3 styles, regular, boss and uber. This is also a pvp map.

    The battle maps (4-1, 4-2, 4-3 and 4-4) are special PvP (player v/s player) maps.
    Here you will receive 50% more experience for every shot!
    The bonus crates also contain 50% more on battle maps.
    The battle maps have no NAZs (Non-Attack-Zone), which means, if attacked, you will not be able to flee, as map changes can not be achieved under fire. (refer to number 5 below)

    1. When you are in a Neutral Zone (i.e. jump gate or base) in your own company area, other ships cannot fire upon you.

    2. Ships from your own company cannot fire upon you when you are in sector x-1 or x-2. When you enter any other sector (x-3 and up), it's open season and your own company may sometimes open fire (especially if you steal cargo). Be careful though, ships from enemy companies can open fire on you in any sector, excluding x-1. In your x-1 map, you are required to open fire first before an enemy can fire on your ship.

    3. If you attack another player or an NPC while you are in a Neutral Zone, you waive your neutrality. In other words, if you open fire on anyone in a Neutral Zone, then everybody else can attack you. In essence, your own aggression begets aggression from others. ---Even if you attack another player outside your Neutral Zone and then flee to the Zone for protection, the other player can still engage in battle because you have violated the neutrality by being currently in combat.

    4. When entering an enemy Neutral Zone from a jump gate, you get a grace period of 20 seconds. During that time, the enemy cannot fire on you. After that time is up, you best be ready to fight or flee.

    5. There are NO Neutral Zones in the PvP boards (4-x). In those boards, you cannot jump away if you are currently in combat and there are no protections offered by proximity to the gates. You have to battle through it to get where you want to go.
    NAZ work until you fire at an enemy first, they are then able to shoot back. If you get attacked outside NAZ, then run to it, they are still able to attack you as long as you don't jump. There are no NAZ in the battle maps. You cannot jump if being attacked in battle maps.
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