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    Masquerade 2016


    This year’s Carnival event is something special: a Masquerade, and it’s not just for pilots!

    The brilliant minds at M.A.S.Q.U.E., a name practically synonymous with bleeding-edge ship technology, are finally free of their exclusive contract with SecuriTek, private bodyguards to the stars. They’re celebrating with the release of DRONELOOKZ™, the revolutionary plug-and-play kits that can change the appearance of any pilot’s workhorse drones!

    Years of intense research and development have produced a cheap, quick -install system to be retrofitted onto all existing drones, allowing pilots to equip not only one “functional” design, but also an additional design purely to change the look of your drone.

    Now pilots don’t have to choose between functionality and looking awesome when they’re equipping their drones!

    Dronelookz™ is now available at all hangars across the Solar System.

    To celebrate the release, M.A.S.Q.U.E. has organized a few special events this carnival.

    The hard facts

    Two weeks (15th of February 00:00:00h – 28th of February 23:59:59h LST) of good-old traditional Carnival fun are being rounded off with a cool new feature:
    · Drone Customization Feature (NEW!)
    · 3 Epic missions (NEW!)
    · 2 new drone designs in 3 different color variations each (NEW!)
    · Carnival Bonus Boxes
    · Disguisor NPC

    New Drone Designs

    To add customization options, we are introducing two new visual-only designs in a number of variations.

    The “Phantom” design is widely available and can be acquired by everyone. The “Enigma” design variations require a bit of effort: they are UBA prizes and found in the Kronos Gate during the event.

    Phantom Drone Design

    Available to the majority of pilots, the “Phantom” design is available for purchase during the event.

    NameVariation 1
    Variation 2
    Variation 3
    DescriptionThis drone design will give your drones a unique look in 3 color variations!
    Price (Buy/Sell)Please check the Shop area for prices in your local currency.
    Where to look for itPayment
    Phantom Drone Design Packages

    The Green, Red and Orange Phantom variations are also available as set of 10 designs. (Visual only, no set bonuses.)

    Enigma Drone Design

    While the basic Enigma design (Green) is available to every pilot, the Red and Orange variations are badges of honor and should be displayed with pride.
    NameEnigma_1 - DD-O-01
    DescriptionGive your workhorse drones the look of a fireworks display in acid green!Give your insipid workhorse drones the look of a fireworks display in fiery red!Give your insipid workhorse drones the look of a fireworks display in blazing orange!
    (Buy / Sell)
    100,000 Uridium / 100,000 Credits Cannot be purchased / 100,000 CreditsCannot be purchased / 100,000 Credits
    Where to look for itCustomizationDropped in a Kronos Gate by Evil You NPCPrize for UBA Masquerade 2016 season
    Kronos Gate: Evil You’s Carnival special loot

    The toughest of the tough can earn a very special reward this year: by defeating the “Evil You” NPC in the Kronos Gate during this event, you will be rewarded with an exclusive red Enigma drone design.

    Once you have defeated the last Kronos Gate NPC, it will drop a bonus box containing the design.

    To improve your chances, we are running the occasional “Kronos Day” during the event.

    UBA Carnival Season Rewards

    To round off the event, a special UBA Carnival Season will run from the 15th of February 00:00:00h until the 21st of February 23:59:59h.

    On top of the regular prizes, the top 50 players will receive orange Enigma designs as follows:

    PositionEnigma V3 Designs
    4th - 10th4x
    11th - 30th2x
    31st - 50th1x
    Disguisor NPC

    The Disguisor will make its appearance again at certain times during the event (check the time table below). We adjusted the rewards as follows:

    Map XP Honor Credits Uridium
    X-2 38,400 117 307,200 96
    X-3 57,600 176 460,800 144
    X-4 76,800 234 614,400 192
    X-5153,600 4681,228,800 384
    X-6230,400 7021,843,200 576
    X-7307,200 9362,457,600 768
    X-8384,0001,1703,072,000 960
    Time Table of special events

    During the whole event the following items, offers and features are available
    · Carnival Bonus boxes
    · Shop offer: WIZ-X rockets and fireworks
    · Shop and Payment: Carnival Drone Designs (single and packages)
    · UBA Carnival Season
    · “Evil You” drop

    Three new missions and existing drone designs will be available as per the following time table. It also displays when the Disguisor NPC is expected to show up.

    15 Feb
    Tue 16 FebWed 17 FebThu
    18 Feb
    19 Feb
    20 Feb
    21 Feb
    22 Feb
    24 Feb
    25 Feb
    26 Feb
    27 Feb
    28 Feb
    Mission unlock506070506071506072
    Additional Drone Designs in Shop & PaymentFrozenHalloweenFrozenHalloweenFrozenFrozen
    Disguisor NPC (times are Local Server Time)12:00 -23:5920:00 -23:5920:00 -23:5910:00 -14:0020:00 -23:5915:00 -20:0012:00 -23:59

    You can find the new quests from the event under the "Normal" tab as these quests will stick around after the event comes to an end.

    We hope you enjoy the event.
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