MCB-25 for credits

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  1. Just do palla and save up your ammo (this means don't farm NPCs with x2). I've done only like 3 alphas, 1 beta, 2 hades, and 6 zetas, and I have 320k x2. Just collect palla for x2. Easy solution.
  2. Your easy solution is heavily flawed. How long did it take you to save that 320k X-2, mind you smaller players cant touch 5-X maps for reasons already known so not gonna say anything about that. Now that X-2 of 320k Would barely last me a week so i would need to do 12 gates for less than a weeks worth of ammo, just for npcs....
  3. You' all are already hittin' x1.6 with seprom on lasers you cryin' b'! On credit with no uri CC! DO has gone more than half way LOL .1 LOL :rolleyes: MCB-25 is only -.4 away.
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