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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by -zombiedude-, Mar 10, 2014.

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  1. Hello all.
    Quick suggestion as X-2 ammo will not change the outcome of the Universe.
    I am proposing Dark Orbit make the MCB-25 available for credits.
    Let us say 100 credits for 1 shot.
    The LF-2 is now available as a credit item as well as BO1s and 6900 speed Gens so why not one more little improvement and give players X-2 for credits.
    Like I say this will not change the Orbit Universe and I don't think people will go out killing Uber elites with X-2.
  2. I like this. It should be interesting for newbie.
  3. LordOfFire

    LordOfFire User

    Does this mean X2 will be taken out of the GG spins? taken out of Bonus boxes? Taken out of booty boxes also ? This will mean an increase in x3 being used by gate bashers since i am one already and since November i have got 4.5mill X2 sitting there doing nothing. But although it does not seem it im split on the idea since gate parts could come more often, Booties might give better odds on Apis parts/zues/LF4/Cloaks. However you will see x3 then being used like x2 used to be used. If you get what i mean
  4. Yes X-2 would have to be taken from the gate spins.
    For most gate spinners and go getters out there we have probably 500.000 or more x-2 sitting around.
    I would recommend it be replaced by x-3 in the gate generator or another item.
    It would still be in bonus boxes but for boot keys it would need to be replaced with x-3 or another item.
    This update would be more for newer people than old hands that gate regularly.
    It would also be added to the ammo rebuy chip as a credit item.
  5. This idea is good, oh baby this would solve so many problems I love it.

    More casual fights for non-gaters, as x1 really doesn't work in PvP. Yet at 100 credits / 1 ammo, it'd be pretty expensive. This would go well with the LF2 / BO1 being available for credits, seriously, this idea is genious.
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  6. Props for you, I agree since everything that's sub-elite recently became credits. Honestly, I use my x2 like any other ammo just because I have so much of it. +1 from me.
  7. lost1*

    lost1* User

    Ah no -100 from me / I and others spent 100's of real dollars building gates and we got x2 ammo as some of the { REWARD } why would I or anyone now say hey take my uri item and make it a credit item / this game has already been dealt a very serious blow with the introduction of chance items being put in trade so - 100
  8. Hate to break the news, but it already happened. I saved up for everything on my account so you don't think I felt the blow too? I hate how people can get the Aegis for credits now but whatever, it's helping the lower players become stronger to give me more kills. x2 isn't even that valuable it's not like you use it in PvP.
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  9. I love it +1 from me! As you have said you don't see anyone killing UFE's with x2 ammo! lost1* I don't know what you are talking about, its not like were asking to get x4 for uridium now. . . cause that idea is outragious! I would like to ask why you are raging so hard about this idea? Its great -- It helps us noobs (<---- me) have a chance and all the people that are your strength already have millions of x2, x3, and x4 so why do you care about this soooo much?

    +100 for me Love this idea ! Make it happen!

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    That would b sweet ... i could cube forever with my x2 if i could buy it w credits
  11. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Fifteen happy faces from me! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

    I usually use x2 only when a NPC is at low health, or when one of my group members are about to pop from a NPC :(. However, that usually takes a lot of x2 ammo from me, so I need a quick way to get x2. If x2 goes for creds, I can easily stock up on x2 and since x2 would be gone from the gg generator, I could get more of other stuff. This is a great idea!!
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  12. YES X-2 FOR CREDITS forget the wallet warriors people here keep blabing about them having x-2 as a reward, you guys use x-4 and x-3 already like people use x-1, time to remove a bit more of you guys over powering advantage on free players. Money used in games is supposed to give you slight advancement in getting ahead, not deiced how the dam game is played
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  13. The idea is actually pretty good, however, don't take the ammo out of the gate spins, I would rather have the x2 remain as is then take it out of the cost of putting it up for sale...
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  14. Pokoteng

    Pokoteng User

    I like this Idea but people can pop noob ship X2 the speed now since its just credits.
  15. Good idea +1 from me. :)
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  16. The cubes wouldn't know what hit them.....

    I see lines of noobs fighting each other in their respective X-6 maps...because all of a sudden every noob and their uncle will be able to solo cubes now .....

    Ultimately not a bad idea, but like Lord of Fire said, This would change other aspects of the D.O. economy...spins, boxes, trade, some of the ramifications will be negative....

    Maybe make it MORE expensive, that way noobs who need it to finish a running BK could use it ....but make it so firing X2 ALL DAY ( unless you have it already) would NOT be cost effective.

    If not, X1 ammo will "dissapear" making X2 the new base standard for everyone ( and that is too big a change I believe).

    SO yes to making it credits...but make it NON-COST effective, so noobs can use it sometimes ...but not as a "replacement" for X1. Make sense ??
  17. So everyone using x-2 is to big an advancement. please, noobs cant solo cubes because they dont hit hard enough period even with x-4, they cant take damage either so what in hell do you mean noobs will be soloing the back a forth. Cubes wont know what hit them, that already happend when UFE started soloing them. Stop holding back free player advancement. I noticed noob players also do better in pvp when they use stuff other than x-1, not that they'd be a challenge
  18. Bio,
    I might have exaggerated a bit, and you're also right about cube lines already forming from UFE's anyway , so I hear ya.....But as a free player (almost UFE) ....I am one of the biggest supporters of ideas that help noobs....just follow some of my posts in update and ideas section .

    But this idea would change the economy of things in game as I said , so I just think we all need to be more thoughtful about what ALL the effects would be of an update , not just the FIRST effects, or the biggest effects.

    Read what I put about having X2 for creds, but making it NON-cost effective....

    So YES, noobs can buy credit X2.....BUT NOT enough to shoot it ALL DAY long , I feel that palladium people (that's me), and wallet warriors alike have EARNED all that extra X2 they have ...and giving that ability to the noobiest noob is a little too generous IMO...maybe just half the time idk...
  19. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    The third paragraph is EXACTLY what I do. When a NPC starts running, I use x2 to finish it off quicker, especially if that NPC does high damage. As of right now, I can no longer shoot x2, x3, x4 and x6 because I wasted them all. So, I take a lot of dmg now from running NPCs because I can't shoot another ammo.

    And about the Non-cost effective part. I agree with you. In my opinion, if x2 went for less than 40 creds/shot, I would be spamming everyone and everything with x2. (Lets say it goes for 100 creds/shot. Need about 10k of it in a "pack" so 100 * 10000 = 1 mill creds each run)
  20. ship5678

    ship5678 User

    It's a good idea to have to pay credits for MCB-25 ammo. The price should be between 20- 40 credits per round. However Mcb-25 ammo is only EFFECTIVE on aliens. This type of ammo does nothing to Elite enemy players. You need at least X3 ammo to have a effect on enemy players because x2 does Nothing to enemy players. You can buy 10,000 rounds of x1 ammo for 100,000 credits, so were talking about 20,000 - 40,000 credits per round for x2 ammo. That's not very cost effective especially since new players have better things to worry about( like credits and better lasers). So essentially it would be a waste of credits to buy x2 ammo since it isn't effective against Elite enemy players. New players have better things to worry about.

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